Divine Gate Review


Ah…it’s rare that an anime I review actually has a PSA attached. Don’t watch this show people, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. For the sake of your own mental health do not under any circumstances watch this anime equivalent of an M Night Shyamalan film. Hm? What’s that? You still want to know about it anyway? Alright, fine. You win. I’ll tell you about it but don’t say I didn’t warn you. I won’t be held responsible  for any mental damage you might get from even HEARING about it. Here it is, my review on Divine Gate.


This the most jumbled, inconsistent Anime I have EVER watched. It almost makes me sorry for bashing Charlotte the way I did, but people I have to be honest. This show has way to many things going  on and doesn’t at all handle itself well like say, Durarara does. There are gods, robots, humans with powers, a council…um…a clown?  A school? A dude who wants to cause despair and kind of just screws with people? Oh and that gate? For some reason they want to shut it even though it exposed humans to the wonders of many other worlds?  I…OK?

Having all these elements in one place can work, but this anime has no idea what it’s doing. It’s like one writer was assigned to one section and they all wrote separate scripts. Then they got together and were like. “Hmm…why don’t we just staple a page of yours…and then put your part after mine…and that’s our episode this week! That’ll totally work right?” That, or this story only makes sense in the authors head, and they just decided to use him because it was a slow day.

Then again though, when your anime is based off a phone game with mostly just chess pieces, what do you expect? 

I’m not saying it can’t be done, but here? It was done badly. The worst of the worst. To top it off the ending is the most anti climatic thing I’ve ever seen. Well Divine Gate, I guess you may as well disappoint me one last time before you leave. :sigh: For once in my life I actually have nothing positive to say about this plot. One episode even just focus’s on a confusing play that comes out of nowhere and isn’t even needed and just…I can’t. I can’t anymore-


This show has good characters. I hate to admit it, but it does. At least the three main ones anyway. They were developed a little but all the characters were pretty stiff. Even after seeing one of their backstories, you still don’t feel much for him despite everything. When he meets someone from his past in the climax, it’s as stiff and awkward as can be. There is a shitload of other characters, but you don’t give a damn about them. You can’t, they weren’t developed at all.

Even the main character’s aren’t developed, no one is fleshed out at all. It was so bad, I was actually rooting for the bad guy, Loki to kill them all. He was honestly the only enjoyable character. Even though he didn’t have much of a backstory, he was fun because he was kind of just a destructive force who liked chaos. I felt like it actually worked in his favor when he didn’t make much sense. That’s really all there is to say. If you ever decide to punish yourself and watch this crap, then fair warning. The characters aren’t the least bit sympathetic and you honestly start to wish Loki would just kill them all so you can be finally escape their blandness!

The designs were nice though. That’s really it.

Art and Animation: 

One of the high points of the show. The Art on this show is actually pretty, and really interesting to look at. It uses a different sort of color scheme that I don’t typically see in most show’s I’ve watched. I guess the best way to describe it would be the colors are more blunt. The art is good, and the character designs are nice to look at, which is what you want to see, especially on main characters.

The animation is pretty nice to. The fight scenes were pretty fun to watch. The movement isn’t really stiff in this show, except when they use CGI, which they do in some parts for some reason. The animation when compared to the other elements of the show isn’t bad at all. Then again though, comparing it to the plot of the show is a pretty low bar huh? Either way, it isn’t bad and is actually pretty good.


Honestly? This is the best part of the show. The music is so good, it’s absolutely wasted on this show. I absolutely love the opening of this show. I’ve actually listening to it on repeat right now. It’s really good and the visuals combined with it, makes a really good opening! You honestly feel betrayed when the show starts. The ending is just as good, and the background music is also really good! Whoever was in charge of the music clearly put alot of effort into it, and I appreciate it immensely. It made the rest of it way more bearable.


The acting in this show is actually really good to! I know, surprising considering the rest of it but this show actually has a great cast! I liked Loki’s voice the most but the other ones were good too! They all fit the characters pretty well, and I enjoyed listening to it. Alot of the voices are ones I’ve heard the voices before though, so maybe that’s why. They have more experience I suppose.


