Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 1 Thoughts


The first episode of Bungou Stray Dogs came out yesterday! I winded up watching it late last night, as I do with most things. Today since it’s earlier, I can write my first episode thoughts as promised!

I really like this show so far! It struck me right in the beginning as having a D. Grey Man vibe. Which is good at least for me because I love D Grey Man. I gave it a 10 on myanimelist, and I tend to be very picky with what I give 10’s too. I can tell that this show is going to be pretty good. It’s one of those things that you just look at right off the bat, and know it will be a good show at least for me.

I like the animation and colors in this show. They look a bit darker in tone and it’s one of the styles of animation I really like! The opening and ending were nice too. I am really interested in the other characters at the detective agency, Dazai in particular. He’s a pretty enigmatic mysterious guy but he seems pretty kind hearted too. On the other hand, he might just be a manipulative or more anti-hero character but I’m intrigued that’s for sure.

Poor Atsushi though! I feel so bad for him, and want to follow what happens to this poor guy. I hope he can kind of create a makeshift family for himself with these people when he starts  working here officially. He doesn’t seem to be warming up so far, but I’m sure he will later! Also, totally called that he was the tiger the moment it was mentioned. Go me, heh.

I think this series would do itself a favor if it were less comedic. It’s funny and still a darker sense of humor don’t get me wrong but I think they should tone it down a bit. It feels like it should be more serious than funny. D Grey Man knew how to find that balance but I think this show has a bit of work to do in that regard. I’m excited to see the next episode, regardless of that! It’s going to have 2 cours so I hope I get to see a lot of character development! Drama too, as a writer that’s pretty much my dream for the ideal show.

This is my first time writing a thoughts post. As the plot thickens I’ll probably have more to say, but as of right now since I’m still getting the hang of this and there isn’t a lot to say since this was just the pilot. I might not have a lot to write. Despite that, I really hope you enjoyed this! I’ll be writing another after I watch episode 2 so look out for that! Feedback is appreciated on these posts as well, so feel free to leave those! I read all my comments from everyone and appreciate them all!


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