Prince Of Stride Review


Yet another winter anime has finished it’s 12 episode run! I watched it because of how reminiscent it was to Free to be honest. I will admit I did like that swimming anime and I think the fandom is still active to this day, even though the anime finished awhile ago. This Anime is actually alot different compared to Free in quite a few ways so if your going to watch it, try not to compare the two. Even though I was attracted to this because of its similarities, it should be judged in it’s own right. Without any further ado, lets get right into our review!


This plot flows very nicely but it lacks balance at times. This show is mostly very high energy so for this type of show, the emotions should be running a little higher to. It doesn’t need to be dramatic all the time, but the moments that are supposed to be more emotional fall very flat most of the time. When one of the new characters joins the Stride Club, it is done pretty well but when we see a glimpse of the main character’s past and insecurities, I felt like it was done in a much more awkward cold hearted way and he gets over it a little to fast for it to feel realistic.

This show has a good balance of awesome high strung moments but during the scenes with the characters bonding and such, I feel like it should have been more emotional and more character development should have been involved. The show is very selective in who it develops, probably because of the short length of the show. Honestly though? This show would have worked better as a 24 episode show.

Alot of different characters and teams are introduced in this show. I wanted to know alot about all the characters because I was honestly interested in getting to know all of them! Though this show has alot of awesome scenes when it comes to the racing the characters do, I feel like it really failed as a visual novel adaptation. It isn’t emotional enough to be one, and had I not done any research I would have sworn up and down it was just a sports anime. The ending was also super anti climatic in my opinion.

Despite that though, if you judge this anime for what it is, it’s still pretty good! It has some pretty funny moments, and the plot despite not focusing as much on the more emotional stuff and the bonding between characters it’s still pretty enjoyable to watch!


This show has some great characters, even it’s supporting cast is interesting. I loved getting to know the Honan Stride Club, and even all the other teams from different schools! They all have pretty nice designs and I like the colors and how each team has a different sort of scheme going for them. Again though, despite how cool the characters are alot of them aren’t really developed enough. With some they show you a bit of their past and such but mostly, your kept mostly in the dark about them. It’s pretty disappointing to me because they set them up very well!

I just wish the characters had more depth as all but other then that this show offers a nice cast! Maybe they’ll make a season 2 of this show or something, but the underdevelopment in some areas is a flaw this show definitely has.

Art And Animation: 

Ah another high point of the show! Though considering Madhouse was involved in it, I’m not at all surprised. The animation is amazing especially for all the running scenes. The art style is also really nice. The colors aren’t as in in your face, and even though I prefer more colorful styles of animation I love the one in Prince Of Stride! It truly is really nice to look at and I have no complaints about it whatsoever.


Yet another enjoyable aspect of this show. The opening of this show is AWESOME. I loved it and if I ever take up running that song will be on the playlist for whenever I do it. It’s high strung, in your face and prepares you for the show well! The ending is a nice song though but it doesn’t hold a candle to the opening, probably because it’s way more laid back.

The background music is just as good. It fits incredibly well for the mood and I absolutely loved it. I’d recommend the anime just for it’s music and art style to be honest, it’s that good. Again no complaints in that area either.


The voice actors in this show also do good work. Sometimes I wish they were more emotional in certain moments. Sometimes in this show the actors are more emotional in moments where I feel they shouldn’t be. Most of the time though the acting is done really well and I enjoyed it. I didn’t recognize alot of the voice actors but I hope I get to hear them in other things soon, they were really nice!


This Anime is a pretty good, I’m giving it a 3.6 out of 5 stars. It has a few annoying things about it most notably the fact that it was adapted off of a visual novel, and isn’t even like one at all. I never played the visual novel but this show by itself is an overall pretty nice show. If you like the sports type of Anime’s, then you will enjoy this since it is a very good quality show, but there is definitely better out there.

Thank you for reading my review! If you enjoyed it, feel free to leave feedback! If you want me to review something, feel free to request it! If I’ve seen it I might review it! A few more Winter season anime’s are coming to an end, so expect more reviews soon!


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