Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 7 Thoughts


Wow! This episode was way more detailed and had a lot of stuff going. The last episode was more of a build up to this so let’s get started! We have plenty of ground to cover! Sorry, this post is a bit late, I was busier than expected today but I’m bringing it to you as promised!

First, let’s start with the boss of the detective agency. His name alludes me right now probably because he has only appeared once before. He is the quietest boss in anime I have ever watched. It’s hard for me to tell if he’s involved or not with the whole thing. Does he just send email’s to them to tell what to do off screen? I don’t know why I’m so focused on that, I know but like…he seems like a boss. A respected person and all that. I very rarely see him involved with the agency though so what gives?

Back to more important things, though. Atsushi, Deppo, and Dazai go to find this bomb and diffuse it. Atsushi was cute in this episode but I feel like as of late he hasn’t been involved as much as he should even though he’s technically the main character.

Despite that though seeing Deppo and Dazai work together was awesome. I was wondering if they even got along very well to myself as well, but they are battle wise quite flexible. They are very in sync with each other and have a good relationship and teamwork dynamic going for them. This episode showed that well, they’re dysfunctional but work together pretty well.

The scene where Deppo hit Dazai when he found Dazai was talking shit made me laugh harder than he should have, though.

Then, of course, there was Deppo talking to the hacker guy (I’m sorry forgot his name to). Deppo mentioned that he could never be a father to him. That’s odd and feels kind of out of the blue to him, though? Is Deppo a father? Was he even old enough to be one? Well…as the end of the episode so nicely showed that doesn’t matter much does it? He is kind of…not here anymore after all.

Speaking of hacker guy being dead, I did not expect that girl to be the killer at all. I kind of shipped her with Dazai so I am a bit disappointed but to be honest? I should have seen that coming too. The Azure messenger is an interesting character, and it’s painfully obvious we’ll be seeing him more. Looking forward to that of course.

It was so sad to see Deppo watch the hacker guy die, though. He seemed like he really cared for him. The conversation he and Deppo had about taking ideals to far was interesting. I think it might be foreshadowing? Maybe the Azure Messanger might use him at some point or Deppo will switch sides? I’m not sure but it’s interesting.

Dazai being serious is also pretty cool to see! The dude that controlled numbers was also super cool and kind of cute, I’ll admit it.

That’s about it for this episode. I enjoyed it, noticed a few interesting things. I’m excited for next week because we are going to see more of a character that hasn’t appeared as much! It’s going to be awesome and hopefully, I can actually get the post up on time for once in my life haha. I bid you adieu for now though! I hope you enjoyed the post despite the slight lateness!




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