Shokugeki No Soma Ni Sara Episode 9 Thoughts: The Suspense Continues!


So we still don’t know the winner yet actually! This entry will probably not be as long since not much went on this episode. It was more of a build up if anything but I hope you all enjoy regardless!

No one is really impressed with Soma’s pacific saury. The audience is completely floored and seems to assume that Soma is being an idiot again. I wonder why they do this though because Soma has proved his worthiness time and time again in Shokugeki’s and in class.

Akira and Ryo are also unimpressed. They immediately figure out what method Soma used and think Soma’s fish still can’t compare. Denying until the end, a typical episode of Food Wars.

The contest begins and the roof is opened. It’s apparently tradition to open up the roof during the finals, every contestant always stares at the same moon. Because it takes 2 hours for the full moon to be visible and then be hidden again, that’s how long our 3 contestants have to cook. They all start and we jump right into this contest.

An interesting to note is that episode is kind of quiet. The epic music that plays actually isn’t nearly as prominent while we watch them cook. In fact, it’s almost nonexistent in certain parts.

Ryo is cooking a dish with Italian roots which is interesting. The judges babble particularly Alice’s mother. We get a flashback to when Ryo met Alice. He refused to leave with her because he liked where he was and was already the head chef at the restaurant anyway. Alice challenged him to a duel and won. Ryo refused to loose and kept challenging her over and over. He keeps losing but eventually Ryo wins.

Ryo becomes fond of Alice after this and agrees to go with her…to be pretty much her butler but I digress. When Alice talks to her Mom about taking Ryo with her I noticed her Japanese was a lot better, but more on that later, though. Ryo finishes his dish first and gives it the judges.

The judges love his dish and everyone goes naked for it, in Food Wars fashion. The director grins which is apparently is so rare it’s called “The grin”. When tasting the other parts it even gets Alice’s mother’s special ability to unlock. Apparently when she tastes something amazing she can articulately describe everything about the dish in perfect Japanese…and glow while doing so!

….Um…Oooookay. Random. Funny, though, it made me laugh because of how out of the blue it was.

Akira finishes next and presents his dish. Ryo seems insulted by the dish and starts yelling at him but Akira pretty much ignores him and just presents his dish. Akira’s dish is an unimpressive looking but after spraying the top with a blow torch, the smell is what sells the dish.

No one can resist and the judges eat it. The judges seem like they may be even more impressed with Akira and we get a little sword fight fantasy. Akira points a sword at Ryo which is pretty epic! Akira proved himself a good cook even without relying entirely on spices like normal. The director has gone shirtless for Soma’s dish and Soma is running out of time.

Despite this, Soma is wearing that cocky smirk on his face like normal and continues along at his own pace. He finishes his dish in time and brings it the judges. They set the mood really nicely here! We just hear footsteps.

Soma’s dish is very simple. even more so then Akira and Ryo. Despite that the judges love it, but not as much as the other two. The director doesn’t have a big reaction like he did to the other two dishes! His dish can’t compare to Akira and Ryo.

Soma isn’t done however and before the results can be announced demands that they have seconds revealing an extra thing he’s going to pour on the rice. As it turns out his dish has a twist and isn’t quite complete!

Then the episode ends before we can see exactly what it is. Which is infuriating because you can tell they’re going to milk this as long as possible. I’m enjoying Food Wars don’t get me wrong but it isn’t exactly my type of show. Ecchi comedies aren’t my favorite per say. I have to be in a particular mood to tackle it ya know?

I hope you enjoyed the episode, though! Since Food Wars will only be 13 episodes, we only have 4 more episodes now! Getting really close to the finale and I’m wondering how this will end!

I bid you adieu until D Gray Man on Wednsday and hope you had a great weekend!





D Grey Man Episode 8 Thoughts: -MUFFLED SCREECHING-


I….I do not have any introductory remarks actually. This episode hurt, it makes me sad. Everyone on this show has the worst luck ever these poor babies! Everything that could have gone wrong did, BADLY. Let’s get right into D Grey Man Hallow Episode 8.

The episode starts with after Alma’s awakening. The first thing Allen sees when he wakes up is Tokusa. He’s heavily injured like before but his attitude is still there, Allen for the first time in a little while is crying because he believes everyone is dead and that he couldn’t save them. Tokusa kicks him off scolding him and calling him conceited and saying their powers aren’t meant to protect people, which doesn’t exactly make sense to me but ok. (Don’t question it. No one gets Allen in this show-)

There is obviously something wrong with Tokusa and the other half-Akuma though. They are starting to act more Akuma like, but no one seems to notice until it’s wayyyy too late. We’ll get to that later.

