D Grey Man Hallow Episode 4 Thoughts


Ohh yes, another doozy of an episode! Tension is high now and they are answering questions but then adding more and just…I love it I really do. This episode did reveal a lot and throw a lot at you though so I hope I don’t make any mistakes in this post! Let’s see if I managed to keep up and get right into D Grey Man Hallow Episode 4!

We start off the episode with Allen waking up in the infirmary after having a weird dream about Mana. For a brief moment, he becomes the 14th again yellow eyes and all. He also has  The 14th looks interesting and part of me is getting more and more curious to see Allen as the 14th Noah fully. I love Allen but…curiosity is killing me. He’s snapped out of pretty quickly though when Lenalee talks to him and Link yells at them for being in a room alone together on top of that.

I have a feeling we’ll be getting a few more of these almost 14th scenes and we’ll see the 14th in full by the time the series ends. I like the way they’re doing it, though. It’s a good way to build suspense and very clever in execution!

After that, we get some news on Timothy. We probably won’t hear about him for awhile but he is now studying hard on becoming an exorcist. I’m glad to see he’s doing OK! Kanda is also wondering what the heck happened with Allen like Lenalee was earlier. This is pretty bad. The two other main characters are already suspicious of poor Allen. Only Lavi seems to fully trust him right now.

Then this big busted blond lady walks in. To which I cried out, “BAD GUY” immediately. If there’s anything I learned from anime the blond busty one with THAT smile on her face? Bad guy. Always.

They even already have a rivalry. It turns out she’s the boss of the North American Exorcists branch and those dudes in the red are her exorcists. She basically forces them upon Kamui saying they’ll be working together for awhile. I don’t like her guys, I’ll just get that out of the way right now. She’s like every female character I don’t like, that whole “I’m higher and mightier than you” complex again just like Erina.

We cut to Allen training with another character. He’s thinking about the other exorcists and wondering how they did what they did, wondering if the Akuma souls are OK. The other exorcist says that he and Kanda are actually more similar than Allen thinks. He also says it would be better if Allen didn’t care as much about Akuma souls because it would be better for his own emotional well-being in the end.

I don’t agree, though. What Allen is doing is ultimately for the greater good. Why should he stop just because no one really gets it? He should stick to his own way of doing things, it’s one of the things I like about Allen. How he does what he feels is right and doesn’t care about what others think. He is a true hero, selfless but also with a lot of integrity. Everything you’d want in the main character!

Allen gets punched into the new arrivals…who then slam him on a column just because he crashed into them. Allen’s Akuma eye activates but even though he sees traces of them he can’t see an actual Akuma. They reveal that their bodies are basically fuzed with Akuma and they themselves are half akuma. Link also defends Allen from them. The ship art is about to become way more prominant.

The higher ups at Allen’s Exorcist headqaurters don’t approve and have no idea how they even got the egg to begin with. They don’t seem to have a choice though and are forced to work with them. For the “greater good” I guess.

We then see a new odd boy. The police find him and he turns out to be one of the Noah reincarnated again. He has 3 other eyes which is why he’s wearing that bandana thing to cover a few of them up. I don’t see the point though, He’s still keeping one uncovered so if he’s trying to hide his other eyes he’s doing a terrible job.

It turns out the Noah’s have been doing this big reincarnation cycle thing for a long time. This confused me a little but I figured it was because all of them together can only bring about those 3 days of darkness thing. I loved seeing all the Noah’s again, the new animation makes them look gorgous!

We then cut to to the exorcists fighting akuma. A really big hoard of them as well. It’s a pretty epic fight but then one of the exorcists from the North American branch absorbs a bunch of Akuma and this is where the troubles start. Allen sees all their souls turning into basically mush. It must be traumatizing for Allen to have to see things like that. I wish someone else came along that could see souls like he could.

Allen needless to say is not pleased but the exorcist who did it but before anything to serious happens the Noah show up and injure the one from the North American Branch pretty badly. He has regeneration abilities like Kanda does. It’s revealed that the North American branch doesn’t actually view themselves very highly. They absorb each other when they become unable to fight, much to Allen’s horror and disgust. It’s also revealed this experiment started with someone named Alma and everyone in this half akuma experiment has his blood in them.

