A Few Of My Favorite Books From Childhood

Today I was going through some of my things. I have two boxes in my closet, mostly where I keep all my old notebooks for when I first started writing. One book has all of my old notebooks from when I first started writing, the other one is full of my books from my childhood. I want to recommend a few today! To be honest, I’m a little burnt out on reviews, and have been having trouble trying to find the time to watch new things to review. That or deciding on which show to review that I’ve already seen. Either way though here are the books. Most of them are for kids/young teens, but I recommend them anyway. I’ll include links to where you can buy them so if your interested, you can just click on them!

1. Spiderwick Chronicles

I have really fond memories of this series. Not only is there the 5 books in this series, but there is another three books that take place afterwards. There is also a guide to the creatures in the book and another that you can draw in. I have them all and as a kid I loved these. I was introduced to them in second grade, one of my more positive memories of school. My teacher, Mr Gordon would read it to us and even now I still hear the voices he read in my head whenever I come back to this series. If you like Fantasy or have any kids or know of any kids that like Fantasy, I recommend this highly.

2. Judy Blume’s Fudge Series

To this day I still absolutely adore these books. They are genuinely funny and when I write nicer heart felt stuff with a touch of dysfunctional, I go back to this series in my head. It’s a really nice story that I would consider a nice family coming of age sort of thing. Not entirely relatable because some pretty crazy stuff happens but still a good read and something that the family can bond over.

3. The Ramona Series

Another dysfunctional coming of age story. I think this one is older then all of the other ones on the list, but I still enjoyed it. I got it when I was in about 3rd Grade if I remember correctly. At first I didn’t want it, but in the end, I winded up falling in love with the series. I only read the first 4 but I want to find the others and read them as well. I enjoyed them and want to see the rest of the series.

4. The Junie B Jones Series

This one is about the main character, Junie B Jones and it follows her from kindergarten to 1st grade. There are alot of books in this series and these are probably for a way younger demographic then most of the ones I listed here, but I still remembered loving them. I never liked doing book reports in school, but to make it more enjoyable for myself I did book reports on these books. They were easier to read and fun for me. I personally like to think about what happened to her when she got older because the series only goes up to 1st grade thus far.


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