Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 8 Thoughts


Oh wow, look at me actually posting my analysis on time! I won’t babble too much like I tend to in the beginning of these! Let’s dive into Episode 8!

First of, I’m happy we got an episode about Akiko! I’ve been waiting to see her more. It was an extra dose of happiness for me since Junichirou also came back. Akiko is a really fun character too, scary but I think she’s one of those characters that you love or hate. It was pretty funny when poor unaware Atsushi got stuck with her and everyone else pretty much abandoned him.

Izumi Kyouka is also the most adorable thing, I knew I’d wind up loving her the moment she showed up. I was scared she was going to die but I’m glad she didn’t. I like the way she talks, it’s interesting. I wonder if she’ll always say her name and be like “I am/I have” when she talks about stuff. It’s still too soon to tell. Not only is she pretty much a cinnamon roll, but she is a huge badass too. Her ability was up there with how cool and powerful Junichirou was.

The bomber dude was strange but then again the whole port mafia only seems to go for a few types of people. Crazy people, but you can’t tell they are crazy. Or you can just look at them and be like “Yeah that’s dude off his rocker.”

Atsushi also had a nice moment of development. He against Kyouka was an epic fight and when he was under pressure to save her from the bomb, he managed to control his power and bring it out so he could save her. I think he also overcame a bit of his emotional baggage on top of it. We saw in this episode that he still sees himself as a curse and a burden but maybe Kyouka will help him with that down the line.

Of course, I saved the best for last. Dazai got kidnapped and is literally chained up to a wall with Ryunnosuke. I see a flashback to Dazai’s port mafia days in the future. That would be interesting to see. Also, I’m sorry I can’t help but mention this. Dazai looked super suggestive, especially with that smirk at the end. I bet there is already a smutty fanfic with Dazai and Ryunnosuke already. If not, there either already is on, or it’s being written right now. I’m not too worried about Dazai though, he’s a weirdo he’ll probably just smile his way through whatever Ryunosuke does, and most likely make a bunch of suicide quips and suggestive remarks.

I have to admit, though, even though Dazai isn’t typically my type of boy anime character, he’s probably my favorite boy character. You can totally tell since I rattle on about him the most. Hopefully, you all don’t mind that too terribly!

Aaaaand that’s about it for Bungou Stray Dogs today! This episode was more of a visual episode with fight scenes and stuff that need to be seen to be experienced and understood fully. I’m really excited for next weeks episode! Hopefully, I can get the post up in a timely manner like I did this week.

I’m not sure what other posts I might make in the next few weeks. There are a few reviews I can do but I want to review in a different format that allows me to more genuine and less wordy. We’ll see what happens! I’ve been spending alot of time being more leisurely as of late since school finally ended, but once I’ve had more time to decompress and such, I’ll probably want to write more since I’ll have more ideas and such.

With that, I bid you all adieu, for now~


Top 5 Worst TMNT 2003 Episodes


Well, I was finally able to do it! I thought about it and managed to come out with a list! It was kind of tricky since I did enjoy this show quite a lot and still do but there are some episodes that weren’t really good or episodes that just struck me as being very “meh” so to speak. I limited it to 5 instead of 10 this time since I don’t think I have 10 episodes that fit in that category but let’s dive right in!

1. Junklantis

I personally do not mind the garbageman villain and don’t mind the episode he was in either. I’ve seen a lot of people say this was the worst one but I disagree. As a one time Villan he was fine but this episode? This was the truly bad one. They somehow made it that the Garbageman SURVIVED and did a whole other episode with him. This episode is weaker than most others mostly because it brought back a villain no one really found appealing to begin with. At least we got some more cute Donny and Mikey stuff out of it, though! They were always a fun duo~.

2. The Engagement Ring

The only good part was when Casey actually gives her the ring. Everything else was pointless and honestly, it disturbed me a little. I first saw this one when it aired, and the whole part where April was throwing dishes at Casey and yelling at him was disturbing to me back then. It’s a small part but now that I look at it again, they were trying to pass off that whole scene as comedic and funny when it shouldn’t have been.

