Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 2 Thoughts


Yet again, I’m a bit late on this. I’m sorry that I was! Again I watched this episode late last night but still I may have enjoyed this episode more than the last one. Still though it was more of the funny side then the serious side. I’m starting to not mind that so much anymore!

Dazai is still interesting and amusing to see as always. I don’t entirely understand why they wrote him with such a big fascination for suicide. The way it’s written I’m not sure if he’s actually suicidal or if we’re not supposed to be taking it seriously at all. This show has a dark sense of humor though and honestly? I like it. I’m leaning more towards Dazai has a tragic past that shall be revealed in the episodes to come. I’m still just as fascinated with the guy as I was during episode one and I love his relationship with Deppo. They pretty much have an old married couple dynamic going for them, and it’s beautiful. Don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I wonder if Dazai is actually gay.

I mean in the first episode he said he wasn’t interested in Atsushi or his type, but he didn’t say he didn’t have any interest in guys as a whole. That would be interesting if he was and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised at all and I know this is hoping for a bit too much, but I honestly hope Dazai and Deppo become a thing. Look, their names even a rhythm, they’re meant to be! In all seriousness, neither will happen most likely. These type of shows like to tease a possible relationship instead of actually doing it. It’s a bit exasperating to see that formula happening over and over, but I’m used to it now, so it doesn’t bug me as much as it did before.

Also, I’m really surprised the Tumblr SJW Keyboard warriors haven’t gotten their knickers in a twist over Dazai yet. If you’ve been on Tumblr for awhile you’ll know that they tend to get offended over every tiny thing. I’m not complaining that they haven’t yet (In fact keep them as far away from me as possible). I’m just surprised as all.

This episode completely got me to be honest. With the whole bombing plot, I genuinely thought something terrible was going to happen and kind of just sat and watched nervously the whole time. The moment they started using Atsushi as a distraction I laughed like an idiot, not going to lie. Especially the whole “If you die your really dead” line. His face and the tone that was delivered in was gold. I laughed pretty hard when I realized it was a test to. Poor Atsushi, he has such a dysfunctional new family haha.

The boss character surprised me a bit. When I first saw him I thought he would a be the villain. Either way, he’s pretty interesting too. The last scene is what really caught my attention. Is the villain Dracula? I mean look at the black cape. He looks pretty vampire like so I’m wondering if they will be fighting vampires. I’m a huge vampire nerd so I wouldn’t mind that at all, bring it on!

Also the whole everyone with powers is messed up thing? I’m not sure what they mean by that but I have a huge suspicion that’s going to come into the picture in a big way. Maybe in some big dramatic plot twist. Like “Everyone with powers will eventually loose their memories” something like that? Or “Everyone with powers eventually goes insane and we have to kill them when that happens” sort of deal. Either way, I’m still just as intrigued as before.

Hope you enjoyed this entry! I think it’s better then the first one! I would also like to say that tommorow I will be posting another original short story of mine! It was based on a prompt my school gave me and I came up with something good that I wanted to post up here as well! I also winded up dropping 3 of the shows for my Summer list. I might be dropping more but I’ll explain why next personal entry!



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