Superman Vs Batman Review


Happy Monday everyone! Though it probably isn’t a very happy Monday for most of you, I hope maybe this will brighten up your day! Today we’ll be taking a bit of a break from Anime reviews for the newest superhero movie that’s all the rage now, Batman vs Superman! I’ve always been a Marvel person and don’t know much about DC things at all. Despite that though this movie definitely got my attention. I’ve seen it get alot of negative reviews, much like the last series I reviewed that is known as Active Raid. Going with my last theme though, is it as bad as it seems? Lets find out!


I think this movie isn’t meant for people who don’t know much about DC. There were a few moments mostly in the first half that confused me alot. The plot did alot of head hopping in the first part. To be fair though, I don’t typically mind skipping between different POV’s alot. Especially with writing, I feel it’s often necessary. With this movie, alot of the POV switching happened a bit suddenly without much warning. It made the first part much more jerky and confusing. If you focus, you should still be able to follow well enough, but that is a flaw this movie does have.

After that though, the pacing smooths out and slows down a little and the tone and pacing is perfect! I was able to follow along a little easier without trying so hard. Plot and pacing aside this movie is really cool! It was amazing at building suspense throughout the movie and when they showed the other character’s trailers? It was great! Overall I really enjoyed this movie plot and thought it was really fun! Everything you’d want out of a superhero movie! Other then it being a little jumbled and such, I don’t have any complaints about it.


The fun part of the movie and one of it’s best parts of course. All the characters were great in this movie! Superman was awesome, and even though I don’t know alot about him I think I actually want to go back and look at other superman things now! The poor guy in this movie couldn’t catch a break, but he was good in this movie!

Wonder Woman was the same way! I know a bit more about Wonder Woman then the other DC characters and I’m pretty satisfied by this Wonder Woman incarnation! I mean I could nitpick about how the actress isn’t an Amazon woman, or say she isn’t muscular or tall enough but that’s OK with me for the most part. Sure I wish they would cast her more accurately,  but this actress did well! She finally got into a movie, and she kicked butt!

The cameo’s for the other characters were the absolute best! I’m excited for the new Aquaman and The Flash especially. I admit I do have a slight bias because I love both those actors, but I think they will add something to the two characters for sure! I also really loved the new Lex Luther in this movie! He was delightfully off his rocker and a fun villain to watch!

The only character I definitely have very slight complaints about though is Batman. Not the actor or anything, but the way Batman was written for this movie. I know Batman is a more cold individual, but I’ve never heard of him branding anyone. I think it’s a bit overly callous even for Batman. It was still pretty interesting but I feel like because of how cold Batman was for most of the movie, it made him very unsympathetic. Other then that though, I loved the characters in this movie and I think they were written and designed very well!

CGI Filming and Character Design: 

The special effects in this movie are great, I’m going to start right there because it’s another one of the movies best points. The special effects are just amazing, and my personal favorite was Superman’s laser vision. They looked so cool and I loved them alot. The cool thing about this movie even though it had amazing CGI and was filmed well, it doesn’t carry the entire movie like say your typical Michael Bay film. The characters were also designed well, as I said before but Aquaman takes the cake in that area. He has a completely new look, and honestly? It’s better then the original.


The music in this movie is also really good! It’s epic and perfect for this type of movie. My favorite music was the one that appeared in all the Lex scenes. When the soundtrack is released my top priority is getting that one for sure. The other soundtracks were good as well. Again, this isn’t what carries the movie but it only adds to how great it is and gives it it’s own unique flair! I enjoyed it alot!


The acting in this movie was really well done! I especially like the way it was acted during the parts where characters were afraid, the nightmare sequences in particular. They weren’t a huge deal, but I really liked them. I think the acting for Lex Luther really took the cake though. He was believable as being a completely batshit crazy guy. He made himself absolutely horrifying and pretty much threw himself into it! I don’t really have any complaints about the acting either.


Overall this movie deserves a 4.5 out of 5 stars. If DC wants to catch up to Marvel, then they’re doing it right. I enjoyed this movie just as much as I do going to see Marvel films, and in some ways I enjoy them even more then Marvel films! DC is definitely catching up to them fast and because of that, I think we’re going to be seeing some great films in the next few years from both Marvel and now DC alike!

Thank you for reading my review! If you liked it feel free to leave feedback or leave a request for something you would like to see me review in the comments! If I’ve seen it, I might do it! I’m going to get back to reviewing the Winter Anime soon though, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!


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