Tumblr Is Giving Me Issues

So, a few days ago, I decided to send a message to Tumblr staff on January 31st. Basically I noticed my blog wasn’t getting alot of views. I used Tumblr before this, so I was a bit suspicious.

Normally when you post on Tumblr, you will get notes/likes in some form. Some are random spam blogs, but I’ve made small posts that weren’t a big deal. If you tag them correctly, you will for the most part get notes somehow.

So I posted something and checked the tag for it. Turns out, none of my posts on tumblr have been appearing in the tags and because of that, pretty much no one has seen my blog let alone the posts I write through Tumblr.

So naturally I messaged the staff. Now, I’m a little more suspicious because they haven’t answered yet. It’s been 5 days and I still don’t have a response. I read that it only takes one or two days but still, nothing. I’m not sure what’s going on exactly.

Personally I’m not really enjoying Tumblr since Yahoo bought it. I even heard that Yahoo would be shutting down Tumblr so I’m backing up stuff that wasn’t on my computer so I don’t loose it if Yahoo decides to delete randomly one night.

Has anyone else been having the tag issue on Tumblr? If you know how to fix it, your help would be appreciated alot!


4 thoughts on “Tumblr Is Giving Me Issues”

    1. The only reason I connected my blog to Tumblr was to connect to a wider audience. (Lots of Anime fans on there) but if they keep censoring me though, then there really is no point in staying. When it comes to a more professional blog, here is definitely the place for that though.

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