★Life Update★

Well, I know I typically don’t post here until tomorrow but surprise! Here I am! I know I said I’d make a Top 10 Worst TMNT Episode List, and I still am. As it turns out, choosing my least favorite episodes of my favorite childhood television show is infinitely harder then I thought. I might not even have enough for 10! Despite that, though, I shall shoulder on. It might only be a list of 5, but damn it I will try! :shakes fist at the sky:

So when I post these a lot of you seem interested in my life. Not entirely sure why, since it’s not THAT interesting. I mean it’s not like I go out and do a bunch of interesting stuff. Even if I did me outside would involve me at Barnes and Noble whenever I use the car and sitting in the manga section. That, or me going shopping for the family and occasionally splurging on the candy they have at the checkout counter.

Despite that though I do have some stuff going on I wouldn’t mind sharing.

First off, if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile school is mentioned a lot on here. Mostly in the context of “I’m sorry I haven’t done much! School has kept me so busy!” That won’t be the case now, though, at least for a little while. I worked very hard this school year on getting not one grade, but two in one school year. I’m pleased to announce that I have succeeded in that goal and come this September I shall be a Senior. I’m needless to say I’m very happy about this development.

Now I can FINALLY work on more productive things like my projects. Depending on how fast I can start being productive you guys will see those soon!

I also heard rumors that there might be another Code Realize game. If you saw my review you’ll know that I enjoyed that game a lot so news of a sequel makes me want to do a somersault. Generally, I’ve been looking at date sims more lately and when an opportunity surfaces to play yet another one, I’m all over it.

I’ve also become slightly more interested in developing my own style of clothes. To be honest I’m not terribly fashion savvy but I want to develop my own personal look for when I go out. I’m liking the goth look and the more nerdy looks so far. I’m planning on trying to put together an outfit that looks similar to a Miku figure I have. Hopefully, that works out!

Soon, I will also be learning how to drive officially. I’ve never done it before and I’m a bit nervous about messing the pedals up, but other than that I’m excited about it.

So yeah, basically life is an adventure right now. I’m happy and doing pretty good instead of being super anxious. Hopefully, it stays that way. Thanks for reading as always, and I shall see you all tomorrow when I make my Bungou Stray Dogs post.


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