Another Annoying Trope

So today I watched Erased (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi) and I want to say already that I absolutely adore the main character’s mother. I think she is my favorite anime mother of all time. She is amazing and probably my favorite character on this show.

Thinking about that it made me realize something though. In alot of books,movies and shows the parent character gets killed or is dead for some other reason. I understand why it’s used of course, to create drama and tension. Honestly though, it’s extremely overused.

When I write stories, I’m not going to insist on killing every parent to a main character. It might happen yes, but it doesn’t need to be done constantly and kicked into the ground so far. There are so many other parent/kid dramas you can do with characters including but definitely not limited to.

  • Making one or both parents abusive
  • Make it that a divorce happened.
  • Make it that the parent abandoned the kid character
  • Make the parent character someone who did something wrong and is trying to make it up to the child.
  • Make the parent and kid character have very different views on something the causes tension in the relationship.

Those are just a few things that came to mind! I mean I get it. Sometimes when a character comes to you, it’s going to have to be written that way. The character demands it, and if you changed it, you wouldn’t be being true to your story. Still though, you should always strive to be more unique especially in this day and age where dull stuff is often the thing to get popular.

Yes, being popular is good but you should focus on writing good work more! If you write good work, then there’s a good chance the audience will come right to you. You’ll be remembered for the quality of your work and not just a trend, and that’s the most important!

I got a bit rambly there, but yeah. Basically, try not to kill of the main characters parents if you can help it. You could do so many great things with the parent character around, maybe even make them fight alongside each other!



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