Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 4 Thoughts


I’m back as promised with another Bungou Stray Dogs post! This episode wasn’t as tense as the last one, I feel like it was more of an emotional thing.  We don’t have as much to cover today since a lot of my yelling was done last week but this was also an interesting episode. Sorry, this post is a day late compared to when I normally make this. I lost track of time yesterday when I was working on my original things! It was going really well and I got super into it. Still, though I’m very sorry!

This episode can be summed up for sure in one way. “Poor little Atsushi” is what I’m calling it. I spent most of the episode going “AwwWWWww no poor baby!” Yeah, I know that sounds like an overreaction. If you watched the episode you’re probably nodding ferociously at that. Most of the episode follows him, dwelling on his past and actually wanting to leave the agency so no one gets hurt by the mob they are fighting with. It was really sad to see him feel so unwanted, but on the other hand, Atsushi is absolutely the character the author loves to torment. All of us have authors have one, and for the author of this show? There’s no way it’s anyone else but him.

There was one pretty funny part that was oh so very D-Grey Man. It made me smile like an idiot for sure. Poor Junichiro to. It’s so hard to choose a favorite for this show, a lot of them are so adorable but he’s one of the cutest and most relatable to me! I question that girl..not sure she’s a real doctor :glares at suspiciously:

This episode actually didn’t have a lot of Dazai, there was this one scene with him but it didn’t count towards much. This episode had more Deppo then to him. I was hoping to see more of his backstory. Unfortunately, we didn’t, but still it was nice to see him. It made me smile when he was being sweeter towards Atsushi in the last part. He’s like the rough around the edges cool uncle of the detective agency. I like it a lot and hope to see more of Deppo acting kind of nurturing. It’s really touching. I also hope that some of the characters are gentler with Atsushi. He clearly has some issues and needs to be treated in a gentler fashion.

One last thing, I’m really curious about the girl that Ryuunosuke  is keeping in the cell. The mafia looks pretty powerful with those black demon handlers and that one old guy that can blow things up, but I think she might be a prisoner. I have a feeling Ryuunosuke is trying to use her power to destroy the city or something and she has one of the most powerful abilities.

That’s all I have for this episode! Thank you for reading and again, so sorry for the lateness! I will do my best not to loose track of time of this week! Furthermore, For tommorows post I’m going to be posting something a bit…controversial. Despite that though, enough is enough and things that I’m going to say need to be said no matter what anyone else things.


Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 3 Thoughts


We have a lot of ground to cover today! Again I was a day late and to be honest, thoughts On Bungou Stray Dogs are probably going to be posted on Thursdays. Despite being late, I’m here now and ready to report on this episode and hoo boy do I have a lot to say. This episode pulled a complete Madoka Magica on us. It got dark and bloody and it got dark and bloody QUICK. Not that I’m complaining I did want it to get more serious. I think the show found the balance though because it was silly and cute in this episode as well during the first half.

The first part was cute and funny. Dazai trying to flirt using a suicide bit made me laugh a little harder than it honestly should have.  I’m still forever loving Dazai and Doppo’s relationship. They really are like a dysfunctional husband and wife sort of couple.  I can’t wait to see their backstories still.

In this episode. we were introduced to the lovely Junichirou. I thought he would just be a one episode deal for Atsushi’s entrance test but as it turns out he’s a regular at the detective agency and he is just as adorable as most of the rest cast thus far. He seems like the more subdued calm one and maybe even a bit socially awkward? It’s a little hard to tell and a bit early. One thing I know for sure though is his ability is badass as hell and I loved that whole fight. I honestly thought he was going to die along with his sister and freaked out a bit. They seem to be okay, nice save as always Dazai.

I could do without the whole Naomi is in love with her big brother thing. Maybe I’m reading into it to far, and honestly, it’s more I hope I read too much into it but I really hope they aren’t in love or anything like that. Or that Naomi’s adopted. Junichirou seems to just love her like any older brother would but still. That bugged me a little bit. Still though it was sad to see her get shot.

The fight between Atsushi and Akutagawa was amazing. I think Atsushi might be learning how to control his ability better, which is always good to see. Character development is always fun to see. Akutagawa is a pretty good villain. He is an asshole to the core who literally slaps his subordinates around. He isn’t a vampire like he thought but the cape…has a mind of its own haha. Still wondering why he’s coughing. Maybe overusing his ability is what caused the ailment?

Interesting reveal for Dazai previously being part of that organization. I should have called it but it took me by surprise in all honesty. I called the blonde being on the bad guy team, though. The whole blond one bun look just screams asshole to me in Anime. I’m not quite sure why.