Despite the fact that this anime has a few good elements like it’s art and music, a shitty thing is still a shitty thing no matter how nicely you decorate it. This show gets 1.5 out of 5 stars from me. Higher then most of my other lower ratings, but still bad. I don’t know who would even want to watch this, or why this is even getting a dub! Yes, you heard me right, a dub. So many cool other shows they could be doing, but no they decide on this. It’s confusing, it’s writing is all over the place, the characters are lazy and its one of the worst things I’ve watched in quite a long time and I am so glad it’s over.

Thank you for reading my review! If you like it feel free to leave feedback! Likes are always appreciated as well. If you have anything you want me to review, feel free to suggest it to me! If I’ve seen it I might review it! I could actually use some viewer help! I’m not actually sure which anime I should review next. A few ended this Winter Season that I could do but I’m not sure which one I want to do. I would actually appreciate a suggestion, if you have any!


Superman Vs Batman Review


Happy Monday everyone! Though it probably isn’t a very happy Monday for most of you, I hope maybe this will brighten up your day! Today we’ll be taking a bit of a break from Anime reviews for the newest superhero movie that’s all the rage now, Batman vs Superman! I’ve always been a Marvel person and don’t know much about DC things at all. Despite that though this movie definitely got my attention. I’ve seen it get alot of negative reviews, much like the last series I reviewed that is known as Active Raid. Going with my last theme though, is it as bad as it seems? Lets find out!


I think this movie isn’t meant for people who don’t know much about DC. There were a few moments mostly in the first half that confused me alot. The plot did alot of head hopping in the first part. To be fair though, I don’t typically mind skipping between different POV’s alot. Especially with writing, I feel it’s often necessary. With this movie, alot of the POV switching happened a bit suddenly without much warning. It made the first part much more jerky and confusing. If you focus, you should still be able to follow well enough, but that is a flaw this movie does have.

After that though, the pacing smooths out and slows down a little and the tone and pacing is perfect! I was able to follow along a little easier without trying so hard. Plot and pacing aside this movie is really cool! It was amazing at building suspense throughout the movie and when they showed the other character’s trailers? It was great! Overall I really enjoyed this movie plot and thought it was really fun! Everything you’d want out of a superhero movie! Other then it being a little jumbled and such, I don’t have any complaints about it.


The fun part of the movie and one of it’s best parts of course. All the characters were great in this movie! Superman was awesome, and even though I don’t know alot about him I think I actually want to go back and look at other superman things now! The poor guy in this movie couldn’t catch a break, but he was good in this movie!

Wonder Woman was the same way! I know a bit more about Wonder Woman then the other DC characters and I’m pretty satisfied by this Wonder Woman incarnation! I mean I could nitpick about how the actress isn’t an Amazon woman, or say she isn’t muscular or tall enough but that’s OK with me for the most part. Sure I wish they would cast her more accurately,  but this actress did well! She finally got into a movie, and she kicked butt!

The cameo’s for the other characters were the absolute best! I’m excited for the new Aquaman and The Flash especially. I admit I do have a slight bias because I love both those actors, but I think they will add something to the two characters for sure! I also really loved the new Lex Luther in this movie! He was delightfully off his rocker and a fun villain to watch!

The only character I definitely have very slight complaints about though is Batman. Not the actor or anything, but the way Batman was written for this movie. I know Batman is a more cold individual, but I’ve never heard of him branding anyone. I think it’s a bit overly callous even for Batman. It was still pretty interesting but I feel like because of how cold Batman was for most of the movie, it made him very unsympathetic. Other then that though, I loved the characters in this movie and I think they were written and designed very well!

CGI Filming and Character Design: 

The special effects in this movie are great, I’m going to start right there because it’s another one of the movies best points. The special effects are just amazing, and my personal favorite was Superman’s laser vision. They looked so cool and I loved them alot. The cool thing about this movie even though it had amazing CGI and was filmed well, it doesn’t carry the entire movie like say your typical Michael Bay film. The characters were also designed well, as I said before but Aquaman takes the cake in that area. He has a completely new look, and honestly? It’s better then the original.


