More About Grandmother And Anime!

So some of you who have followed my blog for awhile remember this post! It was about how my Grandmother got into anime and people seemed to enjoy that post quite a bit so I decided since it’s been awhile and I’d make another one about her today!

She has been watching a bunch of it lately. She watches Anime on Hulu like every night now. It’s actually pretty cool! I’ve watched almost 400 titles but she’s honestly almost caught up with me! I have no idea how she does that but I’m glad she enjoys it so much!

She was happy that the post got a lot of views and is surprised her that more people in her age group don’t watch it. She’s also really annoyed that a handful of people her age actually think Anime is Satanic or something like that and wishes they would be more open-minded about things and finds them ignorant.She thinks more people her age should watch it also because it’s an amazing art form and takes a lot of talent and time to make and deserves more appreciation.

Her favorite genres are Sci-Fi, Romance, Slice of Life and Shoujo animes! She watches any anime, though, kind of like me she just loves the art form and wants to see everything it has to offer!

Now that she’s seen a lot more, her favorite shows are:

  • Hiiro No Kakera (she loves the opening of the first season especially, it’s the best thing she’s heard in an anime thus far and she thinks it’ll always be her favorite)
  • Kimi Ni Todoke (Haven’t seen this yet but I will get to that soon)
  • Say “I Love you” (Will get to that soon as well!)
  • Aesthetica of Rogue Hero (Not the best choice but OK-)
  • Your Lie In April (The only anime that made her cry apparently)
  • The Irregular At Magical High School
  • Love Stage!!
  • Free Season 1 and 2 (Her first anime actually! We watched it together!)
  • Snow White With Red Hair
  • Peach Girl
  • Special A
  • Ouran High Host Club
  • Hanasaku Iroha

I have to catch up with her she’s beating me in the romance genre!

Her least favorite shows (Though there aren’t many she liked most of what she watched) and moments are:

  • She didn’t like the ending for the Nana Anime though she liked the rest of the show
  • She didn’t like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge and winded up dropping it because she didn’t like the main girl, she creeped her out
  • She can’t remember a lot of what she disliked (She would have to see a picture or something to remember because it’s been awhile and she’s watched a lot)

Her favorite characters in Anime so far are:

  • Akatsuki Ousawa
  • Shouta Kazehaya
  • Yamato Kurosawa
  • Onizaki, Takuma

Her Least Favorites Are:

  • Naoki Irie
  • That’s the one she can remember now, no one else really comes to mind so far.

That’s about it! I hope you enjoyed hearing about her and I’ll probably write more about her in the future! Maybe I can get her in youtube video one day!




Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 12 Thoughts


Ahhhhhh! I’m so sad this show is ending! I have to wait until October to see it again now and after an episode and season finale like this!? That is a long wait! Way longer then it actually is! This was so amazing and you all need to hear about it, immediately. So let’s just jump right into the amazing and bad ass Season finale of Bungou Stray Dogs!

The episode starts off on a lighter note then expected for a finale. Atsushi wakes up with Kyouka in his room and it turns out they have limited space so she’s pretty much his roomate now. This is really cute since I love when Kyouka and Atsushi are together. Not as a romantic couple or anything, but as friends they are probably one of the cutest anime friendships I’ve ever seen. Atsushi is like an older brother to Kyouka and it’s amazing. This will definitely open up some comedic possibilities next season and some more cute scenes of course!

There was also Dazai suckering Atsushi into the whole thing which was hilarious. So technically, this has already opened up some comedic possibilities even though it’s only the first few minutes in. When Dazai changed facial expression like 3 times as he turned in the chair I laughed really hard as well. The last moment of episode 11 was a big ol screw you but he makes up for it by being well…himself.

That’s when the episode starts to take a more serious tone and becomes awesome. We get introduced to the leader of a secret society named The Guild. As it turns out they were the ones that instigated a lot of the attacks on Atsushi by putting out a bounty on his head. They are yet another organization of people with abilities, and speak of the devil they show up….BY LANDING THEIR HELICOPTER RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.

The moment you see them, you already dislike them. The leader is incredibly snobby and even the music change when he shows up proves it. He is pretty much that bastard who gets away with everything by paying people off and acting charming. He is a rich snob and now that I hear his voice better it isn’t very similar to Dazai at all. It is annoying and at least to me,very hard to listen to. He has pretty much ruined the term old sport for me on top of that and I’m not even lying.

He even tries to buy off Fukuzawa and persuade him to sell out by giving away his permit but he refuses. I clapped at that part. Fukuzawa was great in this scene. Even though he has a stern exterior I really appreciate him as a character. I can see that he cares for the other characters in his agency on more then just a business level. He clearly has a lot of integrity an what he did just reassures the whole family dynamic the Armed Detective Agency has and I love it. Like most money obsessed tyrants of course, he promises he’ll make him pay for that decision.

And then Kenji disappears out of thin air on the elevator ride down.

Now I know I said I found him annoying but honestly? He’s tolerable compared to Francis and the little brat he brought with him. Who do I mean? Oh, we’ll be getting to that in a bit. Kenji still disappears out of thin air though leaving just his hat. They also send a message…or rather threat to the armed detective agency by making an entire 7 story building disappear out of thin air overnight.