Either way another great episode. The plot thickens and I really did enjoy it! I’m so excited to see episode 4 and I hope you’ll continue to follow me on my journey of internal screams and frantic arm waving. I look forward to this next one immensely, I truly do.

Thanks for reading my post! If you’re still here reading I actually have a small favor to ask of you guys. A few posts ago I put up a short original story. I’m still having trouble getting viewership on it, and I would really appreciate it if you guys took the time to read it. I worked pretty hard on it and it makes me feel really happy when people read my stories. I would also appreciate some reblogs/likes on as well. It would help me a lot!

With that, I bid you guys adieu, for now~♥


Nice Weekend And Dropped Anime

This weekend was really great for me! I did something I haven’t done before that I’m glad I did! The weather was nice on Sunday so I went inside and did my first bike ride of the season. I really like riding my bike and it’s one of my favorite outside activities. Normally  I ride it back and forth in front of my house until I get tired of that, but I ventured out a little further this time.

I rode all around my block on the bike for the first time. Granted I should have done that long ago, but it was really fun. I can’t wait to do it again, especially the downhill part of my block. It goes down pretty steeply making for a really fun experience. Wind blowing through my hair and all. It felt very freeing to me!

I also mentioned that I dropped a few shows for Spring. I didn’t intended to drop so many, but it happened much to my dismay. Here are the ones I dropped.

Dropped Spring 2016 shows: 

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri-Was to similar to Attack On Titan. Not even slightly similiar. I mean SUPER similar. Same studio, same story  same type of main character etc etc. 

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu-I’m really tired of the traveling back in time to save the person I love plot. I’ve see it like 4 times, hell I saw it last season! (Erased) and even though I do like it, this show just really didn’t catch my eye the way I thought it would. 

Onigiri-Boring. That’s really all I can say. It was bland and stupid. 

Hakuouki: Otogisoushi-Didn’t want to drop this one, but I couldn’t find subs anywhere. If anyone knows where I can find it though, I’ll pick it back up.

Might Drop:

Endride-I was interested at first, but it’s getting kind of dull and I was honestly only looking for one of the characters. We’ll see though.

That’s all I have for today! Be sure to look out for my Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 3 thoughts post! Its coming soon! Hope you liked this though~

The Piano Ghost


Another short story based on a prompt from school. I’m pretty proud of how this turned out although it’s a little rushed because I was hurrying to get it done before the due date. I still thought it was sweet and charming! I hope you all enjoy it, I did enjoy writing it regardless! 

I heard the music as I entered the room and turned my head to look at the grand piano. As soon as I did, the haunting melody I had heard stopped leaving nothing but an awkward silence behind. Sighing softly I put a recorder in the room and walked out shutting the door behind me. This was the trickiest ghost haunting I had ever worked on. While I did enjoy a challenge, if only I had known the ghost wouldn’t even show up after three days! I would have prepared myself for it better.

I went back downstairs and sighed looking at the owner of the house. “Sorry, I missed it again.” I sighed after saying that as I watched her face contort into one of anger. Ann was the owner of this house and the person that had hired me. “Are you really the best ghost hunter there is? You’ve been at it for days and you haven’t caught a single ghost!” She huffed and crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow at me. She clearly wasn’t pleased with me.

“It’s not my fault if the ghost won’t show up. I’m doing everything I can and I have made some progress. I’ve narrowed down the paranormal activity to the music room.” As I spoke my voice came out sounding cold and annoyed. I almost felt bad for being so testy with Ann. She had recently lost her husband and was having pretty bad financial trouble lately. It was why I had given her a discount. Despite all that, I really didn’t like the way I was being treated and her bad luck as of late was starting to become a flimsy excuse.

“I don’t see how this ghost business could possibly be in one room of this house! This is such a large house and a very old one at that. I think you should look more carefully.” I internally groaned. “Whatever you say. I have an idea that might get the ghosts to come out if there are any. I think that maybe if the owner of the house leaves, it might make the activity spike. You’ve been in here this whole time so maybe that’s why I’m having trouble. It’s a when the cats are away the mice will play sort of thing.”

Ann kept her arms crossed as she listened to me. She seemed a bit skeptical but after a few tense moments, she sighed. “Alright. We’ll try that but I expect results this time.” With that, she turned and walked out her long dress creating the illusion that she was gliding. As the door shut I sighed heavily for what was most likely the thirteenth time that day. “She really is a pretty girl, to bad she doesn’t have a personality that’s just as nice as her looks.”