The music in this movie is also really good! It’s epic and perfect for this type of movie. My favorite music was the one that appeared in all the Lex scenes. When the soundtrack is released my top priority is getting that one for sure. The other soundtracks were good as well. Again, this isn’t what carries the movie but it only adds to how great it is and gives it it’s own unique flair! I enjoyed it alot!


The acting in this movie was really well done! I especially like the way it was acted during the parts where characters were afraid, the nightmare sequences in particular. They weren’t a huge deal, but I really liked them. I think the acting for Lex Luther really took the cake though. He was believable as being a completely batshit crazy guy. He made himself absolutely horrifying and pretty much threw himself into it! I don’t really have any complaints about the acting either.


Overall this movie deserves a 4.5 out of 5 stars. If DC wants to catch up to Marvel, then they’re doing it right. I enjoyed this movie just as much as I do going to see Marvel films, and in some ways I enjoy them even more then Marvel films! DC is definitely catching up to them fast and because of that, I think we’re going to be seeing some great films in the next few years from both Marvel and now DC alike!

Thank you for reading my review! If you liked it feel free to leave feedback or leave a request for something you would like to see me review in the comments! If I’ve seen it, I might do it! I’m going to get back to reviewing the Winter Anime soon though, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hakkei Review


So here’s something kind of uncommon for me to watch. This show is actually the first Mecha Anime I’ve ever decided to watch. Based on what I’ve seen so far alot of people actually don’t like this show! I think I have a more balanced opinion though and honestly? People have been a bit overly harsh on it. Here’s my take on it!


The biggest flaw of this anime does lie in it’s story, but it isn’t as bad as alot of people would lead you to believe. It does move unnecessarily fast at times and can be more silly then desired, considering the plot is actually kind of serious in tone once you get into it. It is a crime show after all, and a show like that should have more serious moments then silly ones. Without context alot of it’s dialogue seems absolutely silly but it’s something you have to watch in full to understand. Mythos is the most confusing aspect of the show but to be fair, the show is getting a second season so it might explain itself in the next season and be less confusing.

It’s earlier episodes are the most irritating since there is some filler involved but once you get past that point, it can actually pretty cool! At times this show can be pretty anti climatic, overly ridiculous, and is a bit complex for it’s more fast paced nature, but if you can look past it, it’s actually really nice and worth taking a look at!


Easily the best part of the show. These characters are awesome and well designed as well. The one thing that makes this anime better is how well developed they are. A few of the episodes just focus on their individual development and insecurities. It’s extremely clever and worthy of praise. It’s even more cool to watch when the issues the police force responds to corresponds with the issues they are going through. The development for the characters is handled very well and I absolutely loved it! I wish more of the winter anime for this year developed their characters this well! I have no complaints other then the fact that my favorite Kyoukai wasn’t shown as much. My only request is that they show him more this next season!

Art and Animation: 

The animation can sometimes be a little stiff and awkward on this show but it isn’t terribly noticeable. Most of the animation has very nice flow especially during the battle scenes. The animation on this show is good but the art is even better. I really love the colors, especially on the eyes of the characters. It’s style is very sleek and flows very nicely with the tone of the show. I have no complaints about it really.


I loved the opening of the show, and I found myself singing along whenever it came on. The ending was a little less catchy but enjoyable regardless! The background music and the openings and ending fit the show very well! They’re cheerful when they should be and I really enjoyed it! I don’t have any complaints about it.


The voices in the show are all familiar to me, well most of them anyway! I loved alot of the voices, and the more emotional bits were handled extremely well. Again, this area was done very well too, and all the voice actors did a very good job, even for the minor characters! I wish dubs were handled that well to be honest.


Overall I’m going to give this anime 4 out of 5 stars. People are way to mean to this show! There really isn’t much wrong with it, and it was actually significantly better then most of the shows that aired this winter if I’m being honest with myself. I’m extremely excited for the next season. I think if the second part takes it a little slower, and does filler stuff just a tad less, they’ll be sure to get a higher rating next time!

Thank you for reading my review! Feel free to leave feedback, it’s always appreciated! If you want me to review something feel free to request it as well! It seems I’ve been doing these reviews daily lately, heh. There will probably be alot more reviews lately, since alot of shows are ending in quick succession as of late. I might also be going to the movies this weekend to see Batman vs Superman so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well!