This naturally puts the agency in high alert and the Detective Agency members travel in groups. Atsushi goes with Junichirou and Naomi. I loved seeing them again, they really are adorable siblings but that moment of happiness ended when Naomi abruptly disappeared out of nowhere as well. The next thing they know they are all in the little world of Lucy.

I want to strangle Lucy by the way.

Her ability is called Anne of Abyssal Red and it is the most overpowered thing I’ve ever seen. I was worried about the OC I made being overpowered but you know what? Screw it. I have nothing to worry about. This ability can suck an infinite amount of people in this weird sub dimension goth/steampunk/I don’t even know, world. It can also freeze time in whatever area it manifests and she has a big ass doll that moves fast, is super strong and just well…pretty much the most powerful thing ever.

We also get introduced to a doctor character who is looking for what seems to be his daughter.This daughter is the little blond girl we saw in episode 11 I called a psychopath in the making. Needless to say it piqued my interest. Lucy basically makes the people that didn’t ruin away in terror which are Junichirou, Atsushi and the doctor character play tag. If they can get the key to the door before Anne can catch them they can have their friends and win the game.

I expected the doll to be pretty slow. My idea was big doll=lower speed but I was wrong. Junichirou got caught in pretty much the first millisecond of the game starting. I noticed around here that Lucy has braces. I don’t mind braces a lot and it was an interesting design choice, but for her it honestly just made her look more obnoxious then she already was. This entire fight however was amazing. I was pretty much glued to the screen and wanted to see every part.

Lucy tries to manipulate him psychologically and admits her jealously in a way very reminiscent of the temper tantrum Akutagawa threw in episode 10. It turns out Lucy also cheated and this almost breaks Atsushi and makes him give up.  The doctor gives him some encouragement however and Atsushi gets back up and into the fight. Lucy being the little annoying brat summons a 2nd Anne and he gets captured thanks to her cheating. The doctor manages to freeze her up and even the doll. His ability might be to make people freeze in fear which is pretty cool!

It turns out Junichirou used his ability to make a fake door and as Atsushi was getting dragged he wrapped a ribbon around Lucy’s waist. He threatens to drag them both in and Lucy panics because if she gets dragged in she will essentially be locked away forever by her own ability. Being the little brat she is of course she still says she refuses to fail, and Atsushi lets go and Lucy shows her true colors, a scared little pathetic child and lets everyone go.

I…feel conflict. I don’t like Lucy but do feel slightly bad for her because of what she went through. I also felt slightly bad when Atsushi tried to comfort her and she ran away in tears because she failed. Still though the part of me that imagines her just going “WAHHHH YOU BEAT ME UP! IM TELLING MY MOOOOM” and being a general brat overrides that. I know she wouldn’t say that exactly but I still wanna punt her against every wall in my house.

On to better and less annoying characters, the doctor who we figure out is named Mori finds Elise, the little girl he was looking for. She’s bizarrely calm about the whole kidnapping thing. I know both Mori and Elise are psychotic but as we can see here Elise takes after her Dad and watching them interact was cute. It was almost like Mori was all “Who’s my cute like psycho! You are my little angel!” It reminded me of the Addams Family to a degree, which is probably why I like how psychotic these two are.

The problems for the detective agency are solved except for one thing. Kyouka who was fine before has suddenly slid down to the floor and seems to be having a panic attack. This might have something to do with Mori’s ability and I honestly can only guess what’s going on and my guess is because he was a tormentor of hers in the port mafia.

Yup. That’s right. It is revealed that Mori is the leader of the Port Mafia and an ex doctor. They are ready for a fight against whoever gets in their way and Chuuya makes a brief appearance again! Yay!

Then the episode ends which made me scream at the computer. This was a plot twist I did not see coming and I am very excited to see what happens next. We’ll probably get more character development of everyone else and I do know some stuff that happens with Chuuya in later installments of the manga. There is a lot of amazing stuff coming and the anime sets us up for chomping at the bit for it very well.

There is going to be some badass fight scenes for sure. It’ll be The Detective Agency vs The Port Mafia vs The Guild and that is absolutely EPIC. This also shows us that the Port Mafia may not be as bad as we originally thought. True, they’ve done a lot of terrible things but compared to the The Guild? I’m of the opinion now that The Guild is definitely worse and I honestly don’t care that The Port Mafia just killed one of The Guild members at all. If he was anything like Francis or Lucy I would have wanted him dead anyway. So thank you Port Mafia for sparing me another annoying character.

The Series Overall:

Overall I am giving this series a 4.9 out of 5. This show was almost PERFECT. The characters were awesome, the art was beautiful, the plot kept my interest and went at a good pace and the music was not only good but very unique especially the background tracks throughout the show. There were a few minor hiccups in this show but nothing very big or bothersome at all and I highly recommend watching it. I love this show so much I’ll probably wind up buying merchandise for it, which isn’t something I  normally do at all with many shows. This is a very good and unique Anime and I will be chomping at the bit for season 2.

A Few Last Thing before I leave you until my next post though! I heard rumors of an OVA coming out and if I see that, I will review it the moment I can find it. Though my Comic Frontline followers are probably wondering what I’ll be posting up here on Friday now that Bungou Stray Dogs has ended.

What will happen is I’ll write a review for another Spring 2016 show on Friday and then after that I’ll start up again with another show on whatever date depending on when the show starts.