Before he can be absorbed like he wants however, Tyki and a few other members of the Noah family show up. Tyki whispers a name and this causes the exorcist from the North American branch to basically contort and spurt blood everywhere. I wasn’t expecting that, though I knew something bad would happen. Jeez…that was pretty savage.

The new member of the Noah family that first appeared in this episode asks if Kanda knows Alma and this makes Kanda freeze up. He falls over as well blood coming out of his mouth to. The Noah family seems to be especially fond of that move…

Aaaaand then we get a cliff hanger. Marvelous.

This was an awesome episode! I enjoyed it and I think I did pretty well in explaining it and keeping up so go me! I’m excited to see Kanda get a bit more emotional since his world was just rocked. I look forward to all these plot points going forward really.

That was it for this post! I will be recording Anime Weekly tonight so this technically won’t be the last of me you’ll see this week!

I bid you all adieu for now!



Shokugeki No Souma Ni Sara Episode 4 Thoughts


Well…that was something. We have quite a bit to talk about this episode. Lots of stuff went down! Let’s get right into the second season of Food Wars Episode 4 without delay.

Everyone is pretty shocked by this Subaru vs Takumi fight. It did come out of nowhere but it was so stressful to watch! Subaru continues to trash talk and Takumi. Takumi handles it all with a poker face in the beginning. That’s good because I feel like Subaru would be able to take even more advantage of Takumi if he expressed fear.

The theme for the contest is dessert and Takumi makes Semifreddo….and so does Subaru. I didn’t expect that honestly. It’s revealed that Subaru has one 99 other shokugeki’s like this. He takes the favorite tool of the loser along with their dignity. I’m…starting to not like Subaru as much at this rate.

A big portion of the episode is them cooking. For some reason in this episode they showed the cooking within a more realistic time frame I guess. No matter what Takumi seems to do, Subaru already has a minor improvement in mind making a better version of the Semifreddo. I’m a little pissed Takumi didn’t seem to catch on quicker. He could have started changing his dish around earlier. I like the Aldini brothers I really do and I’m sorry but…Soma would have caught on and done something to defeat him way quicker…just saying-.

When time is almost up Takumi finally comes up with a way that he can change his dish to make it better than Subaru. He uses a lemon curd to make his different and uses olive oil as well. Typical Italian trick. When in doubt use olive oil. Works every time.

Or at least it would if this show knew Italian glory when it saw it. Yes, I know I’m being biased but just…listen to this bull that happens next.

Subaru somehow predicted this and made one last twist on his dish making it better than Takumi’s. The judges don’t feel this is fair and hate to admit it, but his was better. There was one pretty hilarious rap from one judge but still Subaru one over all the judges. He takes one of Takumi’s most prized cutting tools, his match with Soma and his dignity all in front of his poor brother to top it all off.

Remember when I said I liked Subaru? I take it back he’s an asshole. That was the most underhanded duel I’ve ever seen and I’m with the judges. There should be a rule against that for sure.

The after credit scene involves Soma and Subaru. Soma is pretty calm and collected like always. The next match will be those two and Soma says if he wins he has to give back all the tools he took and if he loses he’ll quit being a chef.

This…was a poor choice in my opinion. They should have had another character challenge him. Making it Soma is nice in a poetic justice sort of sense, but we know he’ll win because he’s the main character. Or at least he’ll most likely win. Either way, though I can’t wait to see that so it isn’t a horrible move.

That was pretty much the episode. I really enjoyed it but also almost flipped my desk. It was so irritating to see Takumi loose for me. I do look forward to next week, though! I have been spending a bit more time writing so you should also see more of my stuff on Frontline Fiction as well, hopefully, this week!

I bid you all adieu until Wednesday for D Grey Man!

