Say Nothing To Anyone


I wrote this last night for a prompt at my school. Every month, our school has a new writing prompt. The one for this was about someone finding a fortune cookie that says “Your life is in danger. You must leave the city immediately. Say nothing to anyone and do not return.”. This was what I came up with it for it! I admit though, it’s pacing might come off as a tad rushed and it might be a bit out there depending on your tastes.

I am impressed with how it turned out though! Especially my ending! Feel free to leave feedback on this and likes are always appreciated as well!

Lily set the fortune down eyes wide with apprehension. Her blue eyes looking down at the grim fortune. She read it a few times her eyes widening even more as she did so. She normally didn’t believe in this sort of thing at all, but there was something about this. Something that brought shivers through her body. With trembling hands, she grabbed her coat and purse.

Rummaging around in her purse, she put the money for her meal on the table. It might be silly but she was going to obey the fortune. It was better safe than sorry after all. She turned the corner and when out of sight of the people around she broke into a jog. Anxiety welled up in her veins and her feet hurt as she attempted to run despite her high heels.

She pushed open the door the cold bitter wind slicing across her cheeks. The bustling sounds of the city were all around her but all she could really hear was her heart pounding in her ears. Lily walked down the street blowing her light blonde hair as she went. Of all the times for her hair to get in her face, why did it have to be now. She stopped in front of her husky, who was sitting outside waiting for her.

Unfortunately, dogs weren’t allowed in the restaurant. She hated having to leave her pet outside, but she had no choice. “You alright there buddy?” she murmured softly. As she spoke to her dog she untied the leash from around the pole. He gave her a reassuring bark and wagged his tail at her apprehensive owner.

Lily chuckled a bit. Even in life or death situations, her dog always seemed able to cheer her up. She walked with a bit more focus her dog by her side. His nails clicked against the sidewalk, almost matching with her footsteps. With a bit more walking she finally made it to her car. She opened the door, her husky climbing in first. He plopped himself into the backseat with a heavy sigh.

Lily turned the ignition immediately feeling more safe in her car. The moment she pushed on the gas she felt even more relief. She went through the steps over in her head. She had followed them all. Granted she was upset about leaving her old life behind. She felt sad thinking about all the things she had back home that she wished she, at least, had the chance to take with her.

She thought of the books she was using to study Science, her collection of unicorn statues and her childhood teddy bear. She teared up at the thought of her bear. She had never been able to sleep without it. It hurt her a lot to have to suddenly uproot her entire life. She had always been one who didn’t like change very much.

She let out a shaky sigh and shook her head. “Don’t cry about it Lily. It’s alright, as long as your OK. That’s what the most important thing is.” She turned to another street bouncing a bit in her seat as she hit a pothole. It was going to be a long drive for sure.

Indeed, it was a long drive. All the turns stops and speed bumps seemed to blend together. Time seemed to go by slowly and yet so quickly at the same time. When she snapped out of her daydreaming stupor, she heard her dog scratching at the door making whimpering noises.

Lily blinked a few times and glanced out of the window. The moon was high in the sky now much to her surprise. She was in the countryside now, surrounded by tall trees, with a leaf or two on the higher branches. No wonder her dog was scratching at the door so much!

She got out of the car and opened the door for him. He shot out of the car like a baseball being hit with a bat. Before she could grab the leash, he bolted ahead. “Ah! No boy come here!” The husky stopped and turned to him. Lily froze as she noticed something.

Her dog’s brown eyes were now a dark forest green. With every blink, her companion’s appearance seemed to morph. He was now a human male, tall, with black hair and a white jacket. His eyes hadn’t broken away from her’s. “W..what?” Lily backed up a few steps. “W…who? What?”

The man smirked and lunged at her, Lily could only think of one thing. Her life flashed before her eyes as she felt the searing pain in her chest and felt her body fall backwards. Her last thought as her world went black was the fortune that had tried to warn her.

“Say nothing to anyone,” It said.

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