It was just completely unnecessary for that to happen to those two. Bad things happen to Casey and April plenty in the series, not every moment of their life including them being engaged needs to be a disaster. There was some cute Raph helping Casey out moments, though and a few other cute things. Mostly though really weak and unnecessary episode in my opinion.

3. Superpower Struggle

A lot weaker episodes came from Season 7. I don’t mind Season 7 since it had a lot of good episodes as well but it was definitely not a high moment in TMNT history. This one was just really stupid and immature. Yes Raphael and Mikey fight a lot but this episode just made them both look excessively petty and immature and after all the development they went through!

It’s not really that funny either, even with how it ended I still always skip this episode and it’s also one you can skip since it literally has no bearing on…anything really. It’s just a super lazy episode.

2. Zixxth Sense

I really don’t like Zixxth. I didn’t like him when he first appeared but the episode itself was bearable. Again, to me he was good for a one time shot so bringing him back was annoying. He’s like Deadpool, but like a watered down not fun version. The only fun part is where it’s implied in the end he gets his ass kicked. Thank god-

1. Reflections

I bet you can tell from the title what this is. A recap episode. This episode is just the turtles having a picnic and talking about all the stuff that happened before. It has a few cute and funny scenes, like when they’re talking in the present but I just don’t like recap episodes. Even though this is a worst list, this episode wasn’t THAT bad but still the biggest letdown to those hoping to see something entirely new.  I can only imagine how annoying it must have been to look forward to a new episode and then just get a clip show off other things that happened before.

Dishonorable Mentions: 

A few other episodes I wasn’t a fan of/am conflicted about and brief reasons why:

The Return Of Savanti Romero Part 1 And 2- Don’t hate this one, I’m conflicted about this. One one hand this episode had some really funny moments in it, but on the other I feel like it was overly mean spirited. True Renet can be annoying, but she was trying really hard in this episode and them being so mad at her about something that was beyond her control always made me feel bad.

Turtles In Space Saga- Always found this entire thing boring. I’ll probably get hate for that, but it didn’t interest me then, and still doesn’t now. I think the other episodes with the triceritons were good but not this one. This one to me was pretty boring and to freaking long. Especially since we were waiting on seeing what happened with the origin story when this popped up.

The Journal- This episode was funny, I’ll admit it but the inner child in me still gets upset at brain Donatello in a jar. A petty reason I know but…had to be said.

That’s about all I can remember! I hope you enjoyed my list. Feel free to leave a comment, especially if it’s about which episodes you personally didn’t like. I shall see you guys on Friday for Bungou Stray Dogs as always! With that I bid you all adieu for now.






Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 7 Thoughts


Wow! This episode was way more detailed and had a lot of stuff going. The last episode was more of a build up to this so let’s get started! We have plenty of ground to cover! Sorry, this post is a bit late, I was busier than expected today but I’m bringing it to you as promised!

First, let’s start with the boss of the detective agency. His name alludes me right now probably because he has only appeared once before. He is the quietest boss in anime I have ever watched. It’s hard for me to tell if he’s involved or not with the whole thing. Does he just send email’s to them to tell what to do off screen? I don’t know why I’m so focused on that, I know but like…he seems like a boss. A respected person and all that. I very rarely see him involved with the agency though so what gives?

Back to more important things, though. Atsushi, Deppo, and Dazai go to find this bomb and diffuse it. Atsushi was cute in this episode but I feel like as of late he hasn’t been involved as much as he should even though he’s technically the main character.

Despite that though seeing Deppo and Dazai work together was awesome. I was wondering if they even got along very well to myself as well, but they are battle wise quite flexible. They are very in sync with each other and have a good relationship and teamwork dynamic going for them. This episode showed that well, they’re dysfunctional but work together pretty well.

