Top 5 Worst TMNT 2003 Episodes


Well, I was finally able to do it! I thought about it and managed to come out with a list! It was kind of tricky since I did enjoy this show quite a lot and still do but there are some episodes that weren’t really good or episodes that just struck me as being very “meh” so to speak. I limited it to 5 instead of 10 this time since I don’t think I have 10 episodes that fit in that category but let’s dive right in!

1. Junklantis

I personally do not mind the garbageman villain and don’t mind the episode he was in either. I’ve seen a lot of people say this was the worst one but I disagree. As a one time Villan he was fine but this episode? This was the truly bad one. They somehow made it that the Garbageman SURVIVED and did a whole other episode with him. This episode is weaker than most others mostly because it brought back a villain no one really found appealing to begin with. At least we got some more cute Donny and Mikey stuff out of it, though! They were always a fun duo~.

2. The Engagement Ring

The only good part was when Casey actually gives her the ring. Everything else was pointless and honestly, it disturbed me a little. I first saw this one when it aired, and the whole part where April was throwing dishes at Casey and yelling at him was disturbing to me back then. It’s a small part but now that I look at it again, they were trying to pass off that whole scene as comedic and funny when it shouldn’t have been.

It was just completely unnecessary for that to happen to those two. Bad things happen to Casey and April plenty in the series, not every moment of their life including them being engaged needs to be a disaster. There was some cute Raph helping Casey out moments, though and a few other cute things. Mostly though really weak and unnecessary episode in my opinion.

3. Superpower Struggle

A lot weaker episodes came from Season 7. I don’t mind Season 7 since it had a lot of good episodes as well but it was definitely not a high moment in TMNT history. This one was just really stupid and immature. Yes Raphael and Mikey fight a lot but this episode just made them both look excessively petty and immature and after all the development they went through!

It’s not really that funny either, even with how it ended I still always skip this episode and it’s also one you can skip since it literally has no bearing on…anything really. It’s just a super lazy episode.

2. Zixxth Sense

I really don’t like Zixxth. I didn’t like him when he first appeared but the episode itself was bearable. Again, to me he was good for a one time shot so bringing him back was annoying. He’s like Deadpool, but like a watered down not fun version. The only fun part is where it’s implied in the end he gets his ass kicked. Thank god-

1. Reflections

I bet you can tell from the title what this is. A recap episode. This episode is just the turtles having a picnic and talking about all the stuff that happened before. It has a few cute and funny scenes, like when they’re talking in the present but I just don’t like recap episodes. Even though this is a worst list, this episode wasn’t THAT bad but still the biggest letdown to those hoping to see something entirely new.  I can only imagine how annoying it must have been to look forward to a new episode and then just get a clip show off other things that happened before.

Dishonorable Mentions: 

A few other episodes I wasn’t a fan of/am conflicted about and brief reasons why:

The Return Of Savanti Romero Part 1 And 2- Don’t hate this one, I’m conflicted about this. One one hand this episode had some really funny moments in it, but on the other I feel like it was overly mean spirited. True Renet can be annoying, but she was trying really hard in this episode and them being so mad at her about something that was beyond her control always made me feel bad.

Turtles In Space Saga- Always found this entire thing boring. I’ll probably get hate for that, but it didn’t interest me then, and still doesn’t now. I think the other episodes with the triceritons were good but not this one. This one to me was pretty boring and to freaking long. Especially since we were waiting on seeing what happened with the origin story when this popped up.

The Journal- This episode was funny, I’ll admit it but the inner child in me still gets upset at brain Donatello in a jar. A petty reason I know but…had to be said.

That’s about all I can remember! I hope you enjoyed my list. Feel free to leave a comment, especially if it’s about which episodes you personally didn’t like. I shall see you guys on Friday for Bungou Stray Dogs as always! With that I bid you all adieu for now.







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