D Grey Man Hallow Episode 3 Thoughts


Yes, another doozy of an episode! I loved this one so much as well, and my love for D Grey Man just gets bigger and bigger everytime a new one comes out. That and this is getting a dub to which means I might get to see Todd Haberkorn play Allen again. That would be amazing! I’ll stop rambling though now. Join me on the hype train that is D Grey Man Hallow Episode 3!

We start this episode with a flashback. It’s revealed that Timothy even though he seemed to dislike the orphanage actually loves it there. He is still caught by the Akuma and Allen promises to save Timothy. It is revealed that Timothy used his power to steal because he wanted to use the money to keep his orphanage afloat. Allen calls him low because his power screwed up the lives of so many people. This makes Timothy realize he was wrong.

Allen saying that feels somewhat out of character to me. Allen can be harsh yes, but not really so harsh with kids like that. I feel like it would be more in character for him to be more understanding. I understand why it was written that way but still, feels off to me at least.

Timothy decides he doesn’t have the right to ask for help and pretty much completely gives up and thinks he deserves it. Emilia winds up shooting at the Akuma. This causes the Akuma to try to attack her and this gives Timothy new resolve. His innocence activates in a different way this time.

Oh my dear god Timothy’s power is one of the most amazing Innocence powers I’ve seen on D-Grey Man. He can possess Akuma and transform them into innocence. It’s amazing and my jaw absolutely dropped when I saw it.

They run away and we get to see his innocence in a recognizable human-like form. It basically looks like how Timothy would as an adult or at least how he wants to look. That was the other super amazing thing about his innocence. If this is actually what Timothy will wind up looking like as an adult? Then damn what a lucky bastard. I wish puberty was that good on me haha.

We get a brief comedic break from the drama going on. We see the finders get rescued from prison by Reever. They are absolutely thrilled to be rescued and I laughed at the overreaction they had to it. There are also some new interesting guys that have their faces covers and wear robes with Reever. We’ll get back to him later.

Back to the fight, Allen, Kanda and the other exorcist with them (I forgot his name I know I’m awful) see Timothy’s power. As cool as his ability is it has its limits. He can only successfully attack and possess level 3 Akuma and he can only possess an Akuma once because it gets destroyed if he leaves it.

Timothy’s body almost gets destroyed but Link saves it just in time (told you he was alive) and starts to fight alongside the others against the Akuma. Link is awesome, hope I get to learn more about him as time goes on!

Meanwhile, Reever those weird hooded guys and the father of Emilia go into the orphanage. One of the weird hooded guys opens up this weird purplish thing revealing a barrier of sorts? I think that’s what happened that part confused me slightly but either way these hooded guys are weird and probably a bad guy just saying.

The green haired one in the robes manages to stop the level 3 Akuma from punching with only one extended hand. He then sucks up the Akuma in pretty much the machine from ghost busters but attached to his hand. Link recognizes him and turns out his name is Madarao and he shouldn’t be able to do what he did because he’s just a crow. I have no idea what that means but I’m interested regardless.

This leaves us with Allen and Kanda up against the level 4. He manages to defeat it by stabbing it and himself with his sword. Allen says it can only hurt evil things so he will be fine…but he starts bleeding from the mouth instead. He starts to scream and then…the 14th Noah possesses him, his first line being “Good Morning” said in the creepiest way in the history of mankind.

We get a brief somewhat pointless cut to part of the Noah family. The Akuma recognizes Allen as a Noah right before being stabbed by Kanda. He calls him a beansprout and both him and Allen kill the Akuma. It seems that Kanda calling him that brought Allen back. The scene was still creepy and completely unexpected though at least for me.

The barrier is broken but the orphanage is pretty demolished after the fight. Everyone is allowed to go inside now. The red hooded guy walks off without answering any questions thrown his way. Meanwhile, these 3 skull dudes wearing robes see him as a threat and are going to report him to the Earl. I know they’re the bad guys but for some reason, they reminded me of the Utroms in the first season or so of TMNT. Tell me I’m not the only one that saw the resemblance!

This gets a happy ending! The person Timothy considers his Mother, a nun seems OK if not a bit injured. Everyone needs to go to the hospital for injuries but Timothy decides to join up with the order and become an exorcist.