The scene where Deppo hit Dazai when he found Dazai was talking shit made me laugh harder than he should have, though.

Then, of course, there was Deppo talking to the hacker guy (I’m sorry forgot his name to). Deppo mentioned that he could never be a father to him. That’s odd and feels kind of out of the blue to him, though? Is Deppo a father? Was he even old enough to be one? Well…as the end of the episode so nicely showed that doesn’t matter much does it? He is kind of…not here anymore after all.

Speaking of hacker guy being dead, I did not expect that girl to be the killer at all. I kind of shipped her with Dazai so I am a bit disappointed but to be honest? I should have seen that coming too. The Azure messenger is an interesting character, and it’s painfully obvious we’ll be seeing him more. Looking forward to that of course.

It was so sad to see Deppo watch the hacker guy die, though. He seemed like he really cared for him. The conversation he and Deppo had about taking ideals to far was interesting. I think it might be foreshadowing? Maybe the Azure Messanger might use him at some point or Deppo will switch sides? I’m not sure but it’s interesting.

Dazai being serious is also pretty cool to see! The dude that controlled numbers was also super cool and kind of cute, I’ll admit it.

That’s about it for this episode. I enjoyed it, noticed a few interesting things. I’m excited for next week because we are going to see more of a character that hasn’t appeared as much! It’s going to be awesome and hopefully, I can actually get the post up on time for once in my life haha. I bid you adieu for now though! I hope you enjoyed the post despite the slight lateness!



★Life Update★

Well, I know I typically don’t post here until tomorrow but surprise! Here I am! I know I said I’d make a Top 10 Worst TMNT Episode List, and I still am. As it turns out, choosing my least favorite episodes of my favorite childhood television show is infinitely harder then I thought. I might not even have enough for 10! Despite that, though, I shall shoulder on. It might only be a list of 5, but damn it I will try! :shakes fist at the sky:

So when I post these a lot of you seem interested in my life. Not entirely sure why, since it’s not THAT interesting. I mean it’s not like I go out and do a bunch of interesting stuff. Even if I did me outside would involve me at Barnes and Noble whenever I use the car and sitting in the manga section. That, or me going shopping for the family and occasionally splurging on the candy they have at the checkout counter.

Despite that though I do have some stuff going on I wouldn’t mind sharing.

First off, if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile school is mentioned a lot on here. Mostly in the context of “I’m sorry I haven’t done much! School has kept me so busy!” That won’t be the case now, though, at least for a little while. I worked very hard this school year on getting not one grade, but two in one school year. I’m pleased to announce that I have succeeded in that goal and come this September I shall be a Senior. I’m needless to say I’m very happy about this development.

Now I can FINALLY work on more productive things like my projects. Depending on how fast I can start being productive you guys will see those soon!

I also heard rumors that there might be another Code Realize game. If you saw my review you’ll know that I enjoyed that game a lot so news of a sequel makes me want to do a somersault. Generally, I’ve been looking at date sims more lately and when an opportunity surfaces to play yet another one, I’m all over it.

I’ve also become slightly more interested in developing my own style of clothes. To be honest I’m not terribly fashion savvy but I want to develop my own personal look for when I go out. I’m liking the goth look and the more nerdy looks so far. I’m planning on trying to put together an outfit that looks similar to a Miku figure I have. Hopefully, that works out!

Soon, I will also be learning how to drive officially. I’ve never done it before and I’m a bit nervous about messing the pedals up, but other than that I’m excited about it.

So yeah, basically life is an adventure right now. I’m happy and doing pretty good instead of being super anxious. Hopefully, it stays that way. Thanks for reading as always, and I shall see you all tomorrow when I make my Bungou Stray Dogs post.