Thankfully however Allen gets a call and it turns out everyone is alive! The third exorcist protected them all right when the explosion happen. The bitch from the American branch and director Neville are still alive…sadly-

Meanwhile, Alma’s up as we saw and he and Kanda jump into a fight. He wants Kanda dead and they both unleash full power on each other like…Dragon Ball D Grey Man addition. Kanda’s hair turns white and Alma looks more like how he did before but as an adult/Akuma hybrid thing.

Then all the third exorcists transform into Akira rescue abominations. They aren’t as bad but damning are they scary looking! I should also mention that they are still conscious and have to watch their bodies kill people they love against their will AND Alma’s cells in their bodies are screaming out in despair as well for everyone to hear!

Delightfully terrifying huh?

Allen’s innocence also acts on its own accord trying to kill Tokusa despite his pleas. This all is before the opening by the way so we sure are in for a doozy and it just gets worse and worse from here! Yayyyy????

All the other thirds are changing as well thanks to Alma being an Akuma and him and Kanda continue to fight and it’s epic as hell! I loved this fight it was so awesome, probably the most epic fight the show has ever given us, especially when Allen joins in. Being the helpful type he tries to stop Alma and Kanda from fighting. He wants to help Alma but can’t and on top of this doesn’t want to hurt Tokusa. He’s dealing with a lot right now emotionally (like the audience from having to watch this circus of sadness and pain)

The Earl tries to take advantage and tells Allen he can remove the dark matter if he agrees to leave the order. Yu activates his full power which may kill him and with all the chaos and a desire to save his friends Allen actually almost goes with him but is stopped by For who puts herself in Allen in a protective golden bubble.

She then gives him your typical inspirational/talking down to depending on how you look at it anime speech. You know the type if you’ve seen at least like 3 anime shows. “Don’t just jump to conclusions idiot! You can’t save everyone!” Tiki is attacking For and Allen breaks out of the bubble protecting For.

He asks For if she thinks he can save everyone and For says he won’t know until he tries. I clapped at this part. Allen’s hopeful and never giving up nature is what I love about this show partially. I walk away thinking I can achieve anything when I watch the guy! For’s change of mind was kind of sudden and weird though I have to say.

The priest uses his power to heal Allen’s wounds. For goes to fight the Noah while Allen goes to handle Alma and Yu who are still fighting and going strong. Alma mentions not having much time left to kill Yu but I’m not 100% sure what that means just yet. Yu has a bloodlust he’s gone insane from and only wants to kill Alma. The two both resent him for getting in between them. Kanda even going as far as to viciously attack Allen with his innocence.

Bak and For seem to be loosing their side of the fight, however.

Allen tries to talk to Alma, which is honestly the better choice at this point. Kanda’s would literally rather kill him instead of confronting his :dramatically gasps; FEEELINGSSSS. This is why he annoys me, Kanda. Yes, I get the tragic backstory but damn! He was an asshole from conception!

Alma’s reasoning is unclear but I have more pity for him. He’s more clearly upset about this and he collapses from his injuries because his powers aren’t working as well. Allen has to pick him up it’s so bad and Yu is still insisting on trying to kill him.

Kanda says it’s Allen fault and that he shouldn’t even be in the order and they fight while Alma watches, unable to get up. I have a feeling that Alma can’t be alive if Yu is as well and that’s why he’s being so insistent. He shoots at them and Allen turns to look. Kanda utilizes the distraction and stabs Allen. Much to my and the other character’s horror and the Earl’s glee.

Basically, because of what Kanda does, the 14th fully awakens and takes over Allen’s body. The apocalypse is now pretty much nigh and it’s all Kanda’s fault! Thanks ya asshole! I really don’t like you-. Alma’s also dying! This was all the Earl’s plan to get the 14th to awaken. Kanda feels regret but way too late and I want to bang my head against the desk.

The last scene is Allen in a chair with Neah, the 14th looking at him. I’m surprised, though. Neah looks very sophisticated and tranquil. Not evil at all, in fact very handsome! Maybe it won’t be so bad?

That was the end of the episode! I’m now  dying to see what happens next. I think that maybe Neah won’t be as bad as we all thought and I also think Alma MIGHT live. They seem to be going for a more hopeful/redemption arc so I’ll wish for the best and I think you all should as well! All hope is not lost despite this very sad episode! It was my favorite one thus far though I must say!

