I Think I Found My New Favorite Toy

I was never the toy collecting type. Back when I was a kid, I was the more action figure type. I would get my favorite characters and have them interact, even if they were from different series. I wouldn’t really try super hard to get all the figurines from a series, just the ones I wanted. With these though, I’ve become super fond of them. I want to have as many as possible.


These are the original series ones, at least i think so. The first one I got was the middle one in the top row. It came with another toy. You were allowed to choose one free Zelf along with it, and that was the one I went with. After I got it, I pretty much fell in love with these little things!

They are extremely cute and I don’t really have any complaints, except about how expensive they are. I was trying to find the series 1 zelfs like the one in the picture, but alot of them are extremely expensive. I found one that cost 70 dollars! Just for the one figurine, not even the brushes or hair clips that typically come with them when they’re in the box!

So far I’ve only been getting my favorites. Today I got Vampula, Batrina, and Webina. I like darker things like vampires and spiders. One of my favorite genres is the horror/supernatural genre. So naturally, those zelfs called out to me a bit more. Next, I intend on getting the more sea themed Zelf’s. Guess it’s time to search Ebay!


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