Tumblr Screwing With Me (And Possibly Others As Well)

I’m a bit frustrated tonight and I think you should all know why.

I honestly thought the fan fiction request post I made would work out really well. I still want to do the requests and such but there is a small issue I think I should bring up that’s important. I looked on my blog today and noticed I got literally no views on anything, not even the Fan Fiction post which is pretty surprising to me because I tagged it in ALOT of different tags.

This felt suspicious to me though, because a post tagged so many different things is sure to get something, even just a like from a spam blog. I looked in a few of the different tags I had put the post in and surprise surprise, the post wasn’t there.

At All.

I was able to find my reviews, but not anything else no matter how far down I scrolled. This was happening before with my posts and now it’s happening again. I have no idea what Tumblr is doing, or what this new apparent search filter is doing but it’s getting to be extremely annoying now.

I have no idea what’s going on because Tumblr Staff didn’t respond. I emailed them in January when I first had this issue and they never responded. I still don’t have any response and I don’t know what to do. My artist friend looked in the tags to and one art thing she posted isn’t there, and she looked for a long time trying to find it!

I don’t want to sound childish or whiny or anything like that, but I posted a Creepypasta in a tag awhile back and it didn’t show up. I love the Creepypasta fandom because of how welcoming they are towards new writers, and I thought posting in those tags was a good place to start, especially since one genre I like writing in is horror. Because Tumblr snuffed the post out of the tags though,  no one ever really saw it. That’s upsetting to me because I worked hard on that story and I feel like I’m not getting a fair shot at getting noticed…

I’m going to keep writing and such, and this isn’t going to stop me of course but I really wanted to bring attention to this. This update might be snubbing alot of potential artists out of getting seen. Hopefully, this post doesn’t get pushed out of the tags as well.


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