I bid you adieu until my next post!





Shokugeki No Soma Ni No Sara Episode 8 Thoughts: If I Have To Type Pacific Saury One More Time-


Here we have another build up episode to the contest! This episode was really cute so let’s discuss Shokugeki No Soma Ni Sara Episode 8!

I actually really love these episodes that don’t have the contest. At least I enjoyed this one. Probably because it has one of my favorite couples in the series! Soma, and Megumi.

Soma is sitting in his room preparing to go to the fish market so he can experiment for the next match. Megumi hears him and it’s early in the morning but Soma invites her to go with them. This part as insignificant as it is I really liked. Anything with Megumi and Soma together I like a lot. I think that he should be with her, it’s annoying the series seems to be leaning towards Erina and Soma instead.

They arrive at the market and Soma finds pacific saury pretty quickly. As it turns out at his diner Pacific Saury was always on the Fall menu so he feels very confident about it and thinks experimenting will go very well and be finished quickly.

The two run into the other Food Wars power couple, Ryo, and Alice. Ryo has been coming every day and Alice happens to be tagging along this time. This is honestly an amusing thought since I keep picturing Ryo lurking around the pacific saury in a quiet stalkerish way and the salesperson getting all nervous and uncomfortable.

The two begin to debate about how to choose the best pacific saury. Soma going for which one looks the freshest but Ryo goes for a different approach on it. The two are pretty much fighting now and they tie the bandanas around their foreheads and start making sashimi right then and there. Megumi apologizes but no one really cares since they’re from Totsuki students.

This is funny because I wonder if this applies in all food related places?

“Huh? Are they knocking down the sauce display and starting a shokugeki right here? It’s OK they’re from Totsuki!”

“What? They just took over the Elementary School bake sale and are now figuring out who has the best cupcakes? It’s alright they’re from Totsuki!”

Just something we should think about.

Megumi is the one who taste tastes the sashimi. As it turns out Soma’s is less firm and Ryo’s is the one that’s better. As it turns out Saury can easily become less firm over a few hours even if it seems fresh so Ryo actually chose better. This was actually a little stupid, though. Why would Ryo and Alice try and help him!? If he doesn’t know what he’s doing, Ryo has a better chance of winning.

As it turns out Akira was also there too and chooses saury based on the smell. He’s good at choosing much like Ryo so Soma is actually the one at the disadvantage. You know what they say, though, pride goeth before the fall.

Akira’s sense of smell is insane. It made me start thinking what hell it must be for the poor guy when something is STARTING to go bad in his presence. If his sense of smell is that good then anything too strong or anything that smells gross would be 10x worse for Akira then the average person. On a more important note though Akira looks more creepy since the last fight. Like very dark and within himself I guess. I wonder what’s up with him?

Megumi tries the way Soma cooked the saury and likes it but Soma knows he’ll have to choose an even better fish so he’ll have a higher chance of winning. Based on the flashback we see of Soma and his father at the fish market, Yukihira has trouble choosing the good fish, even to this day. His father just got good at it after a long time and Soma only has 10 days until the match. It’s looking bad for him since he doesn’t even know what to make either.

Akira gets interviewed by the newspaper club. The teacher he hangs around is nervous but Akira is calm and collected and seems to be acting normal again. Ryo at first is OK with being interviewed and very indifferent. When he puts the bandana on he has one of his meltdowns and kicks the club out. They can’t get an interview with Soma since he isn’t done figuring things out. No one has any confidence in him winning or even being evenly matched to Ryo and Akira at all. Akira and Ryo are being super intense about the competition swearing that they’ll beat the other one as they cook.

Meanwhile, Soma and Megumi are being driven home by Fumio. She can see she hit a wall so he gives advice saying salt could actually help make the fish better. Soma is in the back looking emo as he tries to come up with a solution. He eventually thinks of something and calls all his friends over even if they’re in the middle of something…like changing….:coughs: Great another random fanservice scene-

Soma decides he’ll buy the perfect fish a few days before the match and have Ibusaki and Ryoko help since they’re both experts at the aging method. Nikumi was brought to since she is very good at meat. They all cheerfully agree to help him since Soma can win if he finds the perfect way to utilize the fish!

They all prepare and there is a brief montage of Soma learning about the methods from his friends. Also, him going to the market when Ryo and Akira are there. When the tests are done they try the 3 pacific saury experiments. No foodgasms this time.