Bungou Strays Dogs Episode 6 Thoughts


We are now at the halfway point of season 1 of Bungou Stray Dogs. This episode mostly focused on Deppo and some of his development as a character. I am pleased to report he is exactly what I hoped for. He’s, in reality, a stern guy with a temper but a total dork on the inside who’s obsessed with being organized and such. I’ve seen people say they don’t like Deppo because of how anger-prone he is but I find him to be a charming well-rounded character, especially after this episode. Also, envy his ability oh so very much.

This one was the characters solving another case connected to the port mafia. It involved kidnapping but the beginning of the episode is probably the least serious thing I have ever watched in an anime ever. Dazai tried to kill himself with poison mushrooms but instead he winded up becoming Sokka on cactus juice. It was really fun and pretty much cemented that Deppo is the stern Dad of this group. At first, I thought uncle but I changed my mind.

The part where Deppo tried to save the hostages was super sad in this episode! I had a feeling something happened to make him so stern or at least more stern than he was. I hope later on he realizes he did the best he could and it’s OK if he can’t always get it 100%. Someone give the poor guy a hug. Give a hug to the whole cast, to be honest, they all need one.

The female the character they managed to save in this episode is really adorable as well. I wonder if she will actually express interest in Dazai. I wouldn’t mind at all if that happened. In fact depending on how she is I might enjoy it a lot. Though Dazai might need to stop his whole suicide obsession before that can work. Pretty sure she isn’t into that but honestly, this show is so quirky I have no idea where it might go.

I didn’t suspect the bus driver was going to be the killer at all! I should have been a bit more on the ball with that since it was kind of predictable now that I think about it. Feel bad for the fact that he was threatened, though.

The scene with Dazai and Deppo talking about glasses (both of them) were the funniest parts of this episode to me, though. I honestly laughed a bit harder than I should have. Deppo was being really cute about it and Dazai is naturally very flamboyant. Glad he’s aware of it haha.

The fight between Deppo and Ryuunosuke was really badass, though. I wish it was longer. This whole arc is going to be 2 episodes, though. Next week is going to be another one that looks like it’s going to have some more badass fight scenes! I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading this! I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you all next week for the next episode! I will probably post before then though with another TMNT post. My least favorite TMNT episodes. I honestly have a lot of TMNT posts planned like my favorite moments/character etc. If you like TMNT be sure to stick around for that! Feel free to leave feedback on this as well, it makes me happy to see you guys enjoying the post/posts!

I bid you all adieu for now!

Top 10 TMNT 2003 Episodes


Today’s entry will be dedicated to my childhood show! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I’ll be honest I really don’t like the new cartoons or movies. I tried with all my might to watch and enjoy them but I couldn’t do it. This show to me though is honestly one of the best cartoons out there but it had it’s best and worst moments. Here are my Top 10 Episodes of the show!

10. SuperQuest 

Number 10 on my list is actually a Back To The Sewer episode. I actually liked BTTS and Fastforward and this episode was hilarious. I saw it as a kid when it first aired and still find it hilarious to this day. This episode has the turtles in an online RPG trying to win a box with Master Splinter’s data bits in it. Just to name a few funny things you can see this episode, they show Hun playing one of these games, Leonardo changing into other cute animals and Raphael getting turned into a frog. My words cannot do it justice, it has to be seen to be believed.

9. DNA Is Thicker Than Water 

This was an episode that stood out to me as a kid and probably started my love for Bad Guy going good plots. Anyone can change and deserves second chances is a lesson I like to write. A lot of shows focus on revenge and such and this was one of the few episodes that showed something a little different. Basically, the Dark Leonardo is injured in a fight when he protects Cody and the turtles give him a chance to change his ways.

I also like how the ending is a tad ambiguous. The Dark Leonardo did change but didn’t exactly switch sides. Maybe after being shown what could be, he did change but long after the turtles left. Or maybe he just stayed the same. Who knows, but this episode does have some nice drama and gives you something to think about.

