Bravo’s Fall Anime Lineup+New Format Annoucement!


Alright so as promised here is my lineup for Fall and the announcement I wanted to make! Since the Fall lineup is starting up within the week it’s time to announce what’ll be on my list! Fall has an impressive lineup that I’m really looking forward to, let’s get right into it! The ones I’m particularly hyped up for have a star icon next to them (especially Uta No Prince that one of my favorite animes)! But you can get info on all the titles from this website!

My Fall Anime 2016 Choices: 

  • 3 Gatsu No Lion
  • Aijin 2
  • All Out
  • Bloodivores
  • Brave Witches
  • Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2  ✮
  • Classicaloid  ✮
  • Drifters
  • Flip Flappers
  • Fune Wo Amu
  • Girlish Number
  • Hibike! Euphonium 2
  • Idol Memories
  • Keijo!!!!!!!
  • Long Riders
  • Lostorage incited WIXOSS  ✮
  • Luger Code 1951
  • Magic-kyun! Renaissance
  • Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku  ✮
  • Nanbaka
  • Natsume Yuujinchou Go
  • Occultic;Nine
  • Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume
  • Show By Rock Season 2   ✮
  • Shuumatsu no Izetta
  • Soushin Shoujo Matoi
  • Stella no Mahou
  • Tiger Mask W
  • Time Bokan 24
  • Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru
  • TRICKSTER: Edogawa Rampo “Shounen Tantei-dan” yori
  • Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari
  • Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star  ✮
  • ViVid Strike!
  • Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
  • Yuri!!! on ICE
  • 3-Nen D-Gumi Glass no Kamen
  • Ameiro Cocoa 3
  • Anitore! XX
  • Ao Oni: The Animation
  • Barnard-jou Iwaku
  • Gakuen Handsome
  • Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki
  • Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara. 2
  • Nazotokine
  • Nobunaga no Shinobi
  • PJ Berri no Mogu Mogu Munya Munya
  • Sengoku Choujuu Giga
  • To Be HERO
  • Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku

It may seem like a lot but a lot of the animes here are actually what I like to call shorties! These tend to be about 5 minutes long, or at the very least less than 10 minutes!

The Announcement:

So lots of stuff has been going on for me life wise! I started my last year of high school and decided that I want to be more productive. Much like my Uncle Chris, I have projects of my own I’m working on and now that I’ll be finishing school want to get a jump start on that as soon as possible! I also want to expand my social media presence out further so I can get my writing out to more people. All this stuff is going to take some work and time and while I’m happy doing that, this requires a change in the way I write articles.

Because my schedule is going to be slightly busier than it normally is, I came up with a new format for writing articles that will take me less time but help me cover a much wider range of anime. As you guys can see I watch pretty much everything. When it comes to this sort of thing I try and stay on top of everything. So my new format will work like this:

Starting on the 4th of October a weekly post will go up about all the anime I watched that week, except ongoing titles from Summer since a lot of those are halfway or more than halfway done. Each anime will get its own section with a fairly brief summary of the episode and then my thoughts about it! I feel you guys will enjoy this format more since it will enable you to be more selective and have a wider range of animes read to about! Something for everyone basically! I hope you are happy with the new format when it kicks in for next anime season!

That’s all for this post! I bid you adieu for now!


D Gray-Man Hallow Episode 13: I NEED MORE-


I’m sad we’re at the finale now, but surprise you guys! Instead of waiting until Wednesday I decided to make today a double feature for my articles! Then on Saturday I’ll announce the animes I’m watching and the new format. That way it won’t interfere with the posting schedule I have planned in my head. OK let’s get right into D Gray Man Hallow again, sadly for the last time.

In an interesting turn of events, we get a flashback of Allen as a child in the beginning of the flashback. Cross brings him to a house where an old woman and a clown actor, he kind of looks like Mana but isn’t. I honestly don’t know the Grandmas name so I’ll just call her Grandma and the other guy Barba the way he was named. Allen will be staying with them!

