So…My Grandmother Got Into Anime

So we recently got Hulu and as you all probably know, Hulu has a shitload of anime on it. If you know me well, you’ll know that’s pretty much my personal heaven. Along with that though, something I didn’t expect happened. My Grandmother was looking through what they had on Hulu and found the anime section. She has watched Anime with me before, a few movies and Uta No Prince Sama come to mind.

She didn’t know that there were so many. She scrolled through the entire list of anime that they had looking surprised. I didn’t think she would actually look though. There were a bunch of other shows that weren’t anime on Hulu. She seemed interested in those and I figured she was just looking and trying to see if I had seen them, because she kept asking me if I saw that one, or that one etc etc.

Oh how wrong I was.

When I looked again the queue was pretty much of Anime. I was surprised needless to say and when I went to see her later she was actually watching one. Now it’s pretty much a regular occurrence to watch it with her at night. I’ve seen more romantic comedies and Sci Fi Anime then I have ever seen in my entire life thanks to that. My Grandmother has watched a bunch based on Otome Games and so far her favorites were Special A and Hiiro No Kakera. I don’t know about Special A, but I watched Hiiro No Kakera yesterday and it was awesome, like she promised. It’s really great that she likes Anime. Yesterday we had a two hour discussion on one character and it’s really nice.

My parents don’t really watch anime and my sister doesn’t like it very much. It’s very nice to have something we can have long winded nerdy discussions about. She even started recommending me stuff.  That’s pretty much it. Basically my Grandma likes Anime alot now and it’s really awesome. Thanks alot Hulu, haha.

Of course you can take some educational value from it too! Try to show your Grandparents new things if you feel they’d be open to it! Who knows maybe something cool will happen from it. It certainly did for me! Sometimes even though Grandparents can be a bit closed minded and stuck  in their own era,  it doesn’t mean they can’t be open minded and accepting to things they aren’t familiar with. You’ll only know if you try!

Hope you enjoyed reading my little somewhat educational story! Feel free leaving a comment and telling your own experiences of getting family members into Anime, if you have any!


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