Prince Of Stride Review


Yet another winter anime has finished it’s 12 episode run! I watched it because of how reminiscent it was to Free to be honest. I will admit I did like that swimming anime and I think the fandom is still active to this day, even though the anime finished awhile ago. This Anime is actually alot different compared to Free in quite a few ways so if your going to watch it, try not to compare the two. Even though I was attracted to this because of its similarities, it should be judged in it’s own right. Without any further ado, lets get right into our review!


This plot flows very nicely but it lacks balance at times. This show is mostly very high energy so for this type of show, the emotions should be running a little higher to. It doesn’t need to be dramatic all the time, but the moments that are supposed to be more emotional fall very flat most of the time. When one of the new characters joins the Stride Club, it is done pretty well but when we see a glimpse of the main character’s past and insecurities, I felt like it was done in a much more awkward cold hearted way and he gets over it a little to fast for it to feel realistic.

This show has a good balance of awesome high strung moments but during the scenes with the characters bonding and such, I feel like it should have been more emotional and more character development should have been involved. The show is very selective in who it develops, probably because of the short length of the show. Honestly though? This show would have worked better as a 24 episode show.

Alot of different characters and teams are introduced in this show. I wanted to know alot about all the characters because I was honestly interested in getting to know all of them! Though this show has alot of awesome scenes when it comes to the racing the characters do, I feel like it really failed as a visual novel adaptation. It isn’t emotional enough to be one, and had I not done any research I would have sworn up and down it was just a sports anime. The ending was also super anti climatic in my opinion.

Despite that though, if you judge this anime for what it is, it’s still pretty good! It has some pretty funny moments, and the plot despite not focusing as much on the more emotional stuff and the bonding between characters it’s still pretty enjoyable to watch!


This show has some great characters, even it’s supporting cast is interesting. I loved getting to know the Honan Stride Club, and even all the other teams from different schools! They all have pretty nice designs and I like the colors and how each team has a different sort of scheme going for them. Again though, despite how cool the characters are alot of them aren’t really developed enough. With some they show you a bit of their past and such but mostly, your kept mostly in the dark about them. It’s pretty disappointing to me because they set them up very well!

I just wish the characters had more depth as all but other then that this show offers a nice cast! Maybe they’ll make a season 2 of this show or something, but the underdevelopment in some areas is a flaw this show definitely has.

Art And Animation: 

Ah another high point of the show! Though considering Madhouse was involved in it, I’m not at all surprised. The animation is amazing especially for all the running scenes. The art style is also really nice. The colors aren’t as in in your face, and even though I prefer more colorful styles of animation I love the one in Prince Of Stride! It truly is really nice to look at and I have no complaints about it whatsoever.


Yet another enjoyable aspect of this show. The opening of this show is AWESOME. I loved it and if I ever take up running that song will be on the playlist for whenever I do it. It’s high strung, in your face and prepares you for the show well! The ending is a nice song though but it doesn’t hold a candle to the opening, probably because it’s way more laid back.

The background music is just as good. It fits incredibly well for the mood and I absolutely loved it. I’d recommend the anime just for it’s music and art style to be honest, it’s that good. Again no complaints in that area either.


The voice actors in this show also do good work. Sometimes I wish they were more emotional in certain moments. Sometimes in this show the actors are more emotional in moments where I feel they shouldn’t be. Most of the time though the acting is done really well and I enjoyed it. I didn’t recognize alot of the voice actors but I hope I get to hear them in other things soon, they were really nice!


This Anime is a pretty good, I’m giving it a 3.6 out of 5 stars. It has a few annoying things about it most notably the fact that it was adapted off of a visual novel, and isn’t even like one at all. I never played the visual novel but this show by itself is an overall pretty nice show. If you like the sports type of Anime’s, then you will enjoy this since it is a very good quality show, but there is definitely better out there.

Thank you for reading my review! If you enjoyed it, feel free to leave feedback! If you want me to review something, feel free to request it! If I’ve seen it I might review it! A few more Winter season anime’s are coming to an end, so expect more reviews soon!

