My Top 5 Favorite Horror Animes (As Of February 2016)

Though I do love writing, watching all  kinds of genres, horror is one that’s been coming up alot lately. I’ve seen alot of the more creepy anime’s so it was hard to choose only 5, but I was in the mood to make another Top list today! So without further ado, here are my Top 5 Horror of all time!

5. Elfen Lied

Coming in at number 5, we have the fairly famous and well known Elfen Lied. It is an extremely interesting show, and it has alot of graphic, but interesting moments. The creator also intended on this show to be commentary on how we treat people just because they’re different and while this show takes it to some pretty extreme levels, it is still worth watching! The reason it isn’t higher is because of all the gore. I feel excessive gore isn’t really needed and horror, so I look for more psychological horror.

4. Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

Not alot of people like this show, but I actually really did. It is a bit long, but there are alot of cool and interesting things going on in this show. It involves alot of timeline jumps, where in each timeline, something is different but that’s something I’m a bit of a sucker for. The characters are also really well designed and I think it deserves more then it’s given credit for. There are some gorey scenes in this show as well, but nowhere near Elfen Lied caliber.

3. Kiseijuu

I enjoyed this one a whole lot! There was blood in this show but everything else strikes me as being more mystery and sci fi which I liked. Of all the animes that came out that season, I liked this one the most. It is one of the longer ones but I still recommend it, it was a very enjoyable series, badass fight scenes included.

2. Higurashi

This show has plenty of grusome death scenes to spare, that much is for sure, but it’s great. I like all the mystery going on and I watched all the other anime’s after it. Kai was my personal favorite of the entire Higurashi franchise. Gore is not the front and center of the series, and it’s way more psychological.


My favorite one in all honesty. It’s super dramatic and suspenseful and it’s just in my opinion one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. It’s short, straight to the point, and doesn’t waste any time conveying what it wants to convey. I also loved alot of the characters in the show and connected to them very well, especially the female lead. Alot of the more gory scenes are the deaths, but for this show I don’t mind as much.

Thanks for reading my list! If you enjoyed it feel free to leave feedback! If you have any suggestions for another list, feel free to mention it in the comments. Sorry for no update yesterday, it’s been kind of busy for me as of late, but I’ll make a post about life stuff some other time!



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