Charlotte Anime Review


Today we’re going back not to long ago. This is from the last Summer season for Anime. It was probably the most popular one for the Summer anime season. It was hyped up a lot especially since it was directed by Asai Yoshiyuki. Before this, he was known for his work on Angel Beats and Ah my Goddess, two other very successful shows. This show winded up pretty successful as well but is it worthy of the praise it gets? Let’s break this show down!


The moment the show started it pulled me in. I became determined to finish the whole thing in one night and slowly, I worked my way through. I started to get attached to the characters and was excited to see what would happen next. We got awesome character development for the main characters and some pretty cute comedy relief between the other two. We even got to see an awesome song by a supporting character and was straight downhill a rocky mountain from there.

Up until that point, the only thing that annoyed me was the fact that the main characters were pretty much a superpower lynch mob but it was doable. After the first half though it was just plot twist after plot twist after plot twist. Character development from before swept away by a simple and extremely abrupt time reset subplot and the main character having a new ability he didn’t know about and the ending…

Good god, that ending made me want to flip a table and then break the damn thing into a million pieces. The last episode was an absolute train wreck and by the end, I was angrier than I have ever been at a show for a good long time. Basically, the plot of Charlotte started out good and all that goodness plummeted to the ground like a comet (if you got the joke than awesome). It became completely lost in plot twists and subplots and new characters being introduced and then not being developed much at all. It was pretty much every tenet of bad writing wrapped up in one nice little bow for me to find.

The plot was the worst kind of bad because it was one of those things that started being awesome and then quickly started loosing quality by the second. I wanted to be merciful with the series flaws at first but after it becoming a train wreck like it did, I feel comfortable saying a lot of the comic relief was annoying and if not that, repetitive. They also killed my favorite character about 3 quarters of the way through so yeahhhhh..there’s that. Yay.


For the most part, the characters were nice. Especially during the 1st half of the show. The only complaint was how Takejou’s character development came to a screeching halt the moment Yusa (the idol girl for the fanservice and comedy relief) showed up.

After that, he was pretty much, for the most part, a foil to Yusa and her fanboy and that pissed me off immensely. I also don’t care what anyone says Ayumi was annoying, not “I want her to die” annoying. More, “Please focus more on other things instead of this high-voiced annoyance I beg you-” annoying.Nao and Yuu, on the other hand, were handled very well and I liked watching them get to know each other, learn about their backstories and see what they turned out to be.

Then…the dreaded 2nd half came…and took that all away.

The only good thing that came out of it was my favorite character’s identity. Other than that though booooring. Everyone else was an underdeveloped sidekick or came straight out of left field. The only one that wasn’t this way other then Kumagami was Shunsuke. Everyone else was bothersome and I hated them for sweeping Nao aside and making her a side character. I also hated the fact that Yuu quickly became the bland hero type and then went back to his insane bitch phase during the last episode. His personality in this show changed more times then a fucking Otome Game character with multiple personalities.

No, it wasn’t character development. It was just stretching Yuu out like clay to make him fit the personality type they needed for the next dumb plot twist. Again, it started out great but was quickly botched in the second half.

Art and Animation:

Higashiji Kazuki was the art director behind this series and his animation and art was flawless. I’ve always loved the art that this dude was involved in making and bravo for him! He did good work once again, nice colors and everything you would want out of an animation.

Sekiguchi Kanami was the character designer and Chief animation director on this show. I have seen some of her work before and bravo to her. She’s done yet another awesome job! Watching this show and seeing the way they looked was one of the best parts. I have no complaints at all about any art or animation related things.


The opening theme is called Bravely You and is preformed by Lia. I really loved this song and I’m actually listening to it again right now while I write this. It is a really good song. The ending theme is Yake Ochinai Tsubasa by Aoi Tada and is also very nice to listen to. The music by Zhiend was also amazing.

The other music in the show is done by Jun Maeda. Most of it is also good and fits the tone of the show and it’s scenes but quite a few of them sound like you just walked into a Skrillex concert. It’s annoying and hard to listen to for me in all honesty.


I loved most the voices and performances in this show. The only voice I found annoying was the voice of Yuu’s younger sibling, but her line delivery was good otherwise. There are a lot of good voice actors on this show, actually!

Some of them include Maaya Unchida (Hiyori from Noragami), Momo Asakura (Rin from Witchcraft Works), Kouki Uchiyama (Raku from Nisekoi) and Muzushima Takahiro (Rolo from Code Geass). Overall, there was good work here!


Overall this anime is not as good at it was hyped up to be. I’m giving it a 2.3 out of 5 stars. Yes, the animation, music, and voices were all pretty good but the plot failed in pretty much every way by the time it got to the end making it an annoyance instead of an enjoyment. It also couldn’t decide what kind of show it wanted to be and bounced between comedy and drama very quickly.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Please leave feedback and if there is something you want me to review, feel free to ask! If I’ve seen there’s a good chance I’ll wind up doing it!


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