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Review


Ah one of the anime’s for this season finished! This one was shorter but the average length episode wise. So what did I think of this show? It is quite a ride and interesting to say the least.


This anime is a fantasy RPG sort of thing. It’s pretty average in that regard and yet very unique in other ways. It’s a comedy show and it delivers in that regard…for the most part. A few elements of this show are a  little annoying to me, since this anime isn’t exactly my cup of tea. The plot though is pretty good. It was short, but moved in a very concise way and got to the point very well! Regarding the way it moved it was pretty much perfect and did well with what it had.

However it’s sense of humor can honestly be extremely mean spirited which can be a bit of an annoyance. I don’t mind mean spirited humor, it can be funny sometimes but I honestly feel bad for the main character most of the time. Most of the show is the other 3 annoying the poor guy and yet later on they reveal he enjoys their company even though he barely showed an inkling of it before. It felt really sudden to me and kind of irritated me.

Other then that though the plot is a Fantasy RPG world with alot of cute twists and interesting unexpected things. It has issues and I wish it were a bit more serious, but for what it is, it was unique and pretty funny!


In my opinion the characters are a huge part of the issues in this show. In my opinion they are extremely underdeveloped. Sure for the most part they were fun to watch but it feels like the writer decided. Here, we’ll give them one massive weird or negative personality trait! That gets us a developed character! Even though this is a comedy anime, I do still like it when my characters have more depth to them but in my opinion the characters on this show can be narrowed down to three traits or less.

There are also characters that are honestly just there for fanservice. Granted alot of this show has that type of humor in it, but again fanservice to me is immensely obnoxious unless the show itself has more depth. Otherwise it’s just irritating and shows how little work was put into the show and it’s characters. Despite this though, the characters are well designed and my favorite one was actually Wiz. She was really an adorable character and acted like a counterweight to Aqua (who I hated). I also really liked Megumin, she was the most fun main character other then the main one.

Art And Animation: 

The Art and Animation in this show is good! It movies fluidly and some of the facial expressions drawn in this show are meme material. It is really aesthetically pleasing to look at but the colors in this show strike me as being very…meh. I’m not sure why but this particular style of art irks me. I looked at what the book is drawn like and the anime and book aren’t even remotely similar to each other.

I honestly would have preferred something that looks closer to the art style it was drawn in. This is a bit nitpicky but whenever there was any fanservice involving breast bouncing, I cringed. Normally I don’t mind but for some reason in this anime I really didn’t like the way that looked.


The music in this show is also nice! The Opening was really catchy and fit the tone and prepares the viewer pretty well for a very peppy more cheerful show. The ending I didn’t enjoy as much but it fit the shows tone regardless. The background soundtrack was also really nice and my favorite out of all of them was definitely Megumin’s theme~. I don’t really see any flaws with the soundtrack here!


All the voices were fine in my opinion. If you look into it, alot of them were in alot of popular shows that aired before. The one voice I absolutely hated hearing though was Aqua, especially when she was whining or crying. I really disliked Aqua to begin with and her voice did not help at all. The most ironic thing about it though? Her voice is actually the same one as Touka, one of my favorite characters in Tokyo Ghoul! Who knew huh? Other then that though, that’s really all I have to say on the subject.


Despite everything, I’m going to give this anime a 3.8 out of 5 stars. Overall this was a pretty good show and I don’t want to be to picky. It wasn’t completely my cup of tea but I still will watch the second season when it comes out. I am honestly a little curious about what will happen next and what antics they will get into next. If you like Fantasy RPG’s and Comedies this one should definitely be on your list of things to watch. Thank you for reading my review! Please leave feedback and if you’d like leave a comment!

On a side note though, sorry I didn’t publish this sooner! I intended to but stuff came up and I winded up not writing it for awhile. I do want to post more than once a week and tomorrow, I’ll see if I can write the Prince Of Stride Anime Review in a much more timely fashion! I hope your all looking forward to it!


Shows I’ll Watch For Spring

With Spring Season coming around the corner, I decided to choose what I was going to watch for Spring Anime season and boy do I have quite the list on my hands. Not only am I going to watch the next season of Outlander (who else is excited for that?) but I’m going to be watching a shitload of anime on top of that. I’m looking forward to it though! I found some gems for Spring!