He doesn’t see himself deserving of the last name Walker but Mana points out how similar it is to what Mana said he should do, always keep walking. Since Walker means one who walks. I at this point kind of just sigh and feel stupid for not realizing it sooner since I literally just now realized his last name meaning and the impact on the story. I’m so dense haha.

We see Allen’s struggles immediately after the Mana incident to. He had broken down so bad that Mana had to hold him down so he wouldn’t hurt himself. Mana is not good at the whole child raising thing and everyone there knows about the 14th. Mana seems upset it had to be Allen but thanks to the Grandma he tries feeding Allen and gives him some support, the best he can anyway. It’s the most supportive we’ve seen Mana.

Allen apparently talks like Mana, according to Cross but Grandma seems to want Allen to hold onto that saying it’s better Allen be happy instead of a zombie before becoming the 14th. Mana seems to pretend not to care what happens to Allen but in my opinion, he seems in denial about how much he really cares.

Cutting out of the flashback Grandma is actually thinking about Allen. Speak of the devil, Allen actually shows up at the doorstep and collapses. It’s nice to see Allen made it and that he’s in a happier place for once in this god damn show! Even if it’s only for a second he was finally happy for like a second! I shall conserve the joy this second gave me like a camel because I probably won’t see it again for awhile.

Back with Lavi and Bookman Road’s father finds out that Road was severely injured. Tyki tells him what happened and asks if he was able to get info about the 14th out of Bookman yet. Bookman thinks to himself the history he’s supposed to record is finally moving. Lavi on the other hand looks dead but it’s confirmed he isn’t. Tyki wants them to use the parasite they put in Chaozii to keep an eye on Apocryphos. Meanwhile, Road’s father snaps even though Road isn’t dead. He demands to know the relationship between her and the 14th and hurts Lavi in an attempt to get it out of Bookman. Lavi tells Bookman not to give in but Bookman looks like he might crack soon.

Lvellie is looking at Link’s grave when he is called to the Asian branch. Everyone seems fairly OK at least as OK as they can be. Chaozii is seeming to recover somewhat well too. Even though he’s still fragile he still wants to fight Akuma. Krory, in particular, is still thinking about Allen but Chaozii insists that they should just give up on him since he betrayed them and killed Inspector Link. (CALLED IT). He says if he runs into him he’ll fight Allen which is definitely foreshadowing for epic fights in the future!

As it turns out it’s been 3 months since we last saw everyone. Lenalee’s hair has grown out a bit and her new hairstyle is cute. Everyone is divided at the order. Some still trust Allen but others see him as an enemy. Lenalee seems to regret not saying more to Allen and hates the fact that she wasn’t prepared to help him and sided with the order instead. Noise comforts her by saying they all have bonds and no matter how far apart everyone is they always will be connected. As they get ready to leave we get a surprise.

Yu appears to everyone. Turns out he’s still alive! Everyone is in tears seeing him but they seem sad he came back even after all the torture he went through. They say he could have left but Yu acts like his stoic self while being filled in on Allen and everything else. He even says that Lenalee got ugly and makes her mad which was funny. Everyone is happy to see Kanda but when Lvellie asks if Alma died Kanda gives him a scary look saying he won’t talk about him at all and that he hasn’t forgiven the order.

Kanda goes to talk with Zu who is bedridden now. He admits that the whole Alma and third exorcist thing is his fault and blames himself for everything clearly very regretful. Kanda gently holds his hand which is uncharacteristic of him. He smiles at him gently and says “I guess you’re going to hell too then” which is actually comforting. Kanda also gets his innocence back. It becomes a crystal type and Lenalee stops it saying he basically doesn’t have to do this since he was bound to them for so long and shouldn’t have to suffer. It becomes liquid and he drinks it out of her hand (much to everyone horror especially Kamui)

In Zu’s dying moments he gets to see Kanda become an exorcist this time of his own free will. Zu says that it wasn’t an illusion after all and that Kanda really is a lotus. He puts his exorcist outfit back on revealing he never told anyone when he saw Allen go Noah in Paris and that he basically came back for his sake which is very sweet! Loved this scene. Even though Kanda annoys me sometimes he is a very well written character with a lot of depth. Yes, he annoys me at times, but that shows how human he is when written and take talent to do.

