D Grey Man Hallow Episode 2 Thoughts


Surpriseee! This is going up on my blog early! Hope you enjoy the early entry gift! 

Whooo now we’re talking! The first episode was kind of lack-luster to me, but this? This was great! It’s making me fall in love with D Grey man all over again. Let’s get right into it! I have way more to talk about this episode since way more went down!

The guards in the first scene honestly amused me. I know I was supposed to take the scene seriously because of what was going on but I winded up laughing at it. The scene where Allen came into the room and saw what happened made me so sad, though! Poor Allen doesn’t deserve to suffer like this. He’s already been through so much and literally just got to see Cross again.

I expected the whole thing to be more dramatic, though. Like Allen being restrained, and a bunch more theatrics. That didn’t happen but I’m not disappointed. They asked Allen if he did it and he just slammed the door.That to me was honestly way more emotionally profound than what I thought. Some people would think it’s anti-climatic but I disagree. I feel it portrays Allen’s sadness and such in a much more impactful way. His silence and refusal to talk says volumes. I do not trust Neville, not by a long shot.

The higher ups at The Order explain what’s going with Allen to the others. Their reactions are hard to gauge but I think mostly they’re scared for Allen. Especially Lenalee. I feel like Allen saying “Please kill me if I become the 14th” is going to backfire in later episodes. Like…backfire very VERY badly. I don’t know I just feel like this is massive foreshadowing.

We cut to Allen on a mission. He hears about how he should make his own path in life and he still seems upset about the whole situation. I feel bad for poor Allen, I hope he can become stronger from all this. The thing they have to take care of though is quite important. They are taking on a mysterious thief who can take other people’s bodies. The fight scene for that was really cool. He was a funny character and I honestly expected him to be like the thief from Dimension W.

He wasn’t though. He winded up being a bratty kid in the orphanage. Normally I hate this type of character but I felt bad for him here. I see parallel’s between him and young Allen. I wonder if that’s what they’re trying to allude to. Poor kid, though, I hope he finds somewhere where he feels loved and like he belongs. Maybe it will be with the Order! That would be cute!

Unfortunately, the Akuma show up. We get some awesome fight scenes here with Allen and Kanda. It was so awesome to see them fight again. With that music especially since it’s like the original. Allen gets beaten though and Link may have actually died. I hope he didn’t, I really enjoy his character. I know it looked very final but I have a feeling he didn’t die,  it feels to anti-climatic. I also hope they can save the poor kid as well.

I’m so mad this ended on a cliffhanger! I wanted to see more but I guess we’ll have to wait until next week for more! I shall see all  of you again next episode as always! I hope you all enjoyed the episode as much as I did and I bid you adieu for now!


One thought on “D Grey Man Hallow Episode 2 Thoughts”

  1. I just finished watching this (though my review won’t be up for awhile) and I definitely loved this episode. I liked the first one and felt it kicked the series off again as it needed to, but this one felt like D Gray Man.


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