Self Insert Characters Are OK And Other Unpopular Roleplay Opinions

Wow…it’s been a little since I posted huh? Sorry guys! I intended to make a new post sooner than this. It was originally going to be on Tuesday actually, but things have been keeping me busy! Today however I’m going to air out one of my more unpopular opinions. I have alot of those these days, and I figured I’ll make a post on it. So here we go, keep an open mind. Who knows, maybe you’ll change your mind.


Opinion 1: Self Inserts Are Fine And Actually Kind Of Cool

I actually roleplay as a self insert. It’s fun for me honestly and I don’t feel there is anything wrong with it. Granted self inserts can be annoying. It depends on how their written. Self inserts should not be bland, like any good character they should have depth, like you as a person! For me, I did something a little different with the whole self insert thing and it has served me very well!

I made my personality like myself and even took a personality type quiz. Because of that, I’ve actually learned a little bit more about myself. I also get alot of stress relief from using my self insert. When you RP you can do alot of cool stuff you wouldn’t normally do in real life. Like fight scenes, or interacting with characters you really like! I would actually encourage other people to do it. It’s all harmless fun and the roleplay community idea should honestly kill the idea that it’s bad.

Opinion 2: OC’s Are Great and Should be Treated With Respect 

Similar to my first opinion but also not so much. The RP community has gotten better with this but it still needs work. The roleplay community is very hostile towards OC blogs. I find this extremely ironic because if you think about it, all canon characters are OC’s. OC just stands for original character. So every canon character is someone’s original character! When you are rude towards original characters and exclusionary towards them, not only is that disrespectful towards them but creators as a whole.

You could also be discouraging potential creators of new books, TV shows and stories! For all you know the person who is writing this OC might want to use them someday for a project of theirs! They could be the next big Author! Yes, help an OC creator if they aren’t developed and don’t RP with people you feel uncomfortable with Rping, but please at least be respectful and helpful about it.

Opinion 3: Multimuse blogs are great, I love them. 

Another type of blog that the RP community turns their noses up at for some unknown reason. I’ve heard people say they do that because they think that multiverse blogs are unreliable with replies. This isn’t true though and single muse blogs can be just as unreliable. It all depends on whoever’s running the blog and how much time they have. Multicharacter blogs tend to actually have alot of effort put into them, especially regarding the theme and it’s format. It’s alot harder to manage alot of muses and I always love finding multimuse blogs! It’s like stumbling upon a treasure and when it’s characters you like that are played well? It’s amazing!

You know basically, we should just treat every Rper equally and be accepting towards new ideas. Don’t just turn your nose up when you read a blog is multimuse or an OC! Read it, look at it! You might find something you like, or meet someone that could become a lifelong friend! That’s what I’ve learned in my years of Rping~. Thank you for reading my post, feel free to leave a like or comment! Hopefully though, I’ll be able to make another post before this week ends!


2 thoughts on “Self Insert Characters Are OK And Other Unpopular Roleplay Opinions”

  1. I’m a chronic self insert role player myself 😊
    But I only do it with my boyfriend because he’s the only one who’s accepting about it.


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