Megumi still thinks that the one Ryo made tasted better. They are all disappointed and go to bed or home for the night.  Soma is still unsure of what to do and starts walking away from the kitchen. He sees what she’s eating and gets an idea and tackle hugs her, which was pretty funny!

We cut to the morning before the contest. Ryo and Akira are suspicious because Soma isn’t in the fish market. We see him testing something and smiling which piqued my curiosity honestly. I wonder what he made but I think it was probably some kind of sushi?

They all walk on stage, Akira looks really exhausted. There are 3 judges, the Director of the school, the executive chief of the Totsuki resort and a new woman. It turns out that it’s Alice’s mother. She looks very beautiful and elegant and it turns out that she is kind of a nerd as well much like Alice. Her Japanese is spoken really badly and I laughed but also cringed very hard.

Her name is Leonora and I love her honestly. She’s great and I’m a little annoyed because I know next episode she’s going to be used as a product of fanservice…sigh. Alice walks on stage all embarrassed that her Mom can’t speak the language correctly and such. Leonora sits in her judging seat. It seems she has it in for Yukihira since he defeated Alice. She gets all yandere looking and creepy saying if it isn’t good she’ll get mad. They all present their fish and Soma’s is covered in some brown stuff…maybe fried? Either way, I’m definitely confused.

The episode ends here! Overall this was a really great episode and I’m looking forward to the results of this competition. Though I know Soma will probably wind up winning. Main character syndrome and all that. You shall see me again on Wednesday for the D Grey Man Article!

I have already been looking into Fall Anime choices and have some interesting stuff already planned even though Summer is only a little over halfway down for most shows. I may even be doing 3 because so many good Fall shows are coming out, even better than Summer! We’ll have to see what happens with that, though. Fall will be busier with school starting up again and me wanting to start writing more for my projects. I’ll set it up for a vote when the time comes!

I bid you all adieu for now!







D Grey Man Hallow Episode 7 Thoughts: Why Can’t We All Just Be Happy?


Soooo as it turns out we aren’t done with the rest of this flashback! Not that I’m complaining. The last episode was amazing, this one was going to be as well! Without delay let’s get into D Grey Man Hallow Episode 7!

We get a brief recap of what happened in the last episode. I assume they do this to make sure the trauma and sadness sunk in properly from last time.

We cut to the blind exorcist from before. He was injured in a fight and the scientists looking for damage. They say this new Exorcist, Noise Marie will become an exorcist in the 2nd Exorcist plan.

Meanwhile, after seeing all the failed experiments Alma seems to be losing his mind. Again I must say poor Alma! He takes the memories of his previous life much worse than Yu does. Yu uses them as inspiration to fight back and live despite everyone being against it. Through determination, he actually summons his innocence, which we know today as mugen basically.

Yu comes out with the sword covered in blood. I’m not sure if it’s his own or not. I’m leaning towards his own since we already know it was Alma who killed the staff. The scientists, most of them anyway are hiding in one room and Alma walks in. Another scientist is looking for her as well but can’t get inside.

Meanwhile, Yu finds Noise attached to hospital equipment. He wakes him up so he won’t become part of the Second Exorcist plan and Yu takes Noise with him on his escape. For’s husband is looking for Alma and goes into the room where all the experiments are kept. He finds him but his eyes widened. We aren’t sure why because we cut back to Yu again. This is a really good way to build suspense and I loved it!

Yu has to carry Noise on his back since his injuries keep from moving. It turns out Noise knew about the Second Exorcist plan and is actually livid, but handling it well partially thanks to Yu’s company. This makes Yu remember Alma,  and decide he wants to leave with him. We actually see Yu show more emotion for the first time in this scene. It’s very very touching.

Yu finds Alma in the next room. He is at first thrilled but then realizes that Alma killed everyone. The workers, and the other still sleeping experiments. Alma says he’s happy to see him but has to kill him as well. This scene was so upsetting, the fact that Alma feels he has to at this point is probably one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

Yu does his best to dodge with Noise on his back but in the end gets an arm chopped off. Alma’s insanity really starts to show here as he rambles about how the experiments would never wake up, and the fact that they wouldn’t want to anyway. He calls himself annoying and such and when we see his face again he’s in tears.

Alma actually is trying to destroy himself but can’t stop all the anger and sadness he has. His innocence acts on its own and attacks Noise. Yu remembers what Noise says earlier and holds Alma in one last embrace, allowing his innocence to harm him. After Alma becomes an Akuma (we can tell by the red eyes he became one)  Yu ends his life.

This was really sad. I really just want them both to be happy is that too much to ask?