In the last scene, we see Allen. In an interesting turn of events, he actually looks the way he does at the beginning of the opening, skin turning dark, the feather appendage coming out of him. He remembers Mana’s words and a little girl finds Allen asking if he’s an angel. He makes a shhh sign to her in a sweet albeit eerie and sad scene. Apocryphos is still looking for Allen and Allen is still fighting Akuma. I noticed he has a red eye now instead of both being purplish. Allen is literally fighting against the world right now. He’s running from exorcists, regular people, Akuma, Noah and the 14th inside him trying to come out.

Yet even after all that, he’s still standing and that my friends is exactly why I love Allen. I’ve never seen a character resist being taken this long. It’s amazing but I feel bad for him immensely. I do really hope he finds happiness in later arcs. The Noah are watching him seeming to enjoy his suffering. Allen remembers Mana and Cross and does what they told him to do. He gets up and keeps walking despite what he’s going through.

That’s how it ends much to my utter dismay.

I loved this episode a lot. It was a great ending to the season but damn it they better make another one and not take 10 years to do it this time! I highly recommend this show. Everything about is perfect in my opinion which is why I gave it 10/10 on myanimelist! It gave me everything I wanted and was waiting to see for years! I love this show and it’s one of my favorite animes and I think everyone should at least try it. This show is probably popular enough for more seasons and I look forward to it….but will probably be reading the manga because I’m too impatient and MUST SEE MORE.

That does it for this article I bid you adieu until Saturday where I shall make my announcement. Sorry that I keep mentioning it and not saying it, though. I know it’s probably annoying but I swear next thing I post I will spill the beans and reveal my schemes mwhahaha!

I bid you adieu for now!

Shokugeki No Souma Ni No Sara Episode 13: The Final Plate!


Well, here we are! The last episode of this show. It’s been an adventure, but I’m honestly glad it’s finally finished. Writing about this show is honestly a bit difficult for me for whatever reason. Let’s all enjoy this last episode together now,shall we?

We get a brief reminder that in order for the stagiaire to be passed, you have to make a visible mark. We then see that it is the final day of pre-opening of the new Shino Tokyo restaurant we’ve been following Soma with for awhile. Soma is learning from Abel about French and Japanese dishes, and he has definitely been accepted as a part of the team. They treat him like part of the group for the most part. Luci asks Soma if he came up with a dish for the contest and Soma says he has an idea, but it isn’t quite done yet. I was curious as to what kind of dish he was going to make at this point. Trying to think of a food that makes me think, well “SOMA” if you will.

Shinomiya has everyone get to work for the evening and Soma tells himself he will make the dish tonight. Shinomiya handles the interviews are outside and the rest of the staff handles all the cooking and restaurant stuff. The evening goes by without a hitch. As the last guests of the evening, however, Shinomiya has invited a group of people and reserved the whole place for them. This group is revealed to be a few judges from the autumn elections and other higher up chef’s we’ve seen in earlier episodes. Most surprisingly though a guest arrives I would have never expected. Shinomiya’s Mom of all people!

Shinomiya seems to act like a gentleman towards her and she seems a bit grumpy but I loved this part! Absolutely adored it even! I love seeing parent/child relationships in shows like this! Too often the parents die! I know it’s necessary for the plot sometimes but it should happen less! It’s gotten to the points where dead parents are the norm!