I’ve decided I’ll only be analyzing two summer shows ep by ep even though I’m watching way more. Just watching the show is one thing but writing 3 posts each week might be a bit much for me, so I decided I’d only do that with 2. The two I’ve decided to do the weekly posts on are D Grey Man Hallow and Shokugeki No Soma Season 2

If D Grey Man does come out on July 5th, the post about the latest ep will show up on Friday. As for Shokugeki No Soma, those will come out on Tuesdays assuming that the show starts on July 2nd. The date of my post all depends on their release dates and if that is when they come out, that’s how it shall go.

I have also started uploading Youtube videos for those of you who don’t know. I now use my voice in videos and appeared on Anime Weekly last night as well! My most recent post there was an analysis of a meme some of you may know called ME!ME!ME! You can all check it out here!

Until then I bid you all adieu!

ME!ME!ME/Daoko Girl Is Not What We Think Part 1


Click here if you want to hear this article narrated by me!

Today I decided I wanted to discuss something a bit older. I know plenty of people have already discussed these two videos at length but I feel like the currently more popular theory that’s circling around the internet about the infamous ME!ME!ME! and Daoko Girl is not exactly correct. I think if you look at these two videos through a different lens, a whole new story comes to light and I’m going to be telling you what that story is. I will be doing it in two parts, this one will be dedicated to ME!ME!ME!

For simplicities sake, we will be calling the girl, Anna and the boy Takumi. I don’t know why I chose these names but to me, they fit.

The video starts showing us the room of Takumi. He has a lot of anime merchandise on his shelves, manga and things of that nature. This is what leads most of the theorists I’ve seen so far to believe that Takumi is obsessed with this and thus villanizing him right out of the gate.

However, this actually isn’t the case. Takumi at least in the beginning of the video actually seems incredibly listless and sad looking. He’s laying on his side almost curled up and not doing anything, not even looking at TV. We can tell because it isn’t in his line of sight. He’s just staring at the wall.

The room is also a mess and based on the way it looks it can be assumed he hasn’t left his room in awhile. All of this points to him actually being extremely depressed and something is very clearly wrong. There is also a broken thing on the desk, remember that, it comes into play again later.

In the next scene, we cut to a female character dancing and doing generally provocative things. You’ll notice that the color scheme this girl and the background has is different compared to what we were seeing before. I think this indicates that we are seeing an imagined sequence.

Again people use this to villanize him further saying he’s just a pervert but let’s be honest. For a young adult/teenager, this is pretty normal, especially in guys. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad person and in fact, the evidence points to him just using this as an escape from how he feels right now. Plenty of people use fictional stuff and fantasies to try and make themselves feel better about things.

Then the tone of the video changes and we see the first appearance of Anna. Now I know what you are all thinking. “That’s not her! The human looking one is her!” This actually represents Anna’s true self which I shall explain as we get deeper into the video. He clearly doesn’t enjoy this because the content look he had before gets replaced with one of horror like he’s seeing something he has never noticed for the first time.

He then opens his eyes and we’re back in his room. Anna is in the real world now but I think that even though she came out of the TV this just represents her coming to his apartment that she may or may not live with him in. The scene itself is disturbing but I feel that ME!ME!ME! uses it’s more disturbing visuals as a way of getting attention to the story itself.

I feel this scene represents Takumi starting to realize that Anna is not who he thought she was and Anna’s mask starting to crack as her true self-bubbles to the surface. The scene where she throws up in her mouth represents her “feeding him lies”. He’s starting to see the things she tells him as complete bullshit and something unpleasant.

A brief montage is shown mostly of more sexual imagery all while Takumi still has that dead uninterested stare. Anna is trying to manipulate him using the one thing she knows will work, sex. This is why a bunch of more provocative imagery is shown in this part. They show the viewer that this is how she manipulates him and that this is Takumi’s weakness to a degree. The other girl with the blue/green hair, however, does play a part in all this and isn’t just a character. We’ll get to that later on as well.

The manipulation, however, doesn’t seem to be working like usual so Anna uses something else to try and get him back under her thumb. Emotional manipulation. Anna puts on her innocent act once again and starts crying. He sighs and walks away from her but she continues crying on the floor. It winds up working and he goes back to her only to be screwed over again as the real Anna hurts him once more, this time, more severely.

We then see Anna crying again and kissing him. She does this to make sure she doesn’t grow to hate him almost as an “I’m doing this for you because I love you!” Sort of way. He finally wakes up to a degree going through the memories in his head as if he’s rethinking everything. His entire body comes back into peeking physical condition and in a new robotic looking outfit. This outfit is the one on the desk that was broken that we saw earlier and there is the reason why it’s broken.

Takumi has realized what type of person she is and becoming himself. She obviously doesn’t approve of how he is and what he’s into but he doesn’t care about that and is finally fighting for the right to be himself which is why the mech suit looks very traditionally anime.

The balance of power is shifting and this is represented by the video turning very first person shooter oriented as he fights his way through. The blue/green haired girl is shown to be the enemy but in reality, she is just a puppet to Anna and not really so important in this video.

While he is trying to break through and earn his own life back, however, that doesn’t mean he’s completely free. He still has to stand his ground and unfortunately fails to do so. There is still a part of him that thinks Anna isn’t really a bad person. Maybe he can change her mind about him is what he probably thought but yet again he falls right into the trap. He lets his guard down and this is represented by his metal mech suit falling off.