8. H.A.T.E

A lot of the episodes of Turtles I am fond of seem to take place at the farmhouse. This is one of those episodes. It’s not the most popular one in the bunch, and it doesn’t have the greatest fight scenes either. It does, however, have a lot of Donatello and some great lines from him.

The highlight of this episode, however, is Casey’s mother who comes over to determine if she is good enough to marry her son while Donatello, Michaelangelo, and Raphael fight for their lives elsewhere. It is a funny episode and one I recommend for sure.  Casey’s mother is definitely one of my favorite side characters of all time in this show.

7. The King

It would be a crime if I didn’t put this here somewhere. It is one of my favorite episodes, not only because it focus’s on Donatello, but the fact that is truly is a touching tribute to Jack Kirby someone the creators of the turtles idolized. If you want to watch TMNT but want to skip certain episodes, then fine. This one is a MUST SEE. The plot is Donatello going to fix the shower’s heater but he finds Jack Kirby, who has a magic jewel that allows whatever he draws to come to life.

This episode is very touching and very sweet. It’s a bit solemn but it mostly treats death with a bit more optimism. True Kirby has left this world, but his legacy will live on forever. That and I think he’s in a much cooler place, much like the creators of this show do. That and this episode has a line that people who watched the show still use to this very day.

6. Nano/The Return of Nano 

Number 6 is going to two episodes rather than one. I know that’s kind of cheating but I feel the Nano episodes need to both be watched in close succession to fully get the feelings of it. When I was young, these episodes really distressed me. They would make me really thankful for my family and in his Return, I actually remember crying when I first watched it at the way Nano said “Daddy.” These episodes have some awesome fights and some great tearjerker moments in general. The second part also has some of my favorite scenes.

I feel like this episode teaches a few other lessons to without shoving the morals down your throat like other shows tend to do. In general it shows the importance of family and how easily the people we meet can shape our personalities and the way we behave, especially when we meet them at a young age. Despite the fact they made me cry, I love them~.

5. Bad Day 

I love the more spiritual/emotionally meaningful episodes of this show. This one was angsty, darker and just a ride from start to finish. I spent the whole episode thinking that they were pretty much dead. I knew there were more episodes after it which honestly should have clued me into the fact that something was up. Anything with the turtles showing their inner power is pretty much the best thing ever, hence, the reason why them in season 5 was so amazing. Not my favorite but amazing regardless.

Back to Bad Day, though, if you’re looking for a more comedic episode, you won’t find that here. This takes place in TMNT’s more dark and gritty season where pretty much everything was going wrong for the gang. It’s one of those episodes that make you feel like you can achieve any challenge in your way which is why I put it here.

4. The Ancient One 

An episode I could personally relate to, hence, the reason why I’m putting it here. This one was Leonardo finding himself again.  I think a lot of older siblings or just parental figures, in general, will relate to this. That and if you’re a perfectionist like me. I tend to be pretty brutal to myself when I make mistakes much like Leonardo. The fight with the rock creature was something that struck a core with me as I got older. One to watch if you’re a Leonardo fan, or if you need to remind yourself to be gentler on yourself and that you try your hardest and that’s all that matters.

3. Tales Of Leonardo 

This episode manages to be incredibly sad, and incredibly cute at the same time. It shows the turtles recovering from a battle with the Shredder and Leonardo being in very bad condition. It’s heavily implied he might die without actually saying it. The turtles slowly bring him back by telling him stories of the past all stories showing flashbacks of the turtle tots. It also shows some cute Fatherly Master Splinter. A great episode through and through~.

2. Same As It Never Was

This…just…no description is capable of doing this justice. These episodes were all the turtles going into other worlds. Donatello gets transported to one where the Shredder has taken over the planet and the family is estranged from each other. It’s sad, it’s dark and has a bittersweet ending to top it all off. That and it features Donatello, making it even better to me. Just…click it. You won’t be dissapointed I garuntee it.

