TMNT 2014 Movie Review


After doing a bunch of anime reviews, I think it’s time for a movie review now! I’ve been a huge fan of TMNT since I was 9. I have seen pretty much every TMNT cartoon, movie or god forbid Christmas Special in existence. I’ve seen these guys at their best and the worst.

So naturally I watched this as well pretty soon after it came out. So was this on the best end of the TMNT scale or the bad one? Well….let’s just start shall we?


I want to find something good to say about this. I really do but I pretty much hated every aspect of it. Things in it happen way to conveniently, and it’s very bland. This movie has Michael Bay in it to give you an idea. To me, it was pretty much like Transformers but with giant turtles.

Heck, Shredder even looks like a transformer. For a turtle movie, this thing was bland and boring as hell. It’s the typical action movie plot. Yes, the TMNT movies are like that but they still have a unique flair to them. This is just typical Michael Bay stuff. Bland writing, lots of CGI and did I mention explosions? That’s in here too.

I wanted to try and avoid mentioning the old series in this review for personal reasons that I might talk about later in other TMNT blog posts but it has to be said. This is nothing like the original. The turtles don’t look even remotely like teenagers, the foot is more of a military group, April is now involved in their backstory from childhood and it’s all annoying to me. I don’t want it to be exactly like the original but this movie made way to many changes to a perfectly good thing in my opinion. When the heck will the people in the movie making business realize that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.


Everyone in this movie was to me unlikable, bland and/or annoying in some fashion. Even my favorite character Donatello was made into a pretty much bland and nerdy caricature. Yes, they were probably trying to make them relatable and cute to some degree but in my opinion, it failed immensely. Everything was one of the above things to me.

Poor writing of the turtles bugs me immensely. I hate when the turtles are brought down to a very vapid and underdeveloped character. This happens a lot in action stories from what I’ve seen. Character development is thrown to the side for the sake of all the fight scenes. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

CGI, Filming and Character Design:

The high point of this movie. It’s CGI is very good as you would expect. It does look realistic and all the things you would want in CGI for a movie. The movie is filmed pretty well too, especially for the action scenes.

However, I must be blunt about what thing. The designs for the turtles and Splinter is god awful. I get it realism and all that stuff but do the turtles really need to look like hideous steroid pumped green gorilla’s to be “””””realistic”””? I don’t think so. The designs for Shredder and the TMNT are over the top as heck. The turtles wear way too many objects and again Shredder looks more like a transformer than a dude in armor.


A lot of the music is an orchestra sort of deal. It’s done by Brain Tyler and it was good. Well composed and such and epic like you would imagine it would be. When you start hearing it alot though all the songs kind of meld together and start sounding the same. It was good and well performed but also very same old, same old.

My favorite song was the one that was played during the credits. The Shell Shocked rap. I don’t like rap very much but this was OK to listen to. Then again maybe I liked it more because it signaled the movie had FINALLY ended.


The acting was fine for the most. I mean Megan Fox’s delivery was bad and she always looks dazed whenever she’s acting to me and I’m 90% they just hired her because she’s considered attractive by most folks. Will Arnett as Vernon was also pretty annoying to me. There’s also the fact that I didn’t like what they did with Shredder. What happened in this movie was there was a rich businessman dude named Sacks. He created the Shredder suit but is the adopted son of the real Shredder.

Why such a weird twist? Well because originally Sacks was going to be the Shredder. The fans were angry because Shredder shouldn’t be white so they hastily shoved some new guy in the plot to shut us up and it shows. I didn’t like the acting of the shredder very much at all. Other than that, though, everyone else was fine.


I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m giving this movie 1 out of 5 stars. It’s just another one of Michael Bay’s typical movies. Character development that is shoved to the side for the sake of awesome CGI and fight scenes, Megan Fox’s butt, Annoying changes and just a generally bad reboot movie.

I would have been able to excuse the way the turtles looked had the plot been better, but it wasn’t. It was boring and bland. I don’t recommend watching this movie at all, it’s a waste of time. If you really do want to see this, though, then it’s most likely available on Amazon. Thank you for reading this review, if you can feedback is appreciated. If there is something you want me to review you can mention it in your comment. If I’ve seen it, I might do it.


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