He pays for this in the next scene, however. Anna isn’t bothering to hide her true nature and releases her full power on him. He tries to fight back the best he can but it fails. He now knows for sure what type of person she is and we can tell by his crying and the way he looks at her completely petrified while restrained. At this point, The is too exhausted and too broken to care.

The final scene is his head falling to the ground but his eyes opening and staring at the camera the same way. You could say that this represents a cycle. She breaks Takumi’s spirit temporarily, he tries to get his life back but then she beats him back down. The broken thing on the desk can also represent a bunch of things.

Perhaps she literally broke it on him and left the room. This would have a lot of meaning because there is also a pretty big chance that Takumi made that figure himself. In fact maybe, this isn’t just a hobby but actually something he wants to for a living and she doesn’t approve.

Basically, I think this is the story of Takumi wanting to work in the anime industry, most likely in the making figures department and he is working towards that dream. He thought that Anna loved him for who he was and supported his dream even if it would be something that he might have to spend years trying to have. It turns out she just wants to mold him and manipulate him into the type of person she wants, whoever that might be. She uses sex and crocodile tears and pretty much emotional abuse to do so and the cycle she has created is something he can’t seem to break out of no matter how hard he tries.

While he could leave, as most manipulators do, she gas lights him and she probably makes him feel insecure about himself saying no other girl would want him. Calling him a loser, and villainizing the other girl and the things and people he loves around him so he becomes dependent on her and exactly the way she wants.

The video is very jumbled and confusing because they’re trying to show you the confusion and emotional turmoil Takumi is feeling. What about the lyrics, though? Do they point to this being the story of ME!ME!ME! ?

Actually….they do.

Because the video is so jumbled and confusing, we can also assume the lyrics are not all sung by Anna. They like the video might jump from place to place so some might actually be Takumi’s feelings on the situation and not Anna.

“My feelings are divided into two, baby.”  Can be about how he is unsure about her true nature. On one end she makes him happy but on another, she makes him feel about himself.

“What you created Is Not A Lie?” Takumi wondering if she’s been putting on act the whole relationship

“My heart changed at your convenience” Hinting to the fact  that maybe Takumi tried to change for her to make her happy

“False Memories, Narrow Mind” -When someone is trying to manipulate someone they often try to make them question the person’s own grasp and perception ie: “Are you sure we did that?” “I don’t remember that you must be imagining things” It’s a bit of a stretch but possibly what they are alluding to.

“Return, love me. We’ve come so far.” -Him feeling desperate for her not to leave and wanting her to love him for who she is

“If only I could just erase it all.” -Possibly alluding to the fact that even though part of him loves her he also wants her gone and out of his life showing his confusion even further.

“Please recall my heart, please recall my love, please come back.” -More of him being desperate

“Thinking of yourself made us distant.” A dead ringer for Anna only thinking of what she wants and not how she feels making Takumi want to distance himself.

” Since that day, at that moment, when I dreamed of a flower” A reference to the flower in Anna’s hair

“She was a good girl.” – Him reminiscing on how he thought she was

“What will you do with your life? “What will you do for a living?” “No matter how you live, you’ll always be a loser.” “Fear stops builds and accumulates inside you.” “Your memories overlap one after another.”I tried my best. What are you gonna do yourself?” – Her insulting him and showing how little confidence she has in his dreams etc.

There are others that point to the theory but I think these say a lot. Even if the whole song doesn’t point to this, it seems a big handful of it does, to big to be ignored.

Now that we’ve reached the end of my ME!ME!ME! analysis some of you may be asking, “Bravo, what other girl? If that was an imaginary sequence then she isn’t real right?” Well no….

While the other girl was part of a fantasy sequence and mostly seemed to be being used as a pawn in Anna’s mind game. This girl is a real girl and someone Takumi clearly has his mind on. Who is this girl you may ask? Well while the resemblance isn’t completely uncanny the girl in the fantasy sequence looks very similar to the girl Daoko Girl who we shall be calling Star from here on out.

The story continues in Daoko Girl…but that’s for another time.

Until then I bid you adieu and shall see you all tomorrow for Bungou Stray Dogs! I hope you enjoyed this surprise post, however! I didn’t expect to be posting this, this week but this came to me and I just had to make it! See you all next post!





Bravo’s Top 10 Anime Crushes

So my friends for some reason thought I should make this silly little list. I wasn’t gonna do it at first but I was honestly not in the mood to write a review and have to do some other important writing things so I figured I would just make this silly list today. Hope you’re all happy ya nerds haha.

Honorable Mentions:

Ikaros from Heavens Lost Property


It is very rare for me to have crushes on female characters. The reason there are no girls on the main list is because even when I do have crushes on girls…I dunno. Even when I do find girls to be cute I can’t get on the “I would date them” bandwagon and that’s why Ikaros is only an honorable mention. Despite that though I loved her and she is a huge reason why I even loved Heavens Lost Property.

She was very nicely designed, a well developed well-rounded character and is honestly the best character in Heaven’s Lost Property in my opinion, and pretty much one of the few things keeping the story afloat cause besides her and a few other things a lot of the show is fanservice, so…yeah. Remember future writers always have good characters, they might save the whole thing.


Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood


I haven’t watched this show yet but I am really excited to. I have read a bit about this character and honestly already love him. He seems like the sweeter gentle type with the tragic angsty backstory. What’s not to like? All that’s missing is him being a little shy and he’d be my ideal male anime character. The only reason he isn’t on the list is because I haven’t seen the show and am not sure EXACTLY what he’s like and want to make sure I’m not wrong basically.

With that let’s get to the list!

10. Hazama from the Blazblue series


I blame my friend Niji entirely. This is all her fault damn her for introducing me :waves fist again:. In all seriousness though this dude is really hard not to love. He is pretty much the antagonist and you’re supposed to hate the guy, but it’s hard to. The bastards a charming little snake and yet at the same time I feel pity for the guy cause he is a vessel built to harbor an evil spirit named Terumi and Hazama himself is more a bit of a mischief maker who likes the watch the world burn as opposed to a psycho.

Though I do have to admit he is quite charming and a really fun character to watch, he’s a bit too off his rocker hence the reason why he’s lower on the list.

9. Hans Humpty From Rokka No Yuusha


Another one that isn’t really my type yet somehow managed to worm his way on this list. The moment he appeared on screen he was my favorite cast member. He has a cat motif going for him, but it doesn’t bother me like most cat type anime characters and he has a great personality that is a pleasure to watch and his fight scenes are amazing as well and let’s be honest, everyone who watched this show and saw Hans, especially the first time his eyes were shown was like “…Damn.” Don’t lie I looked through the tags and saw it all damn it!

As much as I do love him as a character though my crush on him is smaller compared to the other characters on this list. Despite it being a smaller crush though it is definitely there I must admit XD.

8. Kyoukai From Active Raid


This is a character that was a minor character. This is the reason why he is lower on the list but what I’ve seen of this guy? I love him. This nerd had that sass to him and is a huge little cheerful nerd. In season 2 of the show, I hope he is covered more and we get to learn more about him like the other characters. There honestly isn’t much to dislike about him so far, though, he’s super cute and he has a nice design to boot. I really do hope he shows up more.

7. L Lawliet from Death Note


I didn’t watch Death Note for a long time and didn’t get the big deal about L and  why everyone seemed to have such a huge crush on him. Then I watched the show and well…I got it. I so got it. I don’t know how but L is pretty damn attractive. He has a gothic look to him I guess and his voice (The English dub is what I saw) is also quite smooth. Despite his emotionless way of being, though, he is obviously a pretty caring individual considering the fact that he dedicates his life to solving crimes and such.

A lawful good if you will. He has his flaws yes but everyone who has seen this series will agree he is definitely worthy of the attention he gets and probably worthy of all the fans he has that crush on him as well.

6. Allen Walker From D Grey Men


One of my first anime crushes. My crush isn’t as strong as it used to be back when I first watched this at around 12. Allen is pretty much everyone’s dream guy because he is more the everyman of the series, and relatable since you learn about the Black Order through him for the most part. He is also a gentleman to the core and has such an adorable smile and he is also that type of character you just want to hug. I’ll always have a huge soft spot for him and that’ll show when I D Grey Man Hallow comes out. Though his dark side takes away from his appeal a tad since it’s pretty scary.

5. Morino Ryoushi from Ookami San and Her Seven Companions


Dear lord where do I begin. I love this character so much and have a huge soft spot even bigger than the one I have for Allen.

My favorite type is the shy quiet anime boy who is a little pathetic. In reality even though he lacks courage he is sweet and more in touch with his emotional side. Loyal and would do anything for the person he loves even if it scares him. Typically I also like it when they have the whole once they warm up to people they have the whole cheerful, gentle person who sees the best in all things going on but is a bit too gullible thing.

He manages to touch upon all these points and I love him for it. I watched this show when I was going through a difficult time and it gave me a type of main characters I always wanted to see but never typically got to. A girl who was tougher and a boy who played a more emotional role. Loved the show and love him especially.

4. Dazai Osamu From Bungou Stray Dogs


If you’ve read my past entries this will come as a surprise to exactly none of you. I dunno how this happened, to be honest. Dazai is a pretty unique character and he doesn’t exactly fall into any particular archetypes which are what makes him interesting. He’s quirky and his personality is hard to peg and you can’t hate him. He’s cute and extremely attractive and even though he’s not my type, damn is he perfect. It’s hard to understand unless you watch the show so I recommend doing that highly as well.

3. Kaito from Vocaloid


OK, so I know he isn’t on a show but he is technically an anime character so he earns himself a spot on the list. A huge spot for that matter. He was always my favorite Vocaloid to the point where I honestly want to learn how to use Vocaloid so I can use him on songs and such. His personality is portrayed as being this dorky big brother figure who loves ice cream. He is the most loveable Vocaloid even compared to Miku.

2. Victor Frankenstein from Code Realize


Ahhhh I loved this game and Victor was the first one I played through. My heart fluttered in my chest at this route in the game haha. Yet another cute,shy dork. He stuck with Cardia in her route even if it meant risking his life and the ending made me say “Awww” out loud. I couldn’t help but get emotionally invested in the game,only Saint Germain came close to taking his spot and while I will admit his story was my favorite Victor’s just had a lot more emotional value.

