The Most Overused Romance Trope?

I’ve actually seen this trope twice in the past few days, but way more before this and it’s annoying me a tad. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

A man is a douchebag. He is the biggest asshole ever. He meets a girl and she’s the sweetest most innocent little thing in the history of the world. They start dating for some reason but he treats her terribly. The girl loves him anyway. Bonus points if you also see one or both of the following

He’s a douche but it’s just dismissed because he had a TRAGIC PAST :dramatically throws head back:
The girl teaches him how everything is LOVELY and AWESOME and he CHANGES and they all fall in love and kissy kiss end of series blah blah bla.

Yes. It’s fun sometimes when executed well but it’s irritating to me now because I’ve seen it so many times. Over and over and over with that same type of romance. There are so many other dynamics that can be used, so many different ways you can execute them and yet it always seems to be this one over and over again.

Even the one I reviewed a day or so ago has shades of this! The only reason I’m excusing it is because Tomoe isn’t human. He doesn’t like anyone very much, not just the girl and he does have plenty of development if you compare him back when he was a wild fox to him at the end of the first season.

What do you guys think? What kind of romance dynamic annoys you the most in anime or otherwise?



6 thoughts on “The Most Overused Romance Trope?”

  1. Yeah I don’t really like the jerk guy role that much in shoujo anime/manga. However, things like Kimi ni Todoke and Ore Monogatari have some good shoujo/romance guys

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    1. I didn’t see Kimi no Todoke yet but I did see Ore Monogatari! I agree with you on that for sure. Takeo was probably the sweetest guy I’ve ever seen in a romance anime or any romance for that matter. I also like the fact that his appearance is unconventional in comparison to other shoujo anime guys.

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  2. that trope annoys me to. Another one that annoys me in romances is the one where lead a discovers lead b in a slightly compromising position with a member of the opposite sex(or same sex if they swing that way) caused by some crazy misunderstanding and immediately assumes lead b cheating on them even if there is little to no other indications that this might be true.see tv tropes for examles


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