My Least Favorite Part Of Writing

Lately, I’ve been doing alot more writing. I’ve put alot more focus into it in between school and everything else I do. I used to think my least favorite part of writing was proof reading, but after looking at proof reading programs that made it easier, I now realize that’s not true.

I think my least favorite part now is trying to come up with the perfect word choice and all that stuff. ESPECIALLY when you try and avoid adverbs. My English classes actually told me to use adverbs in writing alot, so can you imagine my surprise when I was told you were supposed to actually avoid them, especially in creative writing?

As much as I hate to admit it, keeping to that formula does make the writing way more professional. It’s fun to see the final result but looking it over and trying to find the perfect sentence? Not so much.

I mean I’m not the only one I’m sure. Editing is still pretty high on the annoyance list, but the perfect word choice thing? Wins by a land slide in my opinion. What do you think fellow writers? Is that the most annoying part for you as well?


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