1. Natsuki Shinomiya from Uta No Prince Sama and Ukyo from Amnesia


I’m awful. I could not choose one. I kept bouncing in between the two because I loved them so much. I kept thinking “But I can’t put Natsuki over Ukyo!” or “I can’t put Natsuki over Ukyo!”and to be honest, when it comes to anime my crushes are so wildly inconsistent and with these two I tend to bounce between which ones my favorite on a daily basis.

Ukyo is closer to my type and one of the few characters that I loved so much I winded up making a whole Ukyo x OC story for him. He has long hair to top it all of and the only really bad thing is the multiple personality thing going on and later it turns out even that side isn’t so bad so yeah…Ukyo is perfect.

Then we have Natsuki. He has some aspects of that and is honestly probably one of the sweetest characters I’ve ever seen in a show altogether. To be honest, if Natsuki and Ukyo fused into one person they’d probably be my ideal anime character. They are both absolutely my biggest anime crushes and probably 2 of my favorite anime boys of all time for both interesting character reasons, being attractive and just being all around perfect!

There we have it though! I hope you all enjoyed this list and of course be sure to join me for the season finale of Bungou Stray Dogs! I look forward to it and I’m sure you do as well! In the meantime though I bid you all adieu!



Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 11 Thoughts


OK, I’m not going to lie to you guys. This episode wasn’t very good. The show went from giving me my favorite episode of all time, to the most boring one thus far. Despite that, I will try to do my best to tell you about it though and being entertaining though despite that! So let’s get into Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 11!

The good news is that the Detective Agency has taken a huge shine to Kyouka. They adored before they even knew she would become a permanent resident at the detective agency.  It was really cute and I’m glad they accepted her so quickly! Granted I’m not sure where they got that maid outfit exactly but it was a bonding experience for the agency as slightly awkward as it is. Deppo still seems to be keeping his distance to a degree, though. Even he’s softened which is cute too.

Even Fukuzawa liked him. I’m telling you guys the dude is just a stern grandpa. He even said he would “Take her in”! The detective agency really is like a big adoption agency to a degree. Making an X-men AU for this somehow is incredibly tempting, but I’ll save my fanfiction silliness for another time.

Then the rest of the episode was mostly dedicated to Higuchi. For those of you who don’t remember her, I honestly had to look her name up to remember what her name was. At first, we see Higuchi in a mansion talking to a rich guy. We are also semi-introduced to a new character. We don’t know her name yet but we do know that she doesn’t like Ryuunosuke and is a psychopath killer in the making.

She might have an ability, and my theory is it’s probably teleportation since she randomly appeared on the table out of nowhere. That or she causes mental degeneration on whoever she chooses with hallucinations? I want to have a creative theory on it haha.

Anyway, the rest of the first half or so focuses on Higuchi questioning herself a bit. We get to see more of the mafia at work and how they are towards each other and naturally they aren’t very nice. Higuchi’s love for Ryuunsuke makes me kind of uncomfortable. She seems to have Stockholm syndrome and he honestly treats her terribly.

She decides to save him from what I assume is law enforcement since he wasn’t dead, just comatose (much to my dismay) and she along with 3 other members we’ve yet to learn much about yet help her. He walked up from his coma thanks to her sempai about 500 times and pulls the tsundere. “Sorry for the trouble” thing looking away from her and all. The whole shebang.

I can see they wanted to make a segment where they showed us he was alive somehow but I don’t understand in the slightest why they decided to focus on Higuchi since she wasn’t really terribly important up until now. I also don’t like her much despite my sympathy for the position she is in. She’s powerful and all, but her personality is just very…annoying to me I guess. I don’t know how to explain it exactly.

By now of course, as I stared at the screen bored out of my mind I asked myself. “Where the hell is Dazai?” but continued on regardless hoping the next segment would be better.

The next half of the episode was the cop from another earlier episode coming back and asking for the agency’s help again. This episode finally lets us get to know Kenji better. The last agency member we haven’t learned much about yet and I am displeased to announce that he doesn’t impress me much. He is kind of a boring character and his personality can be summed up in two, very simplistic points.

1. He’s that one anime character that looks 12

2. He’s cheerful,pleasant and looks like he’s from a farm but has that secret scary person inside him.

That’s it really.

The rest of Atsushi solving the case with him was boring. A little funny at times but mostly very boring. I honestly was only half paying attention at this point and praying that Dazai would appear and make things more fun but of course he didn’t. He was….absent until the end but we’ll get to that.

Eventually, they do find the culprit that caused the bomb to go off. I know I shouldn’t have laughed but when Kenji (or Young Mcdonald as I have named him) got smacked I completely lost it laughing. That one tiny part, in a nutshell, is how I felt about this episode as a whole. I may as well have just made this week post a gif of that.

We then see his power and it is the ability to have super strength on an empty stomach and we get to see him smack a bunch of people with a car. Lovely.

I was honestly not to terribly surprised this was his power, and normally don’t insult characters too much and I’m sorry, but this character looks like Finnian (From Black Butler) and Shizuo’s (From Durarara) clone Heck, the kid even smacked someone with a sign like Shizuo does!

Then the episode ends peacefully with Atsushi now knowing more about another one of his teammates. Deppo yelling at Atsushi over the phone was funny but other than that the ending was very overwhelming.

