ME!ME!ME/Daoko Girl Is Not What We Think Part 1


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Today I decided I wanted to discuss something a bit older. I know plenty of people have already discussed these two videos at length but I feel like the currently more popular theory that’s circling around the internet about the infamous ME!ME!ME! and Daoko Girl is not exactly correct. I think if you look at these two videos through a different lens, a whole new story comes to light and I’m going to be telling you what that story is. I will be doing it in two parts, this one will be dedicated to ME!ME!ME!

For simplicities sake, we will be calling the girl, Anna and the boy Takumi. I don’t know why I chose these names but to me, they fit.

The video starts showing us the room of Takumi. He has a lot of anime merchandise on his shelves, manga and things of that nature. This is what leads most of the theorists I’ve seen so far to believe that Takumi is obsessed with this and thus villanizing him right out of the gate.

However, this actually isn’t the case. Takumi at least in the beginning of the video actually seems incredibly listless and sad looking. He’s laying on his side almost curled up and not doing anything, not even looking at TV. We can tell because it isn’t in his line of sight. He’s just staring at the wall.

The room is also a mess and based on the way it looks it can be assumed he hasn’t left his room in awhile. All of this points to him actually being extremely depressed and something is very clearly wrong. There is also a broken thing on the desk, remember that, it comes into play again later.

In the next scene, we cut to a female character dancing and doing generally provocative things. You’ll notice that the color scheme this girl and the background has is different compared to what we were seeing before. I think this indicates that we are seeing an imagined sequence.

Again people use this to villanize him further saying he’s just a pervert but let’s be honest. For a young adult/teenager, this is pretty normal, especially in guys. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad person and in fact, the evidence points to him just using this as an escape from how he feels right now. Plenty of people use fictional stuff and fantasies to try and make themselves feel better about things.

Then the tone of the video changes and we see the first appearance of Anna. Now I know what you are all thinking. “That’s not her! The human looking one is her!” This actually represents Anna’s true self which I shall explain as we get deeper into the video. He clearly doesn’t enjoy this because the content look he had before gets replaced with one of horror like he’s seeing something he has never noticed for the first time.

He then opens his eyes and we’re back in his room. Anna is in the real world now but I think that even though she came out of the TV this just represents her coming to his apartment that she may or may not live with him in. The scene itself is disturbing but I feel that ME!ME!ME! uses it’s more disturbing visuals as a way of getting attention to the story itself.

I feel this scene represents Takumi starting to realize that Anna is not who he thought she was and Anna’s mask starting to crack as her true self-bubbles to the surface. The scene where she throws up in her mouth represents her “feeding him lies”. He’s starting to see the things she tells him as complete bullshit and something unpleasant.

A brief montage is shown mostly of more sexual imagery all while Takumi still has that dead uninterested stare. Anna is trying to manipulate him using the one thing she knows will work, sex. This is why a bunch of more provocative imagery is shown in this part. They show the viewer that this is how she manipulates him and that this is Takumi’s weakness to a degree. The other girl with the blue/green hair, however, does play a part in all this and isn’t just a character. We’ll get to that later on as well.

The manipulation, however, doesn’t seem to be working like usual so Anna uses something else to try and get him back under her thumb. Emotional manipulation. Anna puts on her innocent act once again and starts crying. He sighs and walks away from her but she continues crying on the floor. It winds up working and he goes back to her only to be screwed over again as the real Anna hurts him once more, this time, more severely.

We then see Anna crying again and kissing him. She does this to make sure she doesn’t grow to hate him almost as an “I’m doing this for you because I love you!” Sort of way. He finally wakes up to a degree going through the memories in his head as if he’s rethinking everything. His entire body comes back into peeking physical condition and in a new robotic looking outfit. This outfit is the one on the desk that was broken that we saw earlier and there is the reason why it’s broken.

Takumi has realized what type of person she is and becoming himself. She obviously doesn’t approve of how he is and what he’s into but he doesn’t care about that and is finally fighting for the right to be himself which is why the mech suit looks very traditionally anime.

The balance of power is shifting and this is represented by the video turning very first person shooter oriented as he fights his way through. The blue/green haired girl is shown to be the enemy but in reality, she is just a puppet to Anna and not really so important in this video.

While he is trying to break through and earn his own life back, however, that doesn’t mean he’s completely free. He still has to stand his ground and unfortunately fails to do so. There is still a part of him that thinks Anna isn’t really a bad person. Maybe he can change her mind about him is what he probably thought but yet again he falls right into the trap. He lets his guard down and this is represented by his metal mech suit falling off.

