Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 4 Thoughts


I’m back as promised with another Bungou Stray Dogs post! This episode wasn’t as tense as the last one, I feel like it was more of an emotional thing.  We don’t have as much to cover today since a lot of my yelling was done last week but this was also an interesting episode. Sorry, this post is a day late compared to when I normally make this. I lost track of time yesterday when I was working on my original things! It was going really well and I got super into it. Still, though I’m very sorry!

This episode can be summed up for sure in one way. “Poor little Atsushi” is what I’m calling it. I spent most of the episode going “AwwWWWww no poor baby!” Yeah, I know that sounds like an overreaction. If you watched the episode you’re probably nodding ferociously at that. Most of the episode follows him, dwelling on his past and actually wanting to leave the agency so no one gets hurt by the mob they are fighting with. It was really sad to see him feel so unwanted, but on the other hand, Atsushi is absolutely the character the author loves to torment. All of us have authors have one, and for the author of this show? There’s no way it’s anyone else but him.

There was one pretty funny part that was oh so very D-Grey Man. It made me smile like an idiot for sure. Poor Junichiro to. It’s so hard to choose a favorite for this show, a lot of them are so adorable but he’s one of the cutest and most relatable to me! I question that girl..not sure she’s a real doctor :glares at suspiciously:

This episode actually didn’t have a lot of Dazai, there was this one scene with him but it didn’t count towards much. This episode had more Deppo then to him. I was hoping to see more of his backstory. Unfortunately, we didn’t, but still it was nice to see him. It made me smile when he was being sweeter towards Atsushi in the last part. He’s like the rough around the edges cool uncle of the detective agency. I like it a lot and hope to see more of Deppo acting kind of nurturing. It’s really touching. I also hope that some of the characters are gentler with Atsushi. He clearly has some issues and needs to be treated in a gentler fashion.

One last thing, I’m really curious about the girl that Ryuunosuke  is keeping in the cell. The mafia looks pretty powerful with those black demon handlers and that one old guy that can blow things up, but I think she might be a prisoner. I have a feeling Ryuunosuke is trying to use her power to destroy the city or something and she has one of the most powerful abilities.

That’s all I have for this episode! Thank you for reading and again, so sorry for the lateness! I will do my best not to loose track of time of this week! Furthermore, For tommorows post I’m going to be posting something a bit…controversial. Despite that though, enough is enough and things that I’m going to say need to be said no matter what anyone else things.


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