Naturally I was very unsatisfied and skipped to end to see what’s in store for us with the grand finale of the first season. All we get is Dazai hanging out in what I’ll assume is his house while he drinks sake, eats crab, reads a book and relaxes. He says he’ll tell the agency he got away from the mafia tomorrow. Then Bravo BROKE HIS DOOR DOWN AND SMACKED HIM WITH A SHOE FOR NOT SHOWING UP SOONER.


OK, so that was a bit of an exaggeration but isn’t Dazai a little shit? It’s why I love him but I wanted to kill him after this tranquilizer of a show. Maybe the season finale will be just him, though. I would so watch an episode just following Dazai, to be honest.

With the final episode of the 1st season up and ready I’m a bit sad. I’m really loving this show despite this slow episode and wish we could just watch the whole show as one season. Either way, though I shall see you all next week for the season finale of Bungou Stray Dogs.

I don’t know what I’ll do for the one/two weeks while we wait for the Summer Anime’s I chose to air but I’ll probably do a review of one of the Spring shows. Speaking of Summer though I actually need some help from the readers! I decided that I was going to do ep by ep analysis’s of 3 shows this Summer.

One I chose for those of you I haven’t seen was D Grey Man Hallow. However, I’m having trouble choosing two other Summer shows. I decided I’d let the readers vote on what they would like to see! My list of choices is here! 

All you guys really have to do is choose two you want to see me do most and put the titles in the comments. I’ll choose whichever gets the most requested.

With that, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a good rest of the week and of course I bid you all adieu for now!


Bravo’s Summer Anime Lineup Choices

With a lot of Spring shows one or two episodes from ending their run, I thought it was time to decide what I would be watching this Summer. I think I went a little overboard but honestly? Summer Season tends to be the most amazing when it comes to Anime and I want to miss as little as possible.

So I re-picked up two ones from Spring that I shall be continuing. I went back to Kabenari Iron Fortress, picked up Hundred and re-picked up Re: Zero. I also never dropped Endride so I’ll be keeping that up through the Summer Season as well!

Here’s what I’ll be adding, though!

  • Berserk (2016)
  • D.Gray-man Hallow
  • ReLife
  • Orange
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen – Zetsubou-hen
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen – Mirai-hen
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Rewrite
  • Masou Gakuen HxH
  • 91 Days
  • Nejimaki Seirei Senki Tenkyou no Alderamin
  • Servamp
  • Taboo Tattoo
  • Qualidea Code
  • New Game!
  • Hatsukoi Monster
  • Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
  • Amaama to Inazuma
  • Battery
  • Amanchu!
  • Fukigen na Mononokean
  • Days (TV)
  • Cheer Danshi!!
  • Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE!
  • Ange Vierge
  • Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu
  • Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan (TV)
  • B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious
  • Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hachi Gakari 2nd
  • Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars
  • Scared Rider Xechs
  • Tsukiuta. The Animation
  • Ozmafia!!
  • Hitori no Shita: The Outcast
  • Show By Rock!! Short!!
  • Time Travel Shoujo: Mari Waka to 8-nin no Kagakusha-tachi
  • Mahou Shoujo? Naria☆Girls
  • Mahoutsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito

I will also probably watch Food Wars Season 2, assuming I can catch up with season one before then!

There you guys have it! I chose a lot for the Summer. I’m genuinely interested in most of these but I’ll be honest quite a few of these are “Eh why not?” choices. That and  choosing for vapid  reasons. I only chose Hatsukoi Monster because one supporting casting member looked cute to me. Mostly though I look forward to all of these. I don’t want to miss a single thing for Summer or at least as little as possible since Summer tends to be the best anime season most years.

Which Will I be Reviewing Ep by EP?:

 I have a surprise actually! I won’t be reviewing just one show ep by ep. I am going to review three ep by ep like I’ve been doing with Bungou Stray Dogs!
I know one show that will definitely get an Ep by Ep analysis will be D Grey Man Hallow! 
However, I’m not sure about the other 2. That’s why I decided I want your help! Choose two other shows from this list you would like to see me do that with and leave your choices in the comments! I’ll choose whichever I get the most of!
With that though I bid you adieu until Friday for the next Bungou Stray Dogs! Please leave your request for which 2 Summer Anime gets analyzed by me in the comments! I’m having trouble choosing and could really use some help!



Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 10 Thoughts


Oh boy, every episode of this gets better. I was honestly hoping this episode would be full of material since this was also going to be my first official post on Comic Frontline. Thankfully this episode provided for it! Anyway, though, since I have a lot to cover let’s not dawdle and get right into the beauty that is Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 10.

This episode made itself my favorite one in literally 5 minutes. We jump right into an epic fight with Dazai and Chuuya the moment the opening ends. Dazai has amazing dodge capabilities and I love his fighting style. It seems to be a “conserve your energy and never be afraid to dodge” sort of deal. Not only that, though, but Dazai’s fight style is very graceful and almost like dancing if he threw in some more twirls. When Chuuya punched him and his eyes widened though I got super worried. Dazai is a powerful guy, he doesn’t flinch easily so when he has any negative emotions on his face I became pretty…well horrified. Chuuya’s a pretty impressive fighter too, and his fight style seems to be “give it all ya got in one punch”.He sure didn’t give poor Dazai any mercy at least. 

