Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 1 Review


I was originally going to review another show, but since I finished this recently, I decided I wanted to do this one instead as my first review. I’m going to use the 5 star system when I decide the overall grade, I was originally going to go for 1 to 10 stars, but I feel like that’s a little to broad and 5 is a better way to go! Obviously if you haven’t seen this series there will be spoilers in this review, maybe small but spoilers regardless. Without further ado, lets go right into it!


I was pleasantly surprised when it came to the plot. When I first saw the pictures for it I assumed it was an anime based off a date sim. It’s actually more of a comedy romance and for the genre, it definitely delivers. There are a few serious moments that keep the show from being overly fluffy which I also appreciated since it feels a lot easier to relate to that way.

I like the fact that there was world building in the show outside of the romance. Like how gods work and the abilities they have and things like that. Seeing the characters go on missions and to other temples and such was fun. It was fun not only for the world building aspect but for the character development and bonding angle as well!

On the other hand though I feel like at times it moved a bit to fast through certain parts. There was one character that’s shown in the opening that doesn’t play much of a role until the end, which was kind of irritating to me since all the characters shown in the opening should play a way more significant role then he did. He only really plays a big part in two arcs.

Overall though the plot is nice and moves at a good pace.


The characters in this show are great and enjoyable to watch! I actually didn’t really have a dislike towards any of them, the show does a good job of showing their motives and humanizing them as opposed to simply making them bad guys Tomoe and and Nanami need to defeat. The other members of the cast have good and bad aspects to them and are well balanced and fun characters to watch that you can sympathize with, which is important for any show. It’s also a personal preference of mine that the shows I watch have a bigger cast so no complains in this department. In fact it’s probably the show’s best aspect!

My favorite character is hard to say honestly! They were all so adorable, even Nanami’s friends which were minor characters. Believe it or not I like Tomoe a lot. Normally Mizuki would have been my favorite but Tomoe’s development was pretty awesome in my opinion! Normally, I dislike the relationship dynamic where the guy is an asshole. In this show though Tomoe grows and becomes more of a grumpy little fox spirit who has trouble with humans.

He eventually starts to treat her very well and it’s great to see them develop feelings for each other,since their relationship started out as being more of an obligation. Even though it was a short scene, I also liked Ami and Kurama even though they didn’t have many scenes together. From the little interaction they had, I felt they had a pretty cute relationship dynamic as well. I hope that maybe I’ll get to see more of them in the next season, it seemed like they were setting up something there!

Art and Animation: 

The art on this show is very good. The only complaint I really have about it that I think the eyes are kind of over sized on Nanami and a few other characters. Most anime’s do have pretty huge eyes but I think this show over do it. Other then that though the art style is nice. The softer less in your face colors work very well for this show. The animation on this show is nice as well especially when it comes to facial expressions. Many funny facial expressions are on this show, and the over exaggerated expressions and moments were the funniest parts in the show.


I loved the Opening and Ending of this show! They were both really cute, and the background music was nice as well. All the music fit their respective scenes very well and was enjoyable to listen to.


All the voices were fun to listen to as well. They were recorded in good quality and very few lines are delivered in a cringe worthy way. I think when Tomoe is screaming it’s a little over the top but for the most part nothing else about the voices is grating or bad.


I’m going to give this show a 4.8 out of 5 stars! For the most part it was good and an enjoyable watch, but still had it’s cliched,overly sappy moments. The only negative things about are a certain aspects of the plot and one particular aspect of the line delivery for one particular character.

Despite it’s flaws though, I don’t regret watching it and intend to watch the second season! I recommend that you all check it out to, especially if you like romance comedies with more supernatural elements to it. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Feel free to request an anime for review, If I saw it already, I post one up if I have time!



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