Another girl we haven’t seen carries the scientist’s body away. Her name is actually For. They told For not to protect them and only one girl escaped so she could “Tell the next generation of the mistake this plan was”. For was their guardian spirit but was told not to protect them. She puts the husband sitting next to the wife and calls them idiots as she walks off. It’s a very solemn scene I don’t do justice to honestly.

Allen can’t stand watching Yu suffer anymore and manages to break the control Wisely had on him. He wakes everyone else up in the process by punching the eye in the forehead which actually causes Wisely physical pain.

Though it turns out it was too late and Alma already awakens. The wires in the room begin to constrict almost everyone in it. The Earl says that the order will be destroyed once and for all by the monster they created. Alma starts giving the Akuma virus to anyone too close and causes Headquarters to explode.

Link and the other half-Akuma girl are going to get close to check things out. Before they can something happens with her, though. I think she had another vision and is actually going insane. They make their way to headquarters.

The last scene is the most amazing. We see Alma awakened and get to hear his voice and mannerisms as an adult which is nice. The Noah’s, being the type who like to watch the world burn watch as Alma hatches and starts walking around. I noticed here that Wisely is super short and tiny since he can be carried so easily haha.

Alma killed quite a few people with the virus and Yu walks up to him recovering from it pretty easily with his ability. Alma stares at him and recgonizes him as Yu almost immediately. I am so sad for these characters! I really hope they can find a way to bring Alma back from this. Maybe if they can he can become an exorcist as well! I would love a plot like that, it would me so happy to see. Someone draw them happy damn it! Them as adults and happy again please-

The episode ends on a cliff hanger here though (SCREAMING)

I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did! I’m excited for the next episode for sure and shall see you all on Monday for Food wars. I bid you all adieu until the and hope you all have a great rest of the week!






Shokugeki no Souma Ni no Sara Episode 7- Tie!?


So as you can see from the screenshot this was an interesting little episode. I was honestly surprised by the result since I didn’t think it could happen.Here’s Shokugeki No Souma Ni Sara Episode 7!

The episode starts with Akira being tied up to a chair and blindfolded. (I know this is food wars but this isn’t what it looks like I swear) He accurately guesses all the spices in front of him without seeing or touching them. Turns out this is just Akira’s hardcore training regiment and he’s training and honing his skill before the next match.

Meanwhile, Ryo is doing pushups and Alice comes in saying that he is definitely ready. There is a funny part where she sprays air freshener around immediately after that. It killed all the tense atmosphere in a very funny way. She’s in a good mood even though she lost to Soma thankfully. I’m glad that Alice isn’t sad since she is my favorite female character. You can say she’s like Erina but she’s different in my opinion.

The next fight shall be Akira vs Ryo if you couldn’t tell. I thought that Akira would win. The show seemed to be hinting at him going against Soma, but more on that later.

Meanwhile, it turns out Soma has invited himself into the VIP room. It was funny how much Erina disliked it. I love seeing her get knocked down a few pegs whenever possible.

The contest is a western style dish again. The two get to work and Akira is working on a dish that involves duck. Rumors say he’s a candidate for the elite 10 and Erina seems to favor him more as well saying Ryo lacks spirit. This is where Alice also makes herself invited in the VIP room.

Alice reveals that Ryo is more than he looks. He was basically raised in a hostile environment. He was always determined to win which is what makes him so crazy whenever he wears that red bandana basically. His life depended on cooking well and all he had to rely on was his skill and competitive spirit. Ryo is also quite hardcore about the whole thing. During this whole monolog, he kills an eel brutally on stage but no one is sure what he’s making quite yet.

The two try to trash talk each other a bit but it doesn’t seem to be working. That and they both seemed to be evenly matched despite the difference talents. Akira impresses everyone with his spices and Ryo has cast iron focus making sure everything is perfect so that he can win.

The dishes get finished. Akira makes one called Canard Apicius. When the female judges eat it, they immediately are in scantily clad duck costumes while talking about how amazing it is. At this point, the fanservice honestly makes me more curious if anything. Like “How will they make an interesting fantasy out of this dish?” We also get to see Akira’s spices personified as I think…Yu Gi Oh cards? (Unsure) and Ryo getting the shit beat out of him by said cards. That was definitely funny.

We then see Ryo’s dish. It is eel matelote. They start talking about the food incessantly, and Ryo tells them to just shut up and eat. Honestly, that is how I feel whenever they do this show. It saves screentime and the animation budget damn it stop rambling!

