Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 9 Thoughts


Okay, this episode sent me on a roller coaster. We have loads to cover for this week and I won’t keep you guys waiting. Let’s dive into the emotional hell that is this episode.

First off, I was a little mad at Deppo at the beginning of this episode. By now I know that Deppo is a very rule-abiding, stern sort of guy. They know it, we know it, and to be honest they established exactly what type of person he is the moment he appeared. Despite that though I’m actually surprised and was a little disappointed in Deppo. Even after hearing her backstory and how this wasn’t what she wanted to do at all, he still didn’t seem to have much sympathy and treated it as if helping her would be a burden. Atsushi on the other hand though was very sweet and I loved how he wanted to help her. I think that she reminds him of himself most likely. She even ate him out of money like he did to Deppo at the beginning of the series.

This episode had Atsushi maturing a little. He was like an older brother to her and the portion of the episode where he took her around to do fun things was so sweet. Kyouka deserves much better and seeing her happy and seeing her just being able to do things girl’s her age like to do was the cutest thing I saw this week. Especially when she got the rabbit plushie she wanted. My heart simultaneously broke and got the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with cute scenes at the same time.

…..Then it all went to shit.

Kyouka actually tried to turn herself in much to my horror. She was quickly becoming my favorite female in the show and I expected him to save her from the police or something. What I did not expect however was Ryuunosuke to brutally stab Atsushi through the chest from behind. The entire scene was so distressing, I wonder how they’ll get the tracker out of Kyouka. I also feel so much conflict about Ryuunosuke then I did before. On one hand I hate him and find him to be an absolutely despicable person but on the other, he’s such a  good character. I love to hate him is the best way to describe it I guess.

Then we get to see the detective agency working as a group. They are a pretty good team but a bit more disjointed and had trouble making decisions on what to do. This thankfully is where the boss comes in. I’m starting to see what role he plays now. He is the one who restores order and is actually a very good leader all things considered. I like to think that he actually isn’t as stern as he lets on and is like…more fatherly? He seems to care about the agency like a family. Maybe he secretly views himself as a Dad to them? He does seem way older. I like to imagine he’s a nice kind of parental guy is what I’m trying to say.

Again I saved Dazai for last because….Dazai. That’s all the explanation you need, to be honest. He’s Dazai and deserves his own section, that’s pretty much it. First off, he has a very cute and sweet singing voice. I was surprised they had him sing and winded up laughing harder than I should have at the lyrics. He’s taking this whole “Held against your will and getting punched in the face” thing pretty well so not to worry! Told you all he would be fine~.

The real interesting thing was when Chuuya showed up. He is the fedora wearing guy and Dazai’s previous partner. Remember last week when I made a joke that there was going to be smutty fanfiction with Dazai being tied up by Ryuunosuke? I was wrong. I apologize…the smutty fan fiction will be about these two. ALL week I have been seeing pictures of him and Dazai together and was asking myself “Who is this fedora-wearing red head Tumblr keeps shipping with Dazai-” Yup. The ships started BEFORE this episode was even released. There is going to be fan fiction. Mark my words.

He was a good character though, but there isn’t much to say quite yet since he appeared in the last five minutes or so. He seems like a pretty angry person though, he needs to have whatever Dazai’s smoking. Dazai’s calm pretty much all the time. Chuuya’s interaction with him is going to be interesting. He freed him sort of and they are going to fight. This is something I definitely look forward to seeing, I wonder what his ability is like. The next episode or maybe even the next few is going to be absolutely amazing! I can’t wait!

That’s about it for this week! Things were awesome and I look forward to the next one immensely! I hope you all enjoyed this post! I will try and make a review next week as well, along with Bungou Stray Dogs episode 10. With that, though, I bid you Adieu for now! Feel free to tell me what you thought of this episode in the comments below, though!






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