Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Review


Ah one of the anime’s for this season finished! This one was shorter but the average length episode wise. So what did I think of this show? It is quite a ride and interesting to say the least.


This anime is a fantasy RPG sort of thing. It’s pretty average in that regard and yet very unique in other ways. It’s a comedy show and it delivers in that regard…for the most part. A few elements of this show are a  little annoying to me, since this anime isn’t exactly my cup of tea. The plot though is pretty good. It was short, but moved in a very concise way and got to the point very well! Regarding the way it moved it was pretty much perfect and did well with what it had.

However it’s sense of humor can honestly be extremely mean spirited which can be a bit of an annoyance. I don’t mind mean spirited humor, it can be funny sometimes but I honestly feel bad for the main character most of the time. Most of the show is the other 3 annoying the poor guy and yet later on they reveal he enjoys their company even though he barely showed an inkling of it before. It felt really sudden to me and kind of irritated me.

Other then that though the plot is a Fantasy RPG world with alot of cute twists and interesting unexpected things. It has issues and I wish it were a bit more serious, but for what it is, it was unique and pretty funny!


In my opinion the characters are a huge part of the issues in this show. In my opinion they are extremely underdeveloped. Sure for the most part they were fun to watch but it feels like the writer decided. Here, we’ll give them one massive weird or negative personality trait! That gets us a developed character! Even though this is a comedy anime, I do still like it when my characters have more depth to them but in my opinion the characters on this show can be narrowed down to three traits or less.

There are also characters that are honestly just there for fanservice. Granted alot of this show has that type of humor in it, but again fanservice to me is immensely obnoxious unless the show itself has more depth. Otherwise it’s just irritating and shows how little work was put into the show and it’s characters. Despite this though, the characters are well designed and my favorite one was actually Wiz. She was really an adorable character and acted like a counterweight to Aqua (who I hated). I also really liked Megumin, she was the most fun main character other then the main one.

Art And Animation: 

The Art and Animation in this show is good! It movies fluidly and some of the facial expressions drawn in this show are meme material. It is really aesthetically pleasing to look at but the colors in this show strike me as being very…meh. I’m not sure why but this particular style of art irks me. I looked at what the book is drawn like and the anime and book aren’t even remotely similar to each other.

I honestly would have preferred something that looks closer to the art style it was drawn in. This is a bit nitpicky but whenever there was any fanservice involving breast bouncing, I cringed. Normally I don’t mind but for some reason in this anime I really didn’t like the way that looked.


The music in this show is also nice! The Opening was really catchy and fit the tone and prepares the viewer pretty well for a very peppy more cheerful show. The ending I didn’t enjoy as much but it fit the shows tone regardless. The background soundtrack was also really nice and my favorite out of all of them was definitely Megumin’s theme~. I don’t really see any flaws with the soundtrack here!


All the voices were fine in my opinion. If you look into it, alot of them were in alot of popular shows that aired before. The one voice I absolutely hated hearing though was Aqua, especially when she was whining or crying. I really disliked Aqua to begin with and her voice did not help at all. The most ironic thing about it though? Her voice is actually the same one as Touka, one of my favorite characters in Tokyo Ghoul! Who knew huh? Other then that though, that’s really all I have to say on the subject.


Despite everything, I’m going to give this anime a 3.8 out of 5 stars. Overall this was a pretty good show and I don’t want to be to picky. It wasn’t completely my cup of tea but I still will watch the second season when it comes out. I am honestly a little curious about what will happen next and what antics they will get into next. If you like Fantasy RPG’s and Comedies this one should definitely be on your list of things to watch. Thank you for reading my review! Please leave feedback and if you’d like leave a comment!

On a side note though, sorry I didn’t publish this sooner! I intended to but stuff came up and I winded up not writing it for awhile. I do want to post more than once a week and tomorrow, I’ll see if I can write the Prince Of Stride Anime Review in a much more timely fashion! I hope your all looking forward to it!



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