  • Boku No Hero Academia
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Endride
  • Flying Witch
  • Gyakuten Saiban: Sono “Shinjitsu”, Igi Ari!
  • Hakuouki: Otogisoushi
  • Kiznaiver
  • Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
  • Kuma Miko
  • Mayoiga
  • Onigiri
  • Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
  • Sakamoto Desu Ka
  • Show By Rock 2nd Season
  • Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge
  • Uchuu Patrol Luluco
  • Unhappy♪
  • Maybe the next Sailor Moon IDK I didn’t like the first season, I should just watch the original.

Needless to say it’s going to be a very busy Spring season! That and of course Outlander comes back, and I look forward to that quite alot! I have to make time to read the 2nd book before that comes out. I should also mention that for Spring season I’m going to choose one show that I’ll talk about each episode on here as it airs. An episodic analysis basically. I think for that, that show will be Bungou Stray Dogs! Looking forward to doing that!

There will also be another review this week if I have time! One of the winter anime’s I’m watching is ending so be sure to look out for that! Feel free to leave comments on this post as well if you want, I’d love to see what you guys are watching!

Self Insert Characters Are OK And Other Unpopular Roleplay Opinions

Wow…it’s been a little since I posted huh? Sorry guys! I intended to make a new post sooner than this. It was originally going to be on Tuesday actually, but things have been keeping me busy! Today however I’m going to air out one of my more unpopular opinions. I have alot of those these days, and I figured I’ll make a post on it. So here we go, keep an open mind. Who knows, maybe you’ll change your mind.


Opinion 1: Self Inserts Are Fine And Actually Kind Of Cool

I actually roleplay as a self insert. It’s fun for me honestly and I don’t feel there is anything wrong with it. Granted self inserts can be annoying. It depends on how their written. Self inserts should not be bland, like any good character they should have depth, like you as a person! For me, I did something a little different with the whole self insert thing and it has served me very well!

I made my personality like myself and even took a personality type quiz. Because of that, I’ve actually learned a little bit more about myself. I also get alot of stress relief from using my self insert. When you RP you can do alot of cool stuff you wouldn’t normally do in real life. Like fight scenes, or interacting with characters you really like! I would actually encourage other people to do it. It’s all harmless fun and the roleplay community idea should honestly kill the idea that it’s bad.

Opinion 2: OC’s Are Great and Should be Treated With Respect 

Similar to my first opinion but also not so much. The RP community has gotten better with this but it still needs work. The roleplay community is very hostile towards OC blogs. I find this extremely ironic because if you think about it, all canon characters are OC’s. OC just stands for original character. So every canon character is someone’s original character! When you are rude towards original characters and exclusionary towards them, not only is that disrespectful towards them but creators as a whole.

You could also be discouraging potential creators of new books, TV shows and stories! For all you know the person who is writing this OC might want to use them someday for a project of theirs! They could be the next big Author! Yes, help an OC creator if they aren’t developed and don’t RP with people you feel uncomfortable with Rping, but please at least be respectful and helpful about it.

Opinion 3: Multimuse blogs are great, I love them. 

Another type of blog that the RP community turns their noses up at for some unknown reason. I’ve heard people say they do that because they think that multiverse blogs are unreliable with replies. This isn’t true though and single muse blogs can be just as unreliable. It all depends on whoever’s running the blog and how much time they have. Multicharacter blogs tend to actually have alot of effort put into them, especially regarding the theme and it’s format. It’s alot harder to manage alot of muses and I always love finding multimuse blogs! It’s like stumbling upon a treasure and when it’s characters you like that are played well? It’s amazing!

You know basically, we should just treat every Rper equally and be accepting towards new ideas. Don’t just turn your nose up when you read a blog is multimuse or an OC! Read it, look at it! You might find something you like, or meet someone that could become a lifelong friend! That’s what I’ve learned in my years of Rping~. Thank you for reading my post, feel free to leave a like or comment! Hopefully though, I’ll be able to make another post before this week ends!