1.The Darkness Within 

This episode. I know, you probably weren’t expecting it in the slightest. I love this episode though. I think it has alot of useful social commentary that you could apply to alot of different situations. It could be applied to a conversation about being greedy, corruption and confronting fear. Watching this episode always makes me feel very empowered and back when my anxiety was a little worse, I discovered this episode when I needed it most. It is an interesting mysterious episode, there are funny jokes, a more psychological take on things along with awesome fights and an absolutely horrifying villan. It’s just the best episode they ever made in my opinion because it also provides commentary on people and society that still manages to stay relavant even to this day.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Notes From The Underground Part 1, 2 and 3
  • The Shredder Strikes Back Part 1 and 2 
  • The Monster Hunter –
  • What a Croc 
  • The Christmas Aliens 
  • Exodus Part 2 
  • Cousin Sid 
  • Adventures In Turtle Sitting 
  • Return Of Savanti Part 1 and 2...kind of (More on that in my least favorite list, coming soon)
  • All of Season 5
  • Headlock Prime 
  • Graduation Day: Class of 2105
  • The Fall Of Darius Dunn
  • The Day of Awakening
  • Tempus Fugit
  • Wedding Bells and Bytes
  • Hacking Stockman
  • Incredible Shrinking Serling
  • Turtles Forever (I know this is a movie but…ugh this was great to-)





Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 5 Thoughts


This episode was awesome. It was kind of a divergence from the main plot and gave the impression it was more of a break episode. Still , I loved this episode and do have a few things to say about it.

First of all, let’s talk about how amazing Ranpo is. Like I think at this point, I’m just as impressed as I am with him as the rest of the agency. I honest to god thought he had a real ability. This dude’s IQ must be like 300 because it turns out he doesn’t have an ability. He can legitimately deduce things in about 60 seconds. He is also a literal 12-year-old and it’s cute and funny. Either way, though, I thought Ranpo was going to be a minor character but I’m so glad he got an episode. He was amazing and reminded me a lot of Hans from Rokka No Yuusha, whom I like a lot.

Also the culprit? I called it before he did. Guess I have ultra deduction skills as well haha. These days I’m getting better at guessing who the culprit will be in murder/mystery stories anime or otherwise. That dude was so innocent, too innocent. My next suspicion was the chief but I stuck with my initial instinct and low and behold, I got it right! Go me! What I didn’t expect though was that they were dating. That was pretty sad, but I honestly should have seen that coming. If there’s one thing anime is good at it’s ripping your heart in one swift motion. It wasn’t burst into tears worthy, but it was sad regardless.

Also, this wouldn’t be a Bungou Stray Dogs worthy if we didn’t mention Dazai. When they found someone else in the river I knew it would be him. I laughed pretty hard regardless because all of his entrances are flawless. Still ship him with Deppo though despite Dazai liking girls. I mean maybe Dazai swings both ways. A lot of Japanese samurai’s back in the day did. I mean he isn’t a samurai but…still I like them together a lot.

Also, shouldn’t the fact that Dazai knows so much about the port mafia clue everyone into the fact that he was affiliated with them at some point? I mean he knows a surprising amount of detail about them. I feel like maybe Deppo or Ranpo would have caught on since they’re more perceptive but I digress.

As for the last part, though in the episode trailer it looks like I’m finally getting my wish! A Deppo themed episode. Excited to see it, it looks like he might lose composure in this episode which would be interesting.

That’s my post for the week! Glad everyone seems to be enjoying these! It makes me happy to see so many people enjoy reading about what I have to say. I have another favor to ask, not about my writing this time. A friend of mine actually needs help. He is trying to earn enough money to leave his house and move out and such. He is selling some things and if you have anything you’d like to get from him, then please do! He has very reasonable prices for what he is selling and some of it is anime merch which I know my following enjoys, at least I assume you guys do considering this blog is mostly anime themed.

Here is a post I made on Tumblr if you wanna see it!  Thanks again for reading, see you next week for the next ep as always!