Though unfortunately for the order they will be the one paying for the damages by the Phantom Theif. Emilia will also be joining much to her father’s worry and dismay but that scene was cute and funny. They will need a new place to stay until the orphanage is fixed so Mother and the kids are going to London. We see a sweet tender scene with Timothy and her crying and hugging each other while they watch the sunset.

The last scene is Allen watching the sunset and it’s pointed out how Timothy is like his younger self and that he can now discuss Mana without feeling so much pain since this is the first time he opens up to Mana about it. Allen walks off with Kanda and Link and the episode ends on a peaceful happy note.

I loved this episode a lot and am really excited for next week. I’m really enjoying this show so far almost as much as the original. There are a lot more mysteries that need to be solved and we shall get into those next week.

I also finally posted something to Frontline Fiction this week! It can be read here! Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Though bare in mind that if you dont know my OC’s or Amnesia you will be horribly confused when you read it.

With that, I bid you Adieu for now.



Why Should I Listen To You?- Amnesia Memories Fanfiction

I decided I wanted to write another story for Amnesia. This one features and mentions OC characters that can be found in my Ikki’s family post from a little while ago! The only characters I own are my OC’s and you can tell which ones those are from looking at the my characters tag on my Tumblr page! Most of my Amnesia fanfictions take place in an AU that has my characters in the Amnesia universe along with a few minor differences like Neil being able to grant more than one wish at once, the characters have siblings that aren’t mentioned in canon etc. 

On a side note though this is also the first story I’m putting up on Frontline fiction. Why is it always a horrorish themed story or angst with me? I have to stop myself haha-


Continue reading Why Should I Listen To You?- Amnesia Memories Fanfiction

Shokugeki no Souma: Ni No Sara Episode 3 Thoughts


Ohh this was a great episode! It took me a bit to watch it and I winded up doing it a bit late but it was worth it once I finally got into the mental state to sit down, relax and watch it! Let’s get right into episode 3!

Starting off where we left last time, Ryo wins against Megumi. I honestly saw it coming to a degree I was just super biased and wanted her to win more, which is why I went with it even though I knew it would be the other way around. Naturally, when I saw this I told myself “Oh god here comes another Megumi self-loathes arc-”

Thankfully that didn’t happen. She took her loss pretty gracefully and was more intimidated by Ryo if anything. I’m glad she’s OK and not too sad about it. The even more amazing thing is that the headmaster of the whole organization sees potential in her and the rest of the class! All hope is not lost thankfully! Miyoko also was proud of her! I wonder if we’ll get to see more of her, I’m curious about her for sure!

We see 3 characters all determined to prove themselves and telling themselves the same thing. 2 of them are Hisako and Akira, the ones who face off this episode but another one is Takumi who plays more of a role later in the episode. I love Akira’s relationship with Shiomi. They seem to inspire each other so much and make each other happy, definitely a friendship to look to as a good example.

We are also reintroduced to another character that Soma has a bit of trouble remembering at first. His name is Subaru and he’s pretty much a dude who looks like a big bad scary biker, but he has a more sensitive side than you would expect from a guy like him. His quirk with food seems to be he is very detailed! I really like this guy! I hope we see plenty of him in the future.

We see Akira and Hisako get in the ring. They trash talk each other a bit. Their challenge will be to create a foreign dish for the judges and they get to work. Unusual for Akira we don’t see him use spices so much. Meanwhile, Hisoka beheads a turtle in front of the entire audience and uses it’s freshly killed body in her dish. Naturally, Erina’s psychopathic stalker enjoys this. I know that if you’re in cooking at this level your used to it but I don’t know.

Hisako annoys me almost as much as Erina so I already have a biased against her. Watching her kill one of my favorite animals didn’t help my opinion at all, just saying.

Meanwhile, we cut back to Soma and Megumi. They aren’t in the ring and actually watch it on TV with Subaru and Takumi. As it turns out Subaru is a bit obsessed with Takumi. Knowing this show he isn’t a serious stalker per say, most likely he just wants to watch him cook and know him better so he can find Takumi’s weakness. That’s what I’m getting from that at least.

