Bungou Strays Dogs Episode 6 Thoughts


We are now at the halfway point of season 1 of Bungou Stray Dogs. This episode mostly focused on Deppo and some of his development as a character. I am pleased to report he is exactly what I hoped for. He’s, in reality, a stern guy with a temper but a total dork on the inside who’s obsessed with being organized and such. I’ve seen people say they don’t like Deppo because of how anger-prone he is but I find him to be a charming well-rounded character, especially after this episode. Also, envy his ability oh so very much.

This one was the characters solving another case connected to the port mafia. It involved kidnapping but the beginning of the episode is probably the least serious thing I have ever watched in an anime ever. Dazai tried to kill himself with poison mushrooms but instead he winded up becoming Sokka on cactus juice. It was really fun and pretty much cemented that Deppo is the stern Dad of this group. At first, I thought uncle but I changed my mind.

The part where Deppo tried to save the hostages was super sad in this episode! I had a feeling something happened to make him so stern or at least more stern than he was. I hope later on he realizes he did the best he could and it’s OK if he can’t always get it 100%. Someone give the poor guy a hug. Give a hug to the whole cast, to be honest, they all need one.

The female the character they managed to save in this episode is really adorable as well. I wonder if she will actually express interest in Dazai. I wouldn’t mind at all if that happened. In fact depending on how she is I might enjoy it a lot. Though Dazai might need to stop his whole suicide obsession before that can work. Pretty sure she isn’t into that but honestly, this show is so quirky I have no idea where it might go.

I didn’t suspect the bus driver was going to be the killer at all! I should have been a bit more on the ball with that since it was kind of predictable now that I think about it. Feel bad for the fact that he was threatened, though.

The scene with Dazai and Deppo talking about glasses (both of them) were the funniest parts of this episode to me, though. I honestly laughed a bit harder than I should have. Deppo was being really cute about it and Dazai is naturally very flamboyant. Glad he’s aware of it haha.

The fight between Deppo and Ryuunosuke was really badass, though. I wish it was longer. This whole arc is going to be 2 episodes, though. Next week is going to be another one that looks like it’s going to have some more badass fight scenes! I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading this! I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you all next week for the next episode! I will probably post before then though with another TMNT post. My least favorite TMNT episodes. I honestly have a lot of TMNT posts planned like my favorite moments/character etc. If you like TMNT be sure to stick around for that! Feel free to leave feedback on this as well, it makes me happy to see you guys enjoying the post/posts!

I bid you all adieu for now!


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