A Quick Promotion Post

So, I wasn’t sure what I would post today. I wanted to post something other then Bungou Stray Dogs this week, but nothing eventful enough has happened to write a nice entry for. So I decided today I would try and help someone out.

I already did this on Tumblr a few times but I think my following here might be interested in this as well. In fact, one of the blogs following me (I see you there, liking all my posts fashionista , thank you I really do appreciate it and you have nice posts as well) will definitely really like these.

Recently my friend Aaron started up a shop. He recently finished school and is trying incredibly hard to make it work. He has put a lot of money into what he makes, and even buys cute boxes to put the things he makes in. He works hard on presentation, The product itself and everything else, so much so that his bank account is in the negatives from all the money he put into it thus far.

The problem is a lot of people are looking but no one is actually buying anything. Actually only me and another person have really bought anything from the shop, last time I checked. It really sucks because Aaron is one of my closest friends, I’ve known him since 2013. He’s trying his hardest and is doing literally everything he can think of. I’m doing my best to help promote it, and he has his heart set on doing this, this is pretty much his ideal job and I don’t want to see it continue getting overlooked. Here’a a promo made a while back just to show one of the things he has

The shop itself is called Rainy Night Crafts  and can be checked out by clicking on the name! If you could help him out, and maybe even promote this as well, I would be really happy. Thank you for reading if you did and I’ll see you guys on Friday for Bungou Stray Dogs as always!


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