Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 5 Thoughts


This episode was awesome. It was kind of a divergence from the main plot and gave the impression it was more of a break episode. Still , I loved this episode and do have a few things to say about it.

First of all, let’s talk about how amazing Ranpo is. Like I think at this point, I’m just as impressed as I am with him as the rest of the agency. I honest to god thought he had a real ability. This dude’s IQ must be like 300 because it turns out he doesn’t have an ability. He can legitimately deduce things in about 60 seconds. He is also a literal 12-year-old and it’s cute and funny. Either way, though, I thought Ranpo was going to be a minor character but I’m so glad he got an episode. He was amazing and reminded me a lot of Hans from Rokka No Yuusha, whom I like a lot.

Also the culprit? I called it before he did. Guess I have ultra deduction skills as well haha. These days I’m getting better at guessing who the culprit will be in murder/mystery stories anime or otherwise. That dude was so innocent, too innocent. My next suspicion was the chief but I stuck with my initial instinct and low and behold, I got it right! Go me! What I didn’t expect though was that they were dating. That was pretty sad, but I honestly should have seen that coming. If there’s one thing anime is good at it’s ripping your heart in one swift motion. It wasn’t burst into tears worthy, but it was sad regardless.

Also, this wouldn’t be a Bungou Stray Dogs worthy if we didn’t mention Dazai. When they found someone else in the river I knew it would be him. I laughed pretty hard regardless because all of his entrances are flawless. Still ship him with Deppo though despite Dazai liking girls. I mean maybe Dazai swings both ways. A lot of Japanese samurai’s back in the day did. I mean he isn’t a samurai but…still I like them together a lot.

Also, shouldn’t the fact that Dazai knows so much about the port mafia clue everyone into the fact that he was affiliated with them at some point? I mean he knows a surprising amount of detail about them. I feel like maybe Deppo or Ranpo would have caught on since they’re more perceptive but I digress.

As for the last part, though in the episode trailer it looks like I’m finally getting my wish! A Deppo themed episode. Excited to see it, it looks like he might lose composure in this episode which would be interesting.

That’s my post for the week! Glad everyone seems to be enjoying these! It makes me happy to see so many people enjoy reading about what I have to say. I have another favor to ask, not about my writing this time. A friend of mine actually needs help. He is trying to earn enough money to leave his house and move out and such. He is selling some things and if you have anything you’d like to get from him, then please do! He has very reasonable prices for what he is selling and some of it is anime merch which I know my following enjoys, at least I assume you guys do considering this blog is mostly anime themed.

Here is a post I made on Tumblr if you wanna see it!  Thanks again for reading, see you next week for the next ep as always!




2 thoughts on “Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 5 Thoughts”

  1. I really enjoyed this episode as well, even though the mystery was pretty easily solved. I think these sorts of episodes are hindered by the fact we’ve all seen six thousand crime shows before and unless you introduce any other characters of course the culprit is sitting right there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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