Made An Important Decision Today

Today, I decided something again. Not really something about the posting schedule but regarding my…identity I suppose.

My original plan for connecting to Tumblr was that I would make an entirely new blog for this WordPress. I wanted to look a bit more professional and such, but I decided that I should actually connect the Tumblr I’ve always had. Change the url on my wordpress to the one I’ve always used online. I’ve already established a presence under that name and actually have 126 followers right now on Tumblr alone.

I was never really trying to hide my other blog to begin with, just separate my identity into two parts. At first I thought showing my more playful geeky side that gets all dorky over anime and stuff, might not be the best idea. I’ve thought about it though and I’ve decided it would be better to just show it out in the open! It’s a part of me and a part of my life after all.

For alot of my life I’ve been kind of shy and awkward. I feel like I always have to hide certain aspects of myself, keep alot of my opinions to myself but over the weekend I decided I don’t want to be timid and scared of other people’s reactions anymore. So this blog is going to go through a few changes! A url change, color scheme change and a few edits to the About Page!

And of course, if you read these personal posts of mine than thank you. It means alot to me that people like to hear me just talk about life and my feelings and all that stuff. I hope you all enjoy the small changes that are to come! I have grown as a person in this last weekend and have been thinking about alot of things, and it’s time for a change in attitude! Out with the old, in with the new!




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