The eel itself impresses the judges a lot. Mixed with the mashed potatoes he also made it impresses them even more. As it turns out there really is more to Ryo and his skill then most people think. The judges are asked to choose which one they liked more.

Some were able to decide but the vote became split making the match a tie much to everyone’s shock. Soma realizes that both Alice and Erina are gone at this point and Ryo is needless to say furious.

They all discuss for this a bit and then decide on a way to settle things. They let them both progress and have the first ever 3-way match in the fall elections! The leader of the school agrees to this proposal and decides that Soma will be the one to compete with them!

Ryo is angered because he wasn’t the one to win and scares away one of the students congratulating him. This was pretty funny as well. Especially when Alice had to blow a whistle and tell him to basically knock it off like he was an animal of some kind.

Akira handles the whole situation much more gracefully. He seems a bit disappointed with the draw but cares more about the next match then the results of this one.

The students in the newspaper club want Soma to comment as well but he has no idea what to say but says he’s happy for the chance to continue forward like this. This ends the semi-finals!

The theme for the finals will be pacific saury. Every year is a new theme and this one is for this year. I’m curious to see what they’ll do with this! The fish has something all 3 of them can work well with. The match will be held in 10 days and it ends with the three standing epically near each other.

They all are trying to prepare, Ryo wanting to get right back to battling with Alice as practice. Meanwhile, Akira seems upset because all they seem to think he’s good for is spices. Only Soma seems to have his bearings on straight at this point.

This was really cool! I had no idea they would ever choose to do a tie, then again the opening had footage of Soma fighting those 2 if I remember correctly, so maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised. I look forward to the next episode!

I’m going to post a personal update up on WordPress soon about life and stuff. There are some things I want to say about life and of course, D Grey Man will be up on Wednesday! I bid you all adieu until then!




D Grey Man Hallow Episode 6 Thoughts-The Darkest Episode So Far For Sure!


This episode as one of the saddest things I’ve seen out of D Grey Man and certainly a dark one. It shatters the illusion that the Order is always the good guy and will probably traumatize poor Allen for years to come. Let’s dive straight into the tear-jerking and upsetting episode 6 of D Grey Man Hallow.

It is revealed that this episode will be a flashback episode. Through Allen, we will see the memories of both Kanda and Alma, mostly Kanda though.

Starting where we left off Alma talks to a man named Dr. Edgar one of the scientists. Allen starts to realize that this isn’t exactly real. We are shown that Wisely is causing Road, Kanda, and Allen to have these visions and is basically toying with their minds, all with a deadpan expression. Road makes her appearance known to Allen in the fantasy world as well much to my dismay since I honestly hate when they’re together. Their dynamic is cool but I hate seeing them shipped. They wouldn’t have any chemistry!

The rest of the Noah Family just watches making the occasional remark but Wisely mostly just tells them to be quiet and ignores them focusing on the task at hand. To be more accurate he actually says “Shut up Onlookers.” A line I for some reason really like. I think I’ll start using that in my life now haha. It’s quick and straight to the point and may even sound better than cursing. I’ll be sure to test that soon, haha.

More importantly, though Wisely is trying to awaken Alma from his coma and brings Alma into his little mind spell as well. The others beg him to leave Alma alone but Wisely doesn’t seem to be listening or caring much. Wisely’s awful but…darn it I love those emotionless/deadpan anime characters. Too much to hate him!

Back in the fantasy/flashback world. Alma and Kanda are shown to not get along very well at all. They are having a huge fight again, and by huge fight I mean literally punching and kicking each other’s asses around the room. The scientists who try to stop them just wind up brutally injured in the process.

Eventually, the fight apparently simmered down. They are now sitting on opposite doctors office tables and another character appears. She is Dr. Edgar’s wife and her name is Tui. He seems to be the most easygoing one in the relationship. She’s the stern one for sure. The two thankfully have regenerative abilities and are fine after the whole fight.

The priest character that seemed so attached to Alma earlier talks to Alma. Apparently, he has had trouble controlling his emotions as of late. He lightly scolds him but doesn’t really yell. Which is good because I wanna see Alma not sad as much as possible. The poor thing is so adorable. Someone adopt him-

Alma apologizes explaining he just wanted to be Yu. Yu always the jerky one even from conception calls him creepy yelling at him and asking if he’s a stalker. Telling him to die and calling him a dickhead (Where he learned this language not even the show knows)

Alma starts crying again grabs a table and throws it at Yu. Damn it why can’t they play nice? I wish they got along better. Maybe if they had what happened may not have and this sad episode could have been so great-

Anyway, Yu starts to realize he isn’t like regular humans. He sees he was an experiment through questioning Dr. Edgar about his origins and seeing the holes other apostles will come out of. Alma wants to join them but Yu runs away making Alma cry again.