We cut back to the competition and the dishes are coming together. We see Hisako’s resolve but I honestly still don’t pity her. She still emulates a terrible person and I honestly don’t care how much she loves Erina. I’d still rather see her fail.

The judges love her dish and the headmaster loves it so much he sees a vision of her in a Godzilla outfit. Her hamburger looks somewhat appetizing but I still wouldn’t eat it. I love turtles too much it would pain me. Despite how well she seems to do though Subaru predicts that Akira will be the winner of this fight.

Akira finally releases his spice talent upon the audience! He enchants everyone in it and his burger/kebab thing looks absolutely delicious. I would probably eat that for sure! He won in my book the moment we saw his dish. He blows the judges away and Hisako is completely overshadowed by him and loses the match by a landslide.

She runs away from Erina in shame, but I don’t know why she was so worried. Erina doesn’t seem upset with her at all, more sad and concerned if anything. Jun is also proud of Akira! I’m glad he won not just because he’s my favorite of the two but because of that cute scene!

It’s almost time for the fourth match. Before that can happen Takumi promises to beat Soma when he gets the chance. He also confronts Subaru about his stalking. This scene was a bit creepy, especially Subaru’s very large tongue and that creepy look he gave. He also spits on Takumi’s tool which was pretty gross and unsanitary. He provokes Takumi by insulting his brother and calling him a second-rate chef. This scene was so full of tension I could feel it radiating off the screen!

It turns out the 4th match will be postponed because Subaru has challenged Takumi to a duel! A shokugeki if you will! Everyone is shocked and poor Isami seems terrified. I love Isami so I don’t want to see him so sad. For his sake, I hope Takumi wins! That and since I’m Italian I feel more obligated to route for the guy.

Go Italy! :waves a tiny flag patriotically:

Unfortunetely the episode ends there. Things were building up so I was dissappointed it did but each episode of this is better then the last and I’m excited for the next one and I’m sure you all are as well with all that drama that went on this episode!

I shall see all of you in a bit for D Grey Man. Now that I have access to Frontline Fiction, I might finally put up some writing as well!

I bid you all adieu until my next post!


D Grey Man Hallow Episode 2 Thoughts


Surpriseee! This is going up on my blog early! Hope you enjoy the early entry gift! 

Whooo now we’re talking! The first episode was kind of lack-luster to me, but this? This was great! It’s making me fall in love with D Grey man all over again. Let’s get right into it! I have way more to talk about this episode since way more went down!

The guards in the first scene honestly amused me. I know I was supposed to take the scene seriously because of what was going on but I winded up laughing at it. The scene where Allen came into the room and saw what happened made me so sad, though! Poor Allen doesn’t deserve to suffer like this. He’s already been through so much and literally just got to see Cross again.

I expected the whole thing to be more dramatic, though. Like Allen being restrained, and a bunch more theatrics. That didn’t happen but I’m not disappointed. They asked Allen if he did it and he just slammed the door.That to me was honestly way more emotionally profound than what I thought. Some people would think it’s anti-climatic but I disagree. I feel it portrays Allen’s sadness and such in a much more impactful way. His silence and refusal to talk says volumes. I do not trust Neville, not by a long shot.

The higher ups at The Order explain what’s going with Allen to the others. Their reactions are hard to gauge but I think mostly they’re scared for Allen. Especially Lenalee. I feel like Allen saying “Please kill me if I become the 14th” is going to backfire in later episodes. Like…backfire very VERY badly. I don’t know I just feel like this is massive foreshadowing.

We cut to Allen on a mission. He hears about how he should make his own path in life and he still seems upset about the whole situation. I feel bad for poor Allen, I hope he can become stronger from all this. The thing they have to take care of though is quite important. They are taking on a mysterious thief who can take other people’s bodies. The fight scene for that was really cool. He was a funny character and I honestly expected him to be like the thief from Dimension W.

