Diabolik Lovers More Blood Review


Much to my chagrin, this show has ANOTHER season. Oh sure, this gets another season. It’s not like there are hundreds of others that actually need a sequel but don’t have one. Actually, the Diabolik Lovers Series is going to have a new game even though it’s already had…4? I know it’s more than 2 for sure. So with a sigh, I sat down and prepared for the worst as I hit the play button on More Blood. Was it worth the cringing? Let us discuss that shall we?


It’s still pretty all over the place when it comes to pacing. The best way to describe Diabolik Lovers to me is indecisive. It doesn’t seem to know what kind of show it wants to be. Yet at the same time, though, it seems to drag on in the same monotonous format. The same flaws are still there…to a certain extent.

In the second reason, it’s improved quite a bit. The pacing makes a bit more sense and adds a mystery aspect to it. The plot points are also way less insane compared to the first one. I liked that and found the plot to be a bit better than last time. It was way clearer to me that the other characters had romantic feelings towards the main character. The plot of season 2 was definitely better than the plot of the first one. It has much more depth and is way more than just the characters insulting and biting her.


The assholes from the first season are here like normal. Something new happens in season 2 though. 4 new vampires are introduced and they kidnap Yui in about the 2nd episode if I remember correctly. There are still plenty of moments where they are complete and utter assholes, but I sense that’s a trend in this show.

However, though, I can understand the actions of the characters better. No, it’s never right to be abusive or anything but I can understand better why they are the way they are and it creates more depth, which makes it more interesting to watch. One character, in particular, is very worthy of sympathy in my opinion. That character being the one I used for the picture. Azusa Mukami.

First off he did something amazing to my least favorite character, which made me quite happy. There is also the fact that he was broken and his way of expressing love became morphed because of it. Azusa doesn’t want to cause harm.

He unlike all the other character’s is not completely aware he’s causing harm and is expressing his feeling for Yui in the way he knows how. Again, not trying to excuse abuse or anything, I just wanted to say that!

Art and Animation:

I’m also pretty sure the animation got a bit better! It seems a bit more smooth in this series as opposed to the first. The art is nice. just like last time. I think the colors got a bit nicer as well, they’re a little brighter and more pleasant to look at compared to the second season. Good work here! This was the shows higher point to begin with, and it only improved with it’s next season!


The opening and ending for this show were both enjoyable to listen to! I liked them both more than I did the first season. Unlimited Blood is the opening and Eclipse is the ending, and yet again when it comes to opening and ending themes, they improved. As for the soundtrack, it’s still pretty repetitive but seems a lot more smooth compared to the first season. Still not it’s strong point, though, probably one of the weakest and honestly still is.


Regarding the new voices, I enjoy them plenty! There are again, very good voice talents in the show. One I recognized was the voice of Yuuma. He’s Tatsuhisa Suzuki, and he is very well known as Makoto from the Free! series. The other voices are ones I haven’t really heard before. They didn’t jump out at me, but I enjoyed their performances regardless. One character had the opportunity to do an emotional scene which is kind of rare for this show. The performance once again proved to me that the voice actors are good, but the script writing is more the issue here.


Yes, this series was better than the first. It still has it’s fair share of issues though so I’ll give it 3 out of 5 stars. The show did improve a lot more and did a better job of expressing the whole romance thing and improved slightly in a few areas. I definitely didn’t dislike it as much as I did the first season. Hopefully, when another season comes out it, it will get progressively better as well! It’s rare to see shows improve with sequels, they mostly seem to get worse with sequels but this show seems like it’ll be different! I shall await hopefully for more to see where this goes.

Thank you for reading my review! Feel free to leave feedback, likes and comments are always appreciated! If you have something you want me to review, feel free to mention it, I might review it if I’ve seen it!


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