If you weren’t sad already you’re about to be because we cut right to child abuse! Some Elfen Lied level shit right here! We see Kanda being experimented on pretty much. They are trying to make him synchronize with the innocence. Despite all the pain and pretty much torture he’s going through, no one steps in to stop it. It is revealed Alma is going through the same as Kanda.

Kanda for the first time while wandering on sees the face of a woman in the smoke. He tries to go towards it but falls into one of the holes. Alma shows up as well trying to tell him to look out but it’s too late.

Alma was there by coincidence this time and wasn’t following Yu (If you believe him that is). Both their bodies are still weak after the tests and one of each of their arms fall off. It was presented it funny but honestly made me go “Awwwww poor babies.” Someone let them be happy!

Alma has also seen the spirit. Her name is apparently For. Alma calls her a sprite. They almost fight again but wind up bleeding and falling over. They both laugh showing that maybe they’ve bonded a bit.

They go back to the same room later on. Yu has a more detailed vision of For and falls over. Apparently, according to the priest, he isn’t supposed to be having these visions and neither is Alma. Apparently, these will cause him to go insane eventually as well. This was the same fate as the other test subjects.

They say they want to freeze Yu and end the experiment. I guess that’s a fancy way of saying “Kill him.” Alma was listening by the door however after beating up the doctors guarding the door. He was always close to Yuu and doesn’t want to let this happen naturally so he gets to work.

Yu isn’t in the most stable state when he’s found but Alma picks him up and runs down the hall with him trying to find a way out. I think Alma is honestly the sweetest and bravest character in the show at this point. He cares so much for Yu it hurts me.

They almost both captured but Alma kicks Yu off the ledge so he has a hope of making it to safety. Two other exorcists (or at least one exorcist) find Yu when he gets out of the water. They pull the weapon out of Yu but he passes out and is yet again caught right back into the experimenter’s clutches. I wanted to flip a table at this point in the episode if you can’t tell. It could have been nice but NO. Damn higher ups always ruining things in these shows-

Yu has a vision of For, in much more detail and has a vivid dream about being killed by a clown like Akuma. Tui says he’s going to put a spell on Yu making him “Go to sleep.” Yu who woke up at this point starts laughing and we are finally told in detail what’s going on.

Yu laughs and starts showing erratic and insane behavior. As it turns out he’s remembering his old body and its memories. All the experiments are made from the exorcists died so long ago and the innocence they were using to attack him for the experiment was his own. This…honestly explains why Yu is so angsty and angry all the time. That’s intense…poor guy.

Allen is brought to the forefront again. He watches Kanda get electrocuted starting to feel Kanda’s pain and emotions as well. Road snaps him out of it thankfully.

They are suddenly shown Alma’s memories. Alma has woke up and he escapes from wherever he is trying to find Yu and rescue him from being put to sleep again. My god this poor child. This whole scene is so emotional. They try to get him to come back but Alma calls them monsters saying that if he has innocence he can still fight and continues to make his way down. Dr. Edgar just sits there crying.

Alma makes it to the innocence. The hooded ones try to stop him by setting him on fire, but Alma despite being almost burned to a crisp keeps on going powering through all the pain for the sake of saving Yu.

Alma seems to have merged with the innocence but he sees the bodies of all the failed experiments before him. Allen does as well as the screenshot I chose to use for this post shows. Allen is told by Road in order to win the war against the Akuma’s the order took drastic and disgusting measures. They took the brain of a fallen exorcist and kept trying to put it into new bodies despite all the suffering it brought. This was the second plan. The episode ends with Allen looking completely traumatized.

Overall this was a great episode. I loved it even though it was very dark and sad. I’m really interested in what Allen will think of the Order after all of this. Even though they weren’t technically part of it he sure won’t feel comfortable working with them. This is definetely going to make him think about things and re think a bunch of things he’s always thought. It made me think for sure!

Either way that was the episode! I hope you all enjoyed this post and I bid you adieu until my next post whenever that might be!



Shokugeki no Souma Ni no Sara Episode 6- Guess Who Won?


Yes! We finally got to the actual Shokugeki between Soma and Subaru! Let us jump into the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Shokugeki No Soma Ni Sara Episode 6!

