Steam Anime Sale Haul!

In the end, I decided not to go with the controversial post. I didn’t exactly want to abandon it. Still, though, I just decided it was best not to do it and took it down. Sorry if that disappointed anyone but who knows, maybe I’ll repost it one day!

Anyway, though this weekend was a sale on anime games on steam, much to my utter joy. I took advantage of it and got 5 games for about 100 dollars. I haven’t played any yet because there is some work I need to get done but man, I’m excited to start to play because two of them are date sims, my favorite kind of game.

The games I got, by the way, are:


I’m going to watch the anime when it comes out and I figured I’d get it! It looks interesting and I couldn’t say no to 20+ endings. I never can say no to that, I love things with a lot of possible endings after all. I recommend it, it’s only about 30 dollars last time I checked and I think it’s definitely worth it.

RWBY Grimm Eclipse:

I really love RWBY. I have watched pretty much everything that has to do with RWBY and so when I found out there was a video game, needless to say, I was all over it. I also love the beat um/fighting games so this is going to be fun for sure.

Blazblue ChronoPhantasma: 

This is a fandom I got into relatively recently. My friend Niji introduced it to me, and I watched the anime and liked it a lot. I haven’t ever played any of the other games, but I heard the Blazblue timeline tends to be a bit messy either way, so I got this one even though I didn’t play its previous versions.

Nameless ~The One Thing You Must Recall~: 

Another dating sim. If you knew me well, you’d know I love these types of games. Two of my favorite games are of this variety. I’m surprised this game was Korean in all honestly, every other date sim I played was in Japanese. Despite that, I’m really interested in this game. It has a concept that jumped out at me and honestly looks really good!

Long Live The Queen: 

One game another one of my friends played. It looks more skill based but I’m up for it. I hear it’s a challenge and well, I accept the challenge this game has to offer me! It also has that choice affects how the game goes thing, which I like.

I hope you got a chance to get some interesting stuff on Steam as well! I also want to tell all of you that my weekly Bungou Stray Dogs posts will now be happening on Friday! I have more time to write then and a lot more people had the chance to check it out last time I posted it on that day! See you guys then!





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