Diabolik Lovers Review


Remember how in my last entry, I mentioned liking vampires and supernatural stuff? I was excited about this show, extremely so in fact. It was a date sim anime which I do like, and with vampires? I imagined so much for this show and the world building in it. Most shows don’t live up to things with alot of hype, but did this get close? Let us find out.


What plot?

Oh, you mean the abomination that is this? There are so many things wrong with this it’s not even funny. Its pacing is bad and confusing, I bet pretty much three-quarters of the stuff in the game was completely removed in the series. You know what, though? That’s fine. Perfectly fine, because I don’t give a damn about any character here or about the vampires in this universe, or anything. I spent half of the time going “Huh?” and the second part going “Ugh, how much longer until I’m done?” I have no idea who wrote this story or created it but whoever they are, they have no idea what they’re doing.

Honestly, not much can be said except about how it’s pretty much bad all around in every way. If you look at the plot summary on Myanimelist, it even sounds like a bad porn or a smutty fanfiction summary. It’s boring and I hated 98% of it. That’s really all I can say in here, which is odd for me since the plot part of my review is normally the longest, but believe me, I have wayyyyyy more to say on this poor excuse for a romance, considering the fact that there isn’t even any romance. It’s more of a story just about abuse and Stockholm syndrome.


Here, we have the absolute worst part of the show. It’s cast of characters is absolutely terrible. At first, most pity her when they watch her be stuck with these horrible creatures, but most quickly get annoyed by how helpless she is. I disagree, though, the main character is honestly the best despite her annoying bits. It takes the psychological strength and the patience of an ox to still be civil towards these bastards. She hangs onto her beliefs despite the abuse the other characters put her through and for that admire her.

Speaking of the other characters, all of them are pretty much vile. They all have rude names for her (Bitch-Chan and Pancake comes to mind first). They have no likable traits whatsoever. The villains and the love interests are on about the same likability level which is BAD for a date sim anime. EXTREMELY so.

The main boys that are supposed to be the potential love interests don’t show any love for her at all. To them she is either a human blood bank or girl they can just have their fun with and then toss to the side to the next sibling. This show also pulls an extremely annoying stop with their backstory. They assume giving them a tragic backstory excuses all of the terrible things they do. That is not the reason you give the character’s a tragic backstory.

That’s lazy and horrible writing. If you are using that storytelling device, they have to change and evolve past their tragic past. It would give them more depth, but this show decided. “Nah. Screw that. Let’s just throw this together quickly, no one will notice.”

Just..even in this area, pretty much all the execution of these characters is completely wrong.


Yuuko Yahiro did the character design for these characters and Kazushi Fuji did the background art and you know what? They actually did a good job, a really good one in fact. The art in this show was one thing that drew me in. I like it’s more gothic look and it’s very nice to look at. It’s unfortunate it has to be attached to such an awful show.

The animation is…meh. It’s not unbearable but I don’t like it alot. It can be awkward to watch and there is nothing really memorable or remarkable about it that I can say. There are some nice facial expressions in this show, and some of it’s moments can be pretty, but mostly? Not really no. At least, it’s not as bad as the plot or characters.


I didn’t like the opening, Mr. Sadistic Night, very much. It’s kind of catchy but I only remember the last part of it at the moment. The ending which I think is called Nightmare, is a bit better but still on the “Meh. It’s mostly okay” status. The BGM however, is annoying, though.

I find is boring, bland and EXTREMELY repetitive. By the time I was towards the end, I could hum the background stuff to myself, as much as I hated hearing it. Especially the song that played whenever they showed sad things. I guess it’s well composed, but I still hate it. Whenever I hear it, it feels like an ice pick getting hammered into my ear.


The voice talents on this show are actually really good, at least, most of them are. Alot of them did other things before that I actually enjoyed. For example, the voice of Laito (Daisuke Hirakawa) is extremely talented. I heard him in another dating sim recently and he was able to voice act crying so well, I even got upset just hearing it.

It’s done well but the voice actors aren’t given the opportunity to show how truly good they are because the writing is so bad. It’s a shame honestly because I did like the voices alot and it was one of the best aspects of the show.


Overall, this show gets a 1 out of 5 stars. No mercy for this show, it was god awful and the worst dating sim I have ever had the misfortune of seeing. In a weird way, I love to hate this show but it honestly isn’t worth watching. It’s pretty much an anime twilight but with way more abuse and general gross behavior. If you don’t mind the whole Fifty Shades Of Grey Vibe this show sprays all over the place, good for you. Personally, though? I don’t recommend it at all.

Thank you for reading the review! If you enjoyed it leave feedback and if you want to see me review something, then don’t be afraid to request it. I might wind up doing it if I know the series!!



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