The moment the front door shut I heard it again. The sound of piano music was muffled yet clear. I was a bit surprised that Ann leaving had caused that reaction so soon, not that I was complaining. I almost sprinted up the stairs the moment I heard it. I was fed up with this ghost! I didn’t even bother trying to be subtle, I just kicked open the door to the music room. This time, when I turned towards the piano, a man was sitting there. He was dressed in a pretty professional way as if he were going to a recital. His fingers danced across the keys as he played the somewhat solemn melody. It was almost as if they were dancing. Slowly I approached him, getting over my initial shock from hearing the beautiful song. I was honestly a bit angry when I realized who it was. I had expected a random ghost of some kind but I recognized the man. I had seen him in pictures with Ann. This was none other than Ann’s late husband, William.

William reached the end of the song and turned to me. He grinned a bit at me looking composed but content. It was another oddity for ghosts most of them were unaware that they were dead after all. “Thank you for getting my wife out of the house. I’ve been trying to finish this for her for days now, that’s why I was trying to practice at night.” I felt confused at first but as I looked at the sheet of music I realized what he had been doing. He had been writing a parting song for Ann! I definitely felt bad for being so callous now. I smiled and nodded. “It’s not a problem really. Your wife is the one who called I guess it didn’t occur to her it might be you.” He laughed. “Ann was always a bit of an airhead. It was one of her more charming traits, to be honest. I’m sorry if she has been hostile towards you. I know it may not look it, but she really is a sweet girl. That’s why I can’t just leave her without a proper goodbye but I don’t have a lot of time…”

As he spoke to me he became more transparent. My eyes widened as I noticed this. “Oh…is the song finished? If you want I can pass on that paper to her.” He shook his head. “No. I want to be the one to play it for her. Can you please bring that recorder closer to me?” William gestured towards the recorder I had put on the nightstand. Knowing there was no time to waste, I quickly grabbed the recorder and put it near him as he had asked. He put his hands over the keys and nodded. “Thank you…Ann, I’m sorry that I had to pass on so soon. Please just know that I’ll be with you, always and you’ll never be alone and one day, we will see each other again. I love you, Ann, with all my heart. Thank you for being such a big part of my life.”

With that simple yet sweet introduction, he began to play the song. I ignored everything else getting completely absorbed into the song. It was the first time a ghost had ever captivated me in such a way. As the song neared the end and slowed to a stop the barely visible face turned towards me and smiled. Faintly I heard him say one last thing.

“Thank you.”

Delicately, he touched the last key producing one last note. The air in the room became lighter as William’s presence disappeared. I glanced out the window and sighed softly the song still playing over and over in my head. I slowly got up and walked out of the room clutching the recording tightly to my chest. Before I left, I glanced back at the seat by the piano and smiled. “Goodbye, William.” I said softly. “I promise that I will get Ann to listen to this and I won’t charge her at all either.” What I had experienced that day was more valuable then what money could ever offer. I was glad that I had taken on this job and after this experience, I decided to myself that perhaps it would be better if I was a bit less callous.

Life is short after all.

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Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 2 Thoughts


Yet again, I’m a bit late on this. I’m sorry that I was! Again I watched this episode late last night but still I may have enjoyed this episode more than the last one. Still though it was more of the funny side then the serious side. I’m starting to not mind that so much anymore!

Dazai is still interesting and amusing to see as always. I don’t entirely understand why they wrote him with such a big fascination for suicide. The way it’s written I’m not sure if he’s actually suicidal or if we’re not supposed to be taking it seriously at all. This show has a dark sense of humor though and honestly? I like it. I’m leaning more towards Dazai has a tragic past that shall be revealed in the episodes to come. I’m still just as fascinated with the guy as I was during episode one and I love his relationship with Deppo. They pretty much have an old married couple dynamic going for them, and it’s beautiful. Don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I wonder if Dazai is actually gay.

I mean in the first episode he said he wasn’t interested in Atsushi or his type, but he didn’t say he didn’t have any interest in guys as a whole. That would be interesting if he was and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised at all and I know this is hoping for a bit too much, but I honestly hope Dazai and Deppo become a thing. Look, their names even a rhythm, they’re meant to be! In all seriousness, neither will happen most likely. These type of shows like to tease a possible relationship instead of actually doing it. It’s a bit exasperating to see that formula happening over and over, but I’m used to it now, so it doesn’t bug me as much as it did before.

Also, I’m really surprised the Tumblr SJW Keyboard warriors haven’t gotten their knickers in a twist over Dazai yet. If you’ve been on Tumblr for awhile you’ll know that they tend to get offended over every tiny thing. I’m not complaining that they haven’t yet (In fact keep them as far away from me as possible). I’m just surprised as all.