He pays for this in the next scene, however. Anna isn’t bothering to hide her true nature and releases her full power on him. He tries to fight back the best he can but it fails. He now knows for sure what type of person she is and we can tell by his crying and the way he looks at her completely petrified while restrained. At this point, The is too exhausted and too broken to care.

The final scene is his head falling to the ground but his eyes opening and staring at the camera the same way. You could say that this represents a cycle. She breaks Takumi’s spirit temporarily, he tries to get his life back but then she beats him back down. The broken thing on the desk can also represent a bunch of things.

Perhaps she literally broke it on him and left the room. This would have a lot of meaning because there is also a pretty big chance that Takumi made that figure himself. In fact maybe, this isn’t just a hobby but actually something he wants to for a living and she doesn’t approve.

Basically, I think this is the story of Takumi wanting to work in the anime industry, most likely in the making figures department and he is working towards that dream. He thought that Anna loved him for who he was and supported his dream even if it would be something that he might have to spend years trying to have. It turns out she just wants to mold him and manipulate him into the type of person she wants, whoever that might be. She uses sex and crocodile tears and pretty much emotional abuse to do so and the cycle she has created is something he can’t seem to break out of no matter how hard he tries.

While he could leave, as most manipulators do, she gas lights him and she probably makes him feel insecure about himself saying no other girl would want him. Calling him a loser, and villainizing the other girl and the things and people he loves around him so he becomes dependent on her and exactly the way she wants.

The video is very jumbled and confusing because they’re trying to show you the confusion and emotional turmoil Takumi is feeling. What about the lyrics, though? Do they point to this being the story of ME!ME!ME! ?

Actually….they do.

Because the video is so jumbled and confusing, we can also assume the lyrics are not all sung by Anna. They like the video might jump from place to place so some might actually be Takumi’s feelings on the situation and not Anna.

“My feelings are divided into two, baby.”  Can be about how he is unsure about her true nature. On one end she makes him happy but on another, she makes him feel about himself.

“What you created Is Not A Lie?” Takumi wondering if she’s been putting on act the whole relationship

“My heart changed at your convenience” Hinting to the fact  that maybe Takumi tried to change for her to make her happy

“False Memories, Narrow Mind” -When someone is trying to manipulate someone they often try to make them question the person’s own grasp and perception ie: “Are you sure we did that?” “I don’t remember that you must be imagining things” It’s a bit of a stretch but possibly what they are alluding to.

“Return, love me. We’ve come so far.” -Him feeling desperate for her not to leave and wanting her to love him for who she is

“If only I could just erase it all.” -Possibly alluding to the fact that even though part of him loves her he also wants her gone and out of his life showing his confusion even further.

“Please recall my heart, please recall my love, please come back.” -More of him being desperate

“Thinking of yourself made us distant.” A dead ringer for Anna only thinking of what she wants and not how she feels making Takumi want to distance himself.

” Since that day, at that moment, when I dreamed of a flower” A reference to the flower in Anna’s hair

“She was a good girl.” – Him reminiscing on how he thought she was

“What will you do with your life? “What will you do for a living?” “No matter how you live, you’ll always be a loser.” “Fear stops builds and accumulates inside you.” “Your memories overlap one after another.”I tried my best. What are you gonna do yourself?” – Her insulting him and showing how little confidence she has in his dreams etc.

There are others that point to the theory but I think these say a lot. Even if the whole song doesn’t point to this, it seems a big handful of it does, to big to be ignored.

Now that we’ve reached the end of my ME!ME!ME! analysis some of you may be asking, “Bravo, what other girl? If that was an imaginary sequence then she isn’t real right?” Well no….

While the other girl was part of a fantasy sequence and mostly seemed to be being used as a pawn in Anna’s mind game. This girl is a real girl and someone Takumi clearly has his mind on. Who is this girl you may ask? Well while the resemblance isn’t completely uncanny the girl in the fantasy sequence looks very similar to the girl Daoko Girl who we shall be calling Star from here on out.

The story continues in Daoko Girl…but that’s for another time.

Until then I bid you adieu and shall see you all tomorrow for Bungou Stray Dogs! I hope you enjoyed this surprise post, however! I didn’t expect to be posting this, this week but this came to me and I just had to make it! See you all next post!






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