Count of Saint Germain

My second favorite subject in school is probably History. I’ve been working very hard at school lately, and I look forward to finally finishing it for good. I do enjoy school to a certain extent, but I have honestly learned more from my own research on things than I have for school. I’m the type of person that automatically becomes disinterested whenever I’m obligated to do something. I tend to learned a lot more things when I’m not forced to.

Which is how I found this guy.

One thing I like to do a lot is read/listen to top 10 lists of things. I often have them on in the background as I write things, so I know facts about things, sometimes mundane but things have been surprisingly helpful in my everyday life, and in giving inspiration for my writing.

My favorite lists are the mystery ones. When I was looking at a list that I think was called 10 most mysterious people or something along those lines, one jumped out at me. The Count of Saint Germain. He was a very interesting individual and considered odd by those around him at the time. He was a genius in a lot of areas and did a lot of things. He was allegedly a musician, inventor and a handful of other things. He was impressive in life but his death is even more interesting. People claim that to this day he is still seen and that he may be immortal.

Either way, though, he was definitely an interesting person that should be discussed way more than he is.He was so interesting to me, that I started researching him. I even made a character for him for my writing. I felt like it was meant to be and then after I created him, I got Code Realize for Christmas. For those who don’t know, that game has its own interpretation of Saint Germain. It was definitely an odd coincidence, but one that made me feel more sure that I was going in the right direction. When odd coincidences like that happen to me, that’s typically what it means.

I’m going to be reviewing the game soon, and I liked that game’s version of him as well! I still like my version a bit more but I have a clear bias, that I will do my best to keep out of the review, haha!


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