My Top 10 Favorite Vocaloid’s

I actually really love Vocaloid. I don’t own the program itself, but I love listening and watching that sort of thing alot. For this list, I’m not including UTAU’s, only official Vocaloids.

10. Piko

Despite it being a bit hard to tell, Piko is a boy Vocaloid. His appearance and voice is somewhat androgynous making it somewhat hard to tell. I think he is also meant to be a bit younger compared to the other Vocaloid’s as well. He isn’t my top favorite of all the Vocaloids, but I really do like him. His design is pretty cool, and his voice is enjoyable to listen to as well. I also like the voice of his actual voice provider of the same name. I actually like his real voice alot more then the Vocaloid, which is why Piko only got a number ten spot.

9. Rin Kagamine

Rin is an overall pretty cool Vocaloid. Who wouldn’t fall for her the cute little bow and the sailor uniform. She is often portrayed with a more energetic attitude and is probably the second most popular Vocaloid of all time. As a character I do like her, but her voice can be a bit much for me. Her voice can make you wince a bit, especially when she hits those higher notes. Overall though, she has alot of amazing songs attached to her, and Shomoda Asami did a good job voicing her.

8.Len Kagamine

How could I forget Rin’s other half?  He is also meant to be a younger boy like Piko, probably about 13 and 14. Despite this though, his voice actually sounds more mature then Piko even though his voice provider, who also provides the voice for Rin, is a girl. I think he’s really an adorable character, and I like his voice more then I do Rin. He definitely deserves a spot on this list.

7. Hiyama Kiyoteru

Not a very known one, but one I like regardless. He is a teacher character to another Vocaloid named Yuuki. His character design is kind of plain, but I like it all the same. I’ve always had a soft spot for the glasses and the nerdy look and this character delivered. His voice is also pretty nice and his Vocaloid seems to have very good pronunciation which is something that isn’t always common.

6. Luka Megurine

Ah Luka. Another pretty popular one and to be honest, I totally get why. I’ve also always liked the pink haired, blue eyed look. I actually made a character that looked similar before I even got into Vocaloid, so when it came to appearance I was always pretty attached to her. I also really like her voice. It’s a deeper female voice, which isn’t the most common thing. I also like how she sounds in English as well and just find her to be a very charming Vocaloid.

5. Avanna

Another not as well known one, I actually didn’t know about her until recently, but I really wish I did. She is a really pretty and refined looking person based on her design. The whole green and brown motif makes her look like a fairy and I like that alot. Her voice is also deeper, and very soothing and nice to listen to. She can also sing English lyrics pretty well too!

4. Gumi

Gumi is on a technical level, the most impressive in my opinion. Her pronunciation is good and her voice is good at reaching a wide range without sounding to ear piercing. She is still suited better for lower notes though. I also like her green and orange color scheme and how cheerful and upbeat she seems to be. She also kind of makes me think of a fairy and I like her for sure!

3. Gackupo

One of the first Vocaloid’s I ever heard actually. He has a special place in my heart and I really like his design. Longer hair is something I’m super fond of, especially on male characters. He has a really nice design, but I absolutely adore his voice. To me, it’s always sounded very powerful and his pronunciation is probably one of the best of the Vocaloid’s. His Japanese is nice, and his English vocals are also pretty amazing and clear.

2. Miku Hatsune

Who knew she’d make it high on my list? -Everyone raises hands-

I normally don’t like the super popular character in shows, but Miku won me over with her charms. Everything about her is awesome and cute. Her personality, her appearance and her voice. Because off all her appends over the years, her range wins out among all the other female voices. All of her appends sound great, and though I hope to have alot of Vocaloid’s at some point, Miku and her appends will probably be one of the first I get.

1. Kaito

Surprise! Believe it or not, Kaito is pretty much my favorite Vocaloid of all time. He isn’t super popular, in fact when he was released, he was considered a failure. That bothers me alot because of all the voices he always sounded the most human to me. Design wise he is pretty pretty cute and I just love everything about his character, voice and all his appends. I want him to be the first Vocaloid I ever use and I could probably go on forever about how much I like him, but I’ll stop myself for your sake.

There you have it then, my first top 10 list on this blog! Hope you enjoyed it! If you have any other suggestions for a list don’t hesitate to leave one in the comments! Likes are also appreciated!




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