Deadpool Review


Yesterday, I went to the movies to go see Deadpool! It’s been awhile since I was at the movies, so it was nice. I’ve always loved Marvel movies and people have been waiting awhile for a Deadpool movie, but was it everything us Marvel fans dreamed it would be? Let’s get right into it!


This movie is pretty fast paced and straight forward. Even though it’s a superhero movie it’s more comedic then serious. Normally I don’t like it when movies are that way, but for this, it works perfectly. Deadpool is that type of person, always making wisecracks throughout the entire movie, so it’s pacing works very well. The story is fairly stable though, despite it being so fast paced. You get everything that’s going on and it’s unlikely that you’ll loose track or get confused.

This movie is also very funny, extremely vulgar but absolutely hilarious. Sometimes certain types of jokes might get a tad annoying, but that’s pretty rare in this movie. For the most part, I laughed at pretty much every wisecrack he made. The other character’s had some pretty funny moments as well! The action scenes in this movie and more serious parts are also done very well. In this movie no matter what tone it takes for the different types of scenes, it does it well so overall the plot of the movie and the way it’s paced is well done, enjoyable and of course hilarious.


There is no question that Deadpool steals the show. He is a good character and in my opinion, a deep one as well. He is really fun to watch and he has become one of my favorite superhero’s in the Marvel universe. Speaking of favorites though, one of my favorite things is X-men and because they were in it to a certain extent, I pretty much fell in love with this movie even more than before. I also loved the romantic interest of Deadpool in this movie. They are probably one of the best couples I’ve ever seen and they work very well together. They are pretty much soulmates if you ask me.

Collossus was the Xmen in this movie and he worked very well. He was pretty much the opposite of Deadpool in every way and it was fantastic to watch them interact. There was also a new X-men or at least one that isn’t really a big character in the comics that is a trainee. She is a great character and probably one of the most enjoyable ones in the movie, other than Deadpool of course.

The supporting cast of the movie is fun as well. I enjoyed watching them as well, even if they weren’t in the movie as much. The villain of this movie is a psycho and you’ll love to hate him and the terrible things he does in this movie. He’s a perfect villan, even though I do love villains that can be sympathized with, it would have been to difficult to pull off and honestly? It wouldn’t fit the tone of the movie, so this was done well.

CGI, Filming and Character Design:

This part of the movie is also well done! The CGI is good, as most Marvel movies are and pretty believable, especially for the grosser bloody bits. The way it was filmed was also very nice, especially the angles they were shot on. The battle scenes were my favorite part and in my opinion, filmed the best compared to anything else.

Character design is also good! This movie did an amazing job of bringing Deadpool and the other characters to life in live action form, and the new ones that only really appear in this movie were also very well done! I love the outfits on the x-men, it is an improvement from the ones in X-men first class. They are an improvement compared to all the other incarnations if you ask me. Not really any complaints in this area.


The movie’s soundtrack if your typical marvel movie soundtrack. Epic stuff for alot of the scenes but alot of rap songs as well. Rap isn’t really my taste and I only really enjoyed one of the rap songs in the movie, but I won’t lie they fit the tone and Deadpool’s character very well. The other music is well composed as well and enjoyable to listen to. This was another thing Marvel movies always did well, and it certainly didn’t change in this movie. It worked especially well in the battle scenes, along with that and the way it was filmed they were pretty much the best battle scenes I’ve watched in awhile.


Everything’s all well done in this area as well! I was especially impressed with the voice of Collossus. It fit him the best compared to all the other characters. It’s probably the best voice for him I’ve ever heard! I hope that when Collossus is in another movie, they get Stefan Kapicic to play him again. I also hope Teenage Warhead returns, since I loved her character as well.

The other members of the cast did a good job to! The acting was believable and the delivery of the lines was fantastic. There weren’t really any scenes that I felt were awkward or weren’t done well. I’m actually surprised that the cast was able to keep a straight face at all, especially considering some of the jokes!


Overall, Deadpool has most definitely earned 4.5 out of 5 stars. It delivered in almost every single area, and if you love Marvel movies, then this is one you definitely should not miss out on. You can tell there was alot of work put in, and I think this was a very good movie! It was perfect in tone especially and it most definitely gave us what we were waiting for despite the very few flaws it has. I recommend you all see it in theaters while it’s still playing! You won’t regret it, I swear it.

Thank you for reading my review! Please leave feedback in the form of likes or comments, I really appreciate all of it!  If you have something you want me to review, feel free to suggest it. I might do it if I can feel I can write up a good review for it!


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