Dazai naturally is one clever guy as always and finds a way to worm his way out of getting killed, and manages to be fabulous and smirking all the way while doing so. In fact, he got himself caught on purpose and I’m honestly not the least bit surprised. That my friends is pretty classically Dazai and I should have seen it coming. It’s amusing to watch and the tone switches faster than anything I’ve seen before in an anime, even Bungou Stray Dogs which tends to switch tone a lot. At first, I was a bit annoyed cause I wanted to see more fighting but the moment it continued on I started laughing harder than I should have considering everyone in my house was asleep. It was mostly Dazai egging on Chuuya and I cannot do the scene justice even if I tried.

I will say this, though, Dazai has a very feminine looking body. I noticed when he bent forward he has an hourglass figure, curves if you will. I picked up on it since I was trying to pay a lot of attention to the animation in this part. When he was annoying Chuuya he even made his voice sound more feminine adding to it. Then Chuuya turns around and tries to out do and does an equally ridiculous sounding feminine voice and the screencap I chose for this week shows. Ahh Taniyami Kishou, you did you voice Natsuki Shinomiya one of my favorite anime character’s of all time and whenever you get cast into a new role you never fail to impress. Still getting used to you playing a delinquent/bad boy character though haha.

I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Poor Chuuya, he tried. At first, I found him a little annoying, but I changed my mind, he’s quite the character and I hope we see him more. I can honestly see him being kind of a double agent later since him and Dazai have a frenemy thing going on. He seems annoyed by Dazai but similar to how Deppo is annoyed by Dazai. I honestly think Chuuya has a fondness for him and we’ll see him helping him out later and being tsundere to the core about it as well.

A full on “It’s not like I care or anything Dazai. I just want to be the one to kick your as in the end so I can’t let you die here, idiot!” Come on tell me you can’t see it. I’m honestly on the same wavelength as the shippers over at Tumblr. They would have chemistry if not for some the pesky ship ruining port mafia haha.

Speaking of them, though, the next arc is another great moment for Atsushi. He does something he typically doesn’t like to do which is kind of an avoidance thing. He likes to stay out of dangerous situations but today he finally got brave and stood up for what he believed in despite his fears. I get that what Deppo says comes from a caring place (yes, he found Atushi already detective agency works quickly) but I still don’t appreciate it. True, self-preservation is important to a degree, especially for those who have been hurt a lot like Deppo, but if you can help someone, you should do your best and I’m glad Atsushi saw that and thrust himself in despite the risks.

Kyouka also had her development and stood up against the crazy bastard that is Ryunosuuke. She also confronts her tormentor and stands up for herself realizing that her life is worth more than what she’s told it is. She almost gets called but Atsushi helps her out and what then ensues is probably one of the most badass fight scenes I’ve seen in awhile as well.

I can’t commentate much on fight scenes but I will point out that Atsushi has a cat like a fighting style especially when he jumps off things. It resembles a tiger for sure, kudos to the animators for doing that I enjoyed it.

In this fight, we get an interesting flashback, though. As it turns out Dazai helped train Ryuunosuke and is kind of the reason he’s such a brutal bastard. Haha…oops. I don’t like port mafia Dazai though I wonder what made him join to begin with and even more interestingly what made him soften? Hopefully, it was Deppo but I’m sure we’ll find out later.

The fight was badass we got to see some cool Ryuunsuke but in the end, it was Atsushi who got the coolness cake. He pulled through some pretty steep attacks and managed to defeat the little shit. Thank god, I’ve honestly had my fill of Ryuunsuke if he died I wouldn’t care too terribly on a personal level but on a plot level? OK…I might care a bit he is important.

What’s important though is that Kyouka is safe and they all got away. Atsushi did well this week and deserves some applause for that. Heck, he even got the rare unicorn fart that is Deppo actually SMILING. Hopefully, he respects him more now.

We were then introduced to a new villain in the final scene. Definitely important and maybe even the ringleader of the whole criminal thing in the area as whole! He kind of sounded like another character in the show though I’m not sure which one. I’m also intrigued by his ability, The Great Gatsby. I wonder what it is? As someone who read the book, maybe his ability to draw rich and extravagant things to himself? Create pleasurable illusions out of thin air to brainwash his opponent? (Gatsby was a rich and extravagant man who earned his status through questionable connections so maybe that’s what they’re going for?)

I hope I got close I did put some thought into that. I did like Great Gatsby and didn’t consider it a waste of time but if I got this right this book would come to use in my life to some degree haha.

Aaaaand that’s about it for this weeks episode. It was my favorite episode of the series so far and was actually a bit more quality then normal music and animation wise this week if you ask me! I look forward to next week immensely and enjoyed writing this a lot! I hope you enjoyed reading this as well, and let us all wait in quiet suspense for next week. I know it’s going to be hard for me to wait until next week after all that happened!

You shall see me on Friday again but who knows, my writing muse is higher so I might be starting a new fanfic this week~. I’ll be sure to show all of you if I do and I might even review a Spring anime show that I just finished in a few days if I can find some time to sit down and write it! I know I haven’t found the time lately, but I swear I will try to manage my time better and give you something more than a little personal blurb. If I can manage I promise to make the wait worthwhile!

With that, though, I bid you all adieu!