Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 3 Thoughts


We have a lot of ground to cover today! Again I was a day late and to be honest, thoughts On Bungou Stray Dogs are probably going to be posted on Thursdays. Despite being late, I’m here now and ready to report on this episode and hoo boy do I have a lot to say. This episode pulled a complete Madoka Magica on us. It got dark and bloody and it got dark and bloody QUICK. Not that I’m complaining I did want it to get more serious. I think the show found the balance though because it was silly and cute in this episode as well during the first half.

The first part was cute and funny. Dazai trying to flirt using a suicide bit made me laugh a little harder than it honestly should have.  I’m still forever loving Dazai and Doppo’s relationship. They really are like a dysfunctional husband and wife sort of couple.  I can’t wait to see their backstories still.

In this episode. we were introduced to the lovely Junichirou. I thought he would just be a one episode deal for Atsushi’s entrance test but as it turns out he’s a regular at the detective agency and he is just as adorable as most of the rest cast thus far. He seems like the more subdued calm one and maybe even a bit socially awkward? It’s a little hard to tell and a bit early. One thing I know for sure though is his ability is badass as hell and I loved that whole fight. I honestly thought he was going to die along with his sister and freaked out a bit. They seem to be okay, nice save as always Dazai.

I could do without the whole Naomi is in love with her big brother thing. Maybe I’m reading into it to far, and honestly, it’s more I hope I read too much into it but I really hope they aren’t in love or anything like that. Or that Naomi’s adopted. Junichirou seems to just love her like any older brother would but still. That bugged me a little bit. Still though it was sad to see her get shot.

The fight between Atsushi and Akutagawa was amazing. I think Atsushi might be learning how to control his ability better, which is always good to see. Character development is always fun to see. Akutagawa is a pretty good villain. He is an asshole to the core who literally slaps his subordinates around. He isn’t a vampire like he thought but the cape…has a mind of its own haha. Still wondering why he’s coughing. Maybe overusing his ability is what caused the ailment?

Interesting reveal for Dazai previously being part of that organization. I should have called it but it took me by surprise in all honesty. I called the blonde being on the bad guy team, though. The whole blond one bun look just screams asshole to me in Anime. I’m not quite sure why.

Either way another great episode. The plot thickens and I really did enjoy it! I’m so excited to see episode 4 and I hope you’ll continue to follow me on my journey of internal screams and frantic arm waving. I look forward to this next one immensely, I truly do.

Thanks for reading my post! If you’re still here reading I actually have a small favor to ask of you guys. A few posts ago I put up a short original story. I’m still having trouble getting viewership on it, and I would really appreciate it if you guys took the time to read it. I worked pretty hard on it and it makes me feel really happy when people read my stories. I would also appreciate some reblogs/likes on as well. It would help me a lot!

With that, I bid you guys adieu, for now~♥



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