The episode starts off with one of those brief outfits with Soma and Subaru in the feudal era. They are wearing the clothes and everything. I think the animation in this scene was higher quality than the rest of the show, but I’m not sure. I just know it looked really pretty and definitely stuck with me for some reason.

Subaru’s twist turns out to have something to do with garniture. As his twist, he uses a pretty amazing combination of spices. Nutmeg, Sage, bay leaf (no one ask me what that third one is I have no clue) and his secret ingredient brown sugar. Yukihira despite this clear leg up doesn’t seem worried and just keeps an eye on his own meal. Making the judges and especially his friends and classmates worry.

The judges analyze the process pretty much narrating about the importance of garnish. Not much to report here. There’s a lot of cooking terminology here, and an awkward groping scene. Again don’t know why but I like the pink haired judge a lot. She’s really adorable. I’m a softie for the cute pink haired anime girls haha. Everyone is thinking that Soma is arrogant and going to loose but those who watch the show naturally know better.

We also are revealed something else. As it turns out Subaru hacked into Sotsuda’s computer and was able to see everything about what Soma was doing in detail and thus making Soma’s defeat easier. This makes Sotsuda feel very guilty. I don’t think it’s his fault at all but damn is Subaru creepy! Him watching Sotsuda from under the desk was probably one of the creepiest screenshots I’ve ever seen in an anime! That’s going up against stuff from Higurashi mind you!

Soma finally start’s talking and it’s revealed he has a bunch of different beef parts ready to go and is improvising on the fly, in typical Soma style. I call Soma style, arrogant yet classy.

Naturally, Subaru isn’t going down easily and prepared for a reaction like this, since all his opponents only react in one of two ways. The dishes are now finished and the judges try it.

The judges all love it and we get a fantasy sequence of one of the characters wrestling pig…wrestlers?? (This show man, I don’t even know I just roll with its weirdness and enjoy it). Naturally, Subaru thinks he has Soma for sure now but Soma merely smirks. I love when Soma goes into this mode. It used to annoy me because I thought he was being needlessly arrogant, but truth be told he has every right to be a bit full of himself. He’s amazing at what he does!

Soma presents his dish. His is obviously the superior one as it makes the female dodges have a fantasy sequence/food gasam. Soma wins by a landslide and will be continuing into the semi-finals!….AaAand no one watching is the least bit surprised. I mean yes it was a great win and awesome to see Subaru knocked down a few pegs. I’m definitely not arguing that but come on, he’s the main character! If he doesn’t win no more Food Wars!

Erina is naturally all pissy that Soma won and walks off, which is funny. I like seeing her not get her way as well. Subaru refuses to accept his loss and is pretty upset about it. Soma has him Subaru try his dish and this is where we get some character development! Soma’s food always triggers backstory drops and character development it seems, heh.

It’s revealed that Subaru really just wanted his Dad’s approval. He didn’t intend to but improved upon his own father’s recipe and actually made it better. His father because of this basically abandoned him and he was exiled. Because of this he basically became cold hearted and went out of his way to screw over the other chefs around him wit his talents. The weird guy with the glasses also suggested that Subaru comes work with him which is…interesting. I’m still not completely sure what his deal is.

We see all the other chefs getting their tools back. A girl thanks, Soma because the knife belonged to a late family member and glares at Subaru before walking off. Subaru agrees to leave the school and not cook anymore. Soma calls him an idiot and karate chops him. We don’t see why until a few minutes in, though. We see Takumi get his tool back and he promises not to loose to Subaru next time. He also lets Soma keep it because he will “Win it back from him anyway.” I honestly don’t doubt that truth be told.

Soma tells Subaru that the chefs at the school are really sore losers and tells Subaru to never plot to take someone’s pride in a single match ever again. Even if he did have a soul crushing experience and shows him that Subaru is a lot more like the other chefs then he thought.

Subaru’s heart finally softens again…after a weird fantasy and him with a sudden long black hair for…reasons I guess. Soma says that he is one step closer to being where Erina is but Erina still insists she is and always will be above him (bitch-). Soma doesn’t seem at all discouraged by that though still keeping his arrogant smirk on.

The episode ends after that! Overall I really liked this episode and love how human the characters are in this show. I think before I dislike a character I’ll try better to understand them before jumping the gun like I did with Subaru. He seemed scary but in reality he was just insecure and feeling hurt, kind of like how real people are! I think this episode teaches a lesson actually, that we shouldn’t judge people by how they seem and we should try and get to know them better, always!

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did! I shall see you all soon for D Grey Man and I bid you all adieu for now!