Everyone seems to have a good time and loves the food, of course. Soma asks Shinomiya why he chose to cook French cuisine. The reason is actually very simplistic and VERY sweet. It was the other most adorable scene. Shinomiya went with his parents to a fancy French restaurant when he was young, and because it made his mother so happy, became a chef that specialized in French cuisine. All so he could see his Mom smile and be happy. Shinomiya doesn’t say this out loud to Soma, of course, we see it all in flashback. He gets tsundere about it basically but we then move on to them preparing dessert.

While they do this Shinomiya explains he’s opening up a restaurant here in France to reaffirm his roots and we get to know a bit more about the quiche he made and the ingredients in it. The history behind the ingredients to a degree as well! It’s interesting trivia but this banter seems to have plot connected with it. This whole reaffirming roots thing means Soma will make a French and Japanese style dish at the same time, but I’m not sure yet.

Shinomiya sends his Mom off (another tender cute scene) and the contest is about to start. Shinomiya seems to want them to all go home but everyone else wants to stay and see this. Not only will it be impressive food but it will be the first official face-off between Soma and Shinomiya. A few also seem to think Soma will have a lot of difficulties. Especially since Shinomiya will be judging the dishes!

Back in the kitchen though everything seems fine and Soma asks Wei if she will be cooking. We get a bit of her backstory here and it’s revealed that she was a chef in a Shino restaurant before. She switched to customer service because her entry was only ever served once in two years. She decided she wanted to learn by interacting with customers but has never slacked at cooking. Everyone seems very serious about the competition for sure. Soma is just serious though and ready to go. Shinomiya tells them it’s time to cook and they all get to work.

Everyone starts cooking, Soma has flashbacks to other experiences he’s had including one with his Dad. He realizes how his Dad became so skilled in a few aspects and seems to come to an epiphany as we see him become his “new self” in a metaphorical fantasy sequence thing. That scene is really cool, very artistic and something I think a lot of us can identify with!

Soma finishes last but everyone, including the woman who watches all the students to see how well it’s going, is intrigued. He cooks something he calls a chicken and egg rice bowl. Even though it doesn’t look like one. Shinomiya tastes it and GET THIS.

He actually has a food gasamish reaction. No suggestive sounds like the girls when they taste it, though. Regardless I liked finally seeing some manservice for once haha. The quail is full of egg and risotto which honestly sounds heavenly to even me, the author of this article. Everyone’s impressed and Shinomiya gives Soma his approval. Honestly. he deserved it for sure. That dish was one that actually made me hungry, and this show doesn’t typically have that effect like you would think it would, oddly enough.

Soma takes his win pretty maturely and simply states this is basically only the beginning. Shinomiya still doesn’t think it’s good enough to be at the restaurant in its current state (cause as I said before he’s just THAT ONE teacher) but gives him more cooking tips while everyone else watches seeming happy and content. Soma also passes the stagiaire. Soma leaves actually calling Shinomiya master and Shinomiya tells him to make it to the elite ten, Soma promises he will.

Back at the school, the headmaster seems to wonder to himself how many students are passing. We see a montage of Soma’s friends and they all seem to be doing well, passing with flying colors. Even Megumi gets a little brave and takes on challenges! We see Shino Tokyo on its first day and we get a surprise! It’s revealed that Soma’s dish made it on the menu after all!

Soma comes back to his dorm and is the first one back. As it turns out while he was gone he got a lot of shokugeki requests. We see his friends return to in a cute and funny montage while a song plays. I actually recognize the singer from an anime opening I’ve heard before! One called Sankarea (another pretty good show). We even get to see Hisako come back to Erina. In the last scene, Soma says he will take on any challenge at any time. Inviting literally everyone to a Shokugeki (TITLE DROOOOOPPPPP I LOVE IT WHEN THEY DO THAT)

Overall I loved this episode the most. Not because it was the last but because this one for whatever reason left more of an emotional impact on me. Things that leave an impact like that for me whether it be a show or game always make me like the show a lot. Overall Food Wars is very good and a high-quality show. The animation and art are fantastic, the characters have a lot of depth and are well written and the music and story is also well done! I give this show 8 out of 10 and loved this episode a lot especially. I recommend people watch it, though if it’s ecchi or your looking that has fanservice for everybody, it isn’t that type of show. It’s clear who the intended audience is I guess! Still a very good show, though!