He wasn’t though. He winded up being a bratty kid in the orphanage. Normally I hate this type of character but I felt bad for him here. I see parallel’s between him and young Allen. I wonder if that’s what they’re trying to allude to. Poor kid, though, I hope he finds somewhere where he feels loved and like he belongs. Maybe it will be with the Order! That would be cute!

Unfortunately, the Akuma show up. We get some awesome fight scenes here with Allen and Kanda. It was so awesome to see them fight again. With that music especially since it’s like the original. Allen gets beaten though and Link may have actually died. I hope he didn’t, I really enjoy his character. I know it looked very final but I have a feeling he didn’t die,  it feels to anti-climatic. I also hope they can save the poor kid as well.

I’m so mad this ended on a cliffhanger! I wanted to see more but I guess we’ll have to wait until next week for more! I shall see all  of you again next episode as always! I hope you all enjoyed the episode as much as I did and I bid you adieu for now!

Shokugeki no Souma: Ni No Sara Episode 1 Thoughts


This episode was fun for sure! It featured a lot of my favorite character’s so there’s a huge bias on my end, I admit it but hey, I think it was an enjoyable episode either way! Let’s get right into episode 2, shall we?

Soma naturally is quite happy and boisterous about the fact that he won. Alice is unhappy about it even though she did that whole food gasam thing. Erina naturally made poor Alice even more upset. Again, Erina’s a bitch and Alice is better in every single way. I really do hope we get to see Alice beat her more and more whenever I see Erina walk into my line of sight. Soma did win this one, though, so one point for him.

Then the next match starts! It’s going to be Megumi vs Ryo. These are two character’s I really like so I was so happy to see them both. I also felt conflicted because I would want them both to win! The food they would be making was ramen!

We flash back to a bit before the contest. Ryo already knows what noodles he’s going to use and has everything planned out. Megumi tests a few things in the kitchen and after getting a message from home and ingredients she decides as well! I love to see that Megumi has improved so much! She still gets anxious sometimes but I love seeing her become more confident in her cooking ability. She is another one of my favorite female characters and I was excited to see what she would make!

Then we’re back at the contest. Their friends are naturally cheering on and I laughed at the amusing pink banner and headbands that say “Megumi love.” on them. If I were in the series I’d wear that as well honestly. I love Ryo, but he doesn’t seem to need much encouragement. He seems the more internally motivated type of guy. The Italian brothers don’t seem to get it. They don’t understand  Japanese culture very well, and that was cute to see! I love when Italian characters are in shows but aren’t very stereotypical archetypes.

You could say because they are chefs they are a stereotype, but I disagree. They have a personality beyond that and are characters in their own right. I appreciate that a lot. I can’t wait for more episodes with them!

Back to Megumi and Ryo though! The two of them start cooking and I can’t help but notice that in this show they finish very VERY fast. I wish 5-star meals were done in the time it  takes in food wars! It takes less than 5 minutes to see the finished product!

A very important character development scene does happen here! We flashback to where Alice first met Ryo. The kid was already a cooking prodigy and running a restaurant by himself. It’s odd that the bandana seems to make his personality completely change. I wonder if he psyches himself out with the bandana so he can feel braver or something like that. Ryo is normally way more laid back and kind of submissive around Alice so you can see a huge change when he puts the bandana on. It comes right out of left field! I wonder how he does it, I hope they show that at some point.

The judges taste the food and we get to see the cooking styles of them both, I love seeing how each character has a different quirk and style. Megumi’s cooking is motherly and warm while Ryo is more in your face and pretty damn insane! I’m not completely sure which one the judges liked better! They all seemed impressed with both of their dishes.

Unfortunately, the episode ends before we can see. I would like to make a somewhat risky gamble and say that Megumi won. I can see Ryo winning more clearly, but I feel like for her character development it would be more appropriate that she wins. That and I think the judges may have been SLIGHTLY more impressed with her dish compared to Ryo.

I also wonder if this whole cooking contest will last the whole 13 episodes? I don’t mind if it does but it will make for an interesting series if it does!

That’s it for this episode! I hope you all enjoyed the post and look forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday for D-Grey Man. I bid you all adieu until then!