One Stormy Night Movie Review


Last night, my sister and I were alone and had some time to watch something! Since I had it on my list of things to watch, I put on this movie. I normally don’t like movies with anthropomorphic animals, they aren’t really my cup of tea. Was this movie an acceptation, though? Let’s go right for it and find out!


This movie’s plot is pretty simplistic. A wolf and a sheep become best friends and try to hide it from their clans. It’s a pretty simple premise but a charming one. It was really cute to watch and I couldn’t help but feel for them. I really wanted them to become friends and wanted to see them succeed in whatever goals they had. This movie was definitely good at making me feel for the characters and their plight, that’s for sure.

The movie being so simplistic is a double edged sword to a certain extent, though, at least, to me. I feel like because it was so simple, it couldn’t add more emotional conflict which would have worked well for this movie. To be fair, I heard this movie was for kids but I’m not completely sure. I watched the English version of this movie and in that version, they actually swear a few times and there are very serious and upsetting parts like when our two main characters are at the top of the mountain, and when they finally make it to the other side.

Granted, I’m of the opinion that kids actually should see darker and more serious themes, instead of being sheltered from every little sad or bad thing. I think for like kids that are about 8 or 9, this movie wouldn’t be so bad but I’m still surprised that it got away with a G rating with some of the things that were in it. That was why to me, it felt super out of place when the movie tried to be cartoonish and silly when a character was getting hurt or being chased. It made me raise eyebrows for sure. Yes, it was funny and cute, but I still feel like it was just super out of place.

Despite that, though, the plot of this movie was nice and very sweet and cute. Other than the things I mentioned I enjoyed it from start to finish.


I was fine with the characters as well. There isn’t really super deep character development things, but that’s perfectly fine. In fact for this movie it works. The characters are cute and certainly not one dimensional, but just not super detailed. The way the characters are written does point to this being a kids movie, but a good one with the effort put into it.

The supporting characters had their own charm to them, even the goat that had a bit of an annoying voice actor (I nicknamed “Doofy Goat”) had his cuter moments. I didn’t really hate anyone that I was supposed to sympathize with and this movie does a good job of writing everyone, from main to minor character, it’s all done very well and in this area I don’t really have complaints.

Art and Animation:

The art style of this movie is absolutely adorable! It fits the tone of the movie perfectly and was somewhat simplistic looking like the rest of movie, and yet at the same time very detailed. When I watched it, I wanted to reach out and touch Mei’s fur and could actually imagine the texture of their fur. It’s rare for me to find good art like that, so it was a nice experience to have!

Coupled with the animation, it looks amazing. Even the cartoony bits I didn’t like as much winded up looking nice. It fits the tone nicely and is just all around really nice! I’m not sure who worked on it exactly, but whoever it was did a very good job!


The music on this is also really nice! It’s an orchestra soundtrack, to be expected for this kind of movie. It’s well composed and very charming. I can totally imagine it being used for a play or something to that effect. That’s how nice it is and like everything else, it fits the tone of the movie very well.


Like I said before I watched the dub, not the subtitled version, so I can only really judge it for that. The movie’s voice work is..OK. I heard somewhere it is actually a fandub, and for a fandub it is pretty good, but it’s still kind of awkward. For the main goat, they did something creative where they made his voice sound like he was bleating when he spoke. I didn’t get it at first, but when I did I thought it was clever. There was one supporting sheep voice that I really disliked but other then that everyone else did…alright. I feel like they were a bit too monotone at times, and delivery in certain parts was pretty awkward to listen to. It’s on the…higher end of average.


Overall, I’m going to give this movie 4 of 5 stars. It was for the most part really enjoyable to watch, with a couple of things that were kind of annoying but definitely not unbearable. I would recommend watching it and it’s actually pretty easy to find on Youtube! If you’re into these cute types of movies, I recommend it highly! Thank you for reading this review! Feel free to leave feedback, likes and comments are always appreciated! If you want me to review something, feel free to suggest it in the comments! If I’ve seen it I might review it, and I’m always watching new things, so you never know!


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