Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu Review


Been awhile since I reviewed something huh? Since this finished recently though, I figured I should review it! If I remember correctly, this is the first yaoi anime I ever watched. Technically this could be one OVA because each episode is only about 7 minutes and there are only 4 episodes. Either way though, for my first yaoi anime, what did I think? I’ll get right into it!


Though it would have been nice if this was a little longer, for the time this show has it does well. It doesn’t mess around, and gets right to the point quickly. It also explains it’s world on a need to know basis and while it isn’t terribly extensive, that’s fine in my opinion. It’s pretty much just the modern world but magic exists. Watching their romance develop was really nice. They spend alot of time talking to each other and developing an emotional bond which I thought was really nice!

It’s mood is also very stable and the character’s emotions go from place to place in a very steady and plausible manner. The way the characters are is well explained as well and one of the characters in particular has a very relatable backstory, at least to me. Overall this show has a nice story going for it! A cool universe, good pacing and characters that you want to see develop.


Speaking of the character’s they’re pretty great as well! The supporting character’s aren’t a big deal and don’t do much but move the plot along. However, I love the guy who ran the bar. He barely had any lines but he was great. He struck me as a matchmaker for the two main characters. Maybe that was what the show actually intended, but either way that’s how it came off.

As for the main characters, I think Kashima is a great character. To me, he was a very relatable character. Sometimes I feel like people only like me because of a few traits as opposed to me as a whole, and I’m the workaholic type as well, and I empathized extremely well with him. The other boy,Toyohi is also super cute! He is so sweet towards Kashima and they are definitely a cute couple.

The only thing I have to complain about is how quickly Kashima gets over his issues. With all the insecurity he was feeling, I feel like what Toyohi said only would have worked in that moment. It was a issue from his childhood after all and I don’t think a brief pep talk would have fixed all his insecurities in one go. Granted, you can just imagine that the last scene is a huge flash forward to years later. Still though, it all feels very sudden.

Art and Animation: 

The art is nice! It’s well colored and a more unique style compared to what you would normally see in anime. It’s a different very attention grabbing style in my opinion and at times, it actually reminds me a bit of Madoka Magica. It also conveys alot emotionally which is really nice to see. I also really liked the outfits in the show and the way the character’s were drawn! They look very pretty!

On the other hand though, the animation is kind of stiff. To be fair to the show, I think it looks stiff so that it looks like a comic. Regardless of that though, it can still be a bit awkward to watch and for some, even annoying. I’m on the “It was a little awkward but I don’t care to much” side of the fence.


The opening of this show was nice and pretty! It fit the tone of a romance anime very nicely though all the music in the show including the opening isn’t very memorable. To be honest, I had to go back and look again to remember how it sounded before writing this. It doesn’t really make it bad exactly, just very plain. That’s really all there is to say.


All the voices were well done! Even the supporting characters were casted well if you ask me! For this though, I’ll focus on the two main characters. Kashima was played by Yuuki Ono. I’ve only heard his work once before this but in this show he did a great job! Toyohi on the other hand, was done by Yoshiro Taku. It turns out, he’s new to the whole anime voice acting square! For one of first works, he did a great job! Both of them did, especially in the more emotional department. I look forward to seeing more of Yoshiro’s work, since he’s going to appear in alot of the Anime’s airing for Spring season.


Overall, I’m giving this show an 4 out of 5 stars. It was a nice and very sweet love story. Yes it was a bit to simplistic and short, but to me it was very charming and sweet. If you’ve never seen a yaoi, I would still recommend it. Thank you for reading my review! If you enjoyed it leave feedback and feel free to request something! If I’ve seen it I might be able to do it!


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