This episode completely got me to be honest. With the whole bombing plot, I genuinely thought something terrible was going to happen and kind of just sat and watched nervously the whole time. The moment they started using Atsushi as a distraction I laughed like an idiot, not going to lie. Especially the whole “If you die your really dead” line. His face and the tone that was delivered in was gold. I laughed pretty hard when I realized it was a test to. Poor Atsushi, he has such a dysfunctional new family haha.

The boss character surprised me a bit. When I first saw him I thought he would a be the villain. Either way, he’s pretty interesting too. The last scene is what really caught my attention. Is the villain Dracula? I mean look at the black cape. He looks pretty vampire like so I’m wondering if they will be fighting vampires. I’m a huge vampire nerd so I wouldn’t mind that at all, bring it on!

Also the whole everyone with powers is messed up thing? I’m not sure what they mean by that but I have a huge suspicion that’s going to come into the picture in a big way. Maybe in some big dramatic plot twist. Like “Everyone with powers will eventually loose their memories” something like that? Or “Everyone with powers eventually goes insane and we have to kill them when that happens” sort of deal. Either way, I’m still just as intrigued as before.

Hope you enjoyed this entry! I think it’s better then the first one! I would also like to say that tommorow I will be posting another original short story of mine! It was based on a prompt my school gave me and I came up with something good that I wanted to post up here as well! I also winded up dropping 3 of the shows for my Summer list. I might be dropping more but I’ll explain why next personal entry!


Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 1 Thoughts


The first episode of Bungou Stray Dogs came out yesterday! I winded up watching it late last night, as I do with most things. Today since it’s earlier, I can write my first episode thoughts as promised!

I really like this show so far! It struck me right in the beginning as having a D. Grey Man vibe. Which is good at least for me because I love D Grey Man. I gave it a 10 on myanimelist, and I tend to be very picky with what I give 10’s too. I can tell that this show is going to be pretty good. It’s one of those things that you just look at right off the bat, and know it will be a good show at least for me.

I like the animation and colors in this show. They look a bit darker in tone and it’s one of the styles of animation I really like! The opening and ending were nice too. I am really interested in the other characters at the detective agency, Dazai in particular. He’s a pretty enigmatic mysterious guy but he seems pretty kind hearted too. On the other hand, he might just be a manipulative or more anti-hero character but I’m intrigued that’s for sure.

Poor Atsushi though! I feel so bad for him, and want to follow what happens to this poor guy. I hope he can kind of create a makeshift family for himself with these people when he starts  working here officially. He doesn’t seem to be warming up so far, but I’m sure he will later! Also, totally called that he was the tiger the moment it was mentioned. Go me, heh.

I think this series would do itself a favor if it were less comedic. It’s funny and still a darker sense of humor don’t get me wrong but I think they should tone it down a bit. It feels like it should be more serious than funny. D Grey Man knew how to find that balance but I think this show has a bit of work to do in that regard. I’m excited to see the next episode, regardless of that! It’s going to have 2 cours so I hope I get to see a lot of character development! Drama too, as a writer that’s pretty much my dream for the ideal show.

This is my first time writing a thoughts post. As the plot thickens I’ll probably have more to say, but as of right now since I’m still getting the hang of this and there isn’t a lot to say since this was just the pilot. I might not have a lot to write. Despite that, I really hope you enjoyed this! I’ll be writing another after I watch episode 2 so look out for that! Feedback is appreciated on these posts as well, so feel free to leave those! I read all my comments from everyone and appreciate them all!

Been A Pretty Fun Day

So my frustration for the last few days has finally tapered off. Hopefully, it stays away for awhile. I had a pretty nice day today. It wasn’t anything special really, but it was just a really nice and pleasant day!I didn’t really get much done but now that I finally started reading Dragonfly in Amber I definitely do! It is definitely a good and interesting book so far.

I didn’t really get much done but now that I finally started reading Dragonfly in Amber I definitely do! It is definitely a good and interesting book so far. I wanted to get some things done but that failed pretty miserably. I’m going to have to find a way to rip my eyes away from it so I can get my own stuff done.

I didn’t mention it in my blog but I didn’t know that Diana had her own incarnation of Saint Germain as well! I was a little nervous because I was scared my version and hers were similar. Turns out though that they are completely different. I’d even go as far as to say that they are the opposite of each other. I never expected her to do that with his character, though! I always saw him as being a nice decent guy so it took me by surprise.

I managed to get to the middle of part 2. I think I’ll get to part 3, and stop there for now. If I can that is, this book is one of those books that completely sucks you in.

Other then that I didn’t do much today. I took a bit of a nap even though I wasn’t tired, which was nice. Overall it’s just been a relaxing leisurely day and I enjoyed it! Taking things slow every so often is nice~.