Bravo’s Top 10 Anime Crushes

So my friends for some reason thought I should make this silly little list. I wasn’t gonna do it at first but I was honestly not in the mood to write a review and have to do some other important writing things so I figured I would just make this silly list today. Hope you’re all happy ya nerds haha.

Honorable Mentions:

Ikaros from Heavens Lost Property


It is very rare for me to have crushes on female characters. The reason there are no girls on the main list is because even when I do have crushes on girls…I dunno. Even when I do find girls to be cute I can’t get on the “I would date them” bandwagon and that’s why Ikaros is only an honorable mention. Despite that though I loved her and she is a huge reason why I even loved Heavens Lost Property.

She was very nicely designed, a well developed well-rounded character and is honestly the best character in Heaven’s Lost Property in my opinion, and pretty much one of the few things keeping the story afloat cause besides her and a few other things a lot of the show is fanservice, so…yeah. Remember future writers always have good characters, they might save the whole thing.


Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood


I haven’t watched this show yet but I am really excited to. I have read a bit about this character and honestly already love him. He seems like the sweeter gentle type with the tragic angsty backstory. What’s not to like? All that’s missing is him being a little shy and he’d be my ideal male anime character. The only reason he isn’t on the list is because I haven’t seen the show and am not sure EXACTLY what he’s like and want to make sure I’m not wrong basically.

With that let’s get to the list!

10. Hazama from the Blazblue series


I blame my friend Niji entirely. This is all her fault damn her for introducing me :waves fist again:. In all seriousness though this dude is really hard not to love. He is pretty much the antagonist and you’re supposed to hate the guy, but it’s hard to. The bastards a charming little snake and yet at the same time I feel pity for the guy cause he is a vessel built to harbor an evil spirit named Terumi and Hazama himself is more a bit of a mischief maker who likes the watch the world burn as opposed to a psycho.

Though I do have to admit he is quite charming and a really fun character to watch, he’s a bit too off his rocker hence the reason why he’s lower on the list.

9. Hans Humpty From Rokka No Yuusha


Another one that isn’t really my type yet somehow managed to worm his way on this list. The moment he appeared on screen he was my favorite cast member. He has a cat motif going for him, but it doesn’t bother me like most cat type anime characters and he has a great personality that is a pleasure to watch and his fight scenes are amazing as well and let’s be honest, everyone who watched this show and saw Hans, especially the first time his eyes were shown was like “…Damn.” Don’t lie I looked through the tags and saw it all damn it!

As much as I do love him as a character though my crush on him is smaller compared to the other characters on this list. Despite it being a smaller crush though it is definitely there I must admit XD.

8. Kyoukai From Active Raid


This is a character that was a minor character. This is the reason why he is lower on the list but what I’ve seen of this guy? I love him. This nerd had that sass to him and is a huge little cheerful nerd. In season 2 of the show, I hope he is covered more and we get to learn more about him like the other characters. There honestly isn’t much to dislike about him so far, though, he’s super cute and he has a nice design to boot. I really do hope he shows up more.

7. L Lawliet from Death Note


I didn’t watch Death Note for a long time and didn’t get the big deal about L and  why everyone seemed to have such a huge crush on him. Then I watched the show and well…I got it. I so got it. I don’t know how but L is pretty damn attractive. He has a gothic look to him I guess and his voice (The English dub is what I saw) is also quite smooth. Despite his emotionless way of being, though, he is obviously a pretty caring individual considering the fact that he dedicates his life to solving crimes and such.

A lawful good if you will. He has his flaws yes but everyone who has seen this series will agree he is definitely worthy of the attention he gets and probably worthy of all the fans he has that crush on him as well.

6. Allen Walker From D Grey Men


One of my first anime crushes. My crush isn’t as strong as it used to be back when I first watched this at around 12. Allen is pretty much everyone’s dream guy because he is more the everyman of the series, and relatable since you learn about the Black Order through him for the most part. He is also a gentleman to the core and has such an adorable smile and he is also that type of character you just want to hug. I’ll always have a huge soft spot for him and that’ll show when I D Grey Man Hallow comes out. Though his dark side takes away from his appeal a tad since it’s pretty scary.

5. Morino Ryoushi from Ookami San and Her Seven Companions


Dear lord where do I begin. I love this character so much and have a huge soft spot even bigger than the one I have for Allen.

My favorite type is the shy quiet anime boy who is a little pathetic. In reality even though he lacks courage he is sweet and more in touch with his emotional side. Loyal and would do anything for the person he loves even if it scares him. Typically I also like it when they have the whole once they warm up to people they have the whole cheerful, gentle person who sees the best in all things going on but is a bit too gullible thing.

He manages to touch upon all these points and I love him for it. I watched this show when I was going through a difficult time and it gave me a type of main characters I always wanted to see but never typically got to. A girl who was tougher and a boy who played a more emotional role. Loved the show and love him especially.

4. Dazai Osamu From Bungou Stray Dogs


If you’ve read my past entries this will come as a surprise to exactly none of you. I dunno how this happened, to be honest. Dazai is a pretty unique character and he doesn’t exactly fall into any particular archetypes which are what makes him interesting. He’s quirky and his personality is hard to peg and you can’t hate him. He’s cute and extremely attractive and even though he’s not my type, damn is he perfect. It’s hard to understand unless you watch the show so I recommend doing that highly as well.

3. Kaito from Vocaloid


OK, so I know he isn’t on a show but he is technically an anime character so he earns himself a spot on the list. A huge spot for that matter. He was always my favorite Vocaloid to the point where I honestly want to learn how to use Vocaloid so I can use him on songs and such. His personality is portrayed as being this dorky big brother figure who loves ice cream. He is the most loveable Vocaloid even compared to Miku.

2. Victor Frankenstein from Code Realize


Ahhhh I loved this game and Victor was the first one I played through. My heart fluttered in my chest at this route in the game haha. Yet another cute,shy dork. He stuck with Cardia in her route even if it meant risking his life and the ending made me say “Awww” out loud. I couldn’t help but get emotionally invested in the game,only Saint Germain came close to taking his spot and while I will admit his story was my favorite Victor’s just had a lot more emotional value.

1. Natsuki Shinomiya from Uta No Prince Sama and Ukyo from Amnesia


I’m awful. I could not choose one. I kept bouncing in between the two because I loved them so much. I kept thinking “But I can’t put Natsuki over Ukyo!” or “I can’t put Natsuki over Ukyo!”and to be honest, when it comes to anime my crushes are so wildly inconsistent and with these two I tend to bounce between which ones my favorite on a daily basis.

Ukyo is closer to my type and one of the few characters that I loved so much I winded up making a whole Ukyo x OC story for him. He has long hair to top it all of and the only really bad thing is the multiple personality thing going on and later it turns out even that side isn’t so bad so yeah…Ukyo is perfect.

Then we have Natsuki. He has some aspects of that and is honestly probably one of the sweetest characters I’ve ever seen in a show altogether. To be honest, if Natsuki and Ukyo fused into one person they’d probably be my ideal anime character. They are both absolutely my biggest anime crushes and probably 2 of my favorite anime boys of all time for both interesting character reasons, being attractive and just being all around perfect!

There we have it though! I hope you all enjoyed this list and of course be sure to join me for the season finale of Bungou Stray Dogs! I look forward to it and I’m sure you do as well! In the meantime though I bid you all adieu!




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