That’s it for season 2 of Food Wars guys! I won’t be writing anymore detailed ep by ep things about it, but I’m sure we will see it again for a third season! It’s very popular and left the ending open for more, so it’s very likely. I will definitely probably touch on the show again, just not so…extensivly.

I bid you adieu until Wednsday for the final episode of D Gray Man Hallow!






D Gray-Man Hallow Episode 12 Thoughts: CALLED IT



Woohoo, things I predicted are getting called left and right, or at least implied even more than they were before! We are approaching the finale and I can tell it’s gonna be an epic one! This episode didn’t have a whole lot going on but as far as setups go it was amazing! Let’s get right into it!

Starting back where we left off everyone’s main goal is to capture Allen and do god knows what. It’s obvious if he’s captured it absolutely won’t be good for him, maybe even worse than before. They want to capture Allen so much they don’t even care about the Noah’s. No matter what they want him captured before he can leave the island. This shows that Allen is in huge danger, to an even greater extent than before.

The science division is freaking out much like everybody else. They are now divided. The majority seem to think that Allen got fed up with The Order and left and only one thinks that he wouldn’t do that. Johnny is just overwhelmed and wondering why all this happens. Poor Johnny, he just wants everyone to get along.

The director goes looking for Link, pushing his way past security to do so despite the danger. He finds what I assume to be Link’s dead body and pushes everyone out. Everyone is horrified at the bloody sight. Apocrypos is able to sneak out in all the chaos, though I can’t help but think, no one noticed an odd creepy dude being unnervingly calm with blood on his hand? I don’t know there are a lot of people there. Someone must have noticed something!

Lvellie makes all the personal leave to report the death of Howard Link. As it turns out they seem to know about Apocrypos. Two others leave leaving Zuu alone with Lvellie. Zuu is very suspicious of him. Lvellie seems to have other motives and is using the official ones to hide what said motives are. I think for whatever reason he has a personal gripe with Allen and is gonna use this to bury Allen even further if that’s possible.

Not only is Allen being pursued by Apocrypos but Lenalee is also looking for Allen. She has a flashback to when she first met Allen and showed him around the Order which strengthens hers resolve and she continues her hunt. Back with Allen.Tyki and Road they think they’ve gotten away a safe distance. They aren’t sure how Road was so badly harmed by Apocrypos but their goal now is obviously to somehow leave this island. Tyki senses something and wants to leave as soon. He’s hoping the Earl will open up an escape and tells Allen to take care of Road. Allen objects saying he is an exorcist, not Noah.

Before he can finish he’s going back the feathery appendages grow on his arm again and it turns out Apocypos is using it basically as a homing beacon so he won’t lose Allen. Tyki realizes this and in a bit of an extreme reaction tries to actually cut it off. Allen goes crown clown and jumps away from Tyki in response. Allen is still talking about how the Noah are worse then Apocypos in his eyes but Tyki points out that Allen is basically one giant gray area and has two monsters living inside him. Basically that he is the worst monster here.

Allen obviously has never thought this before and seems very upset but before the argument can continue an explosion happens somewhere else. The thirds are killing members of the order and Allen’s friends even though they fight their hard and give it they’re all seem to be losing. They do well against the Akuma but the 3rds trap them in a pentacle shaped barrier made from the flame feather charms. They are now trapped like rats and while they do their best against the 3rds they open up this insane Akuma cannon thing and it’s looking really bad for them.

Back at the order with Kamui, everyone thinks the 3rds betrayed them and the exorcist that was infected with a parasite wants to help but can’t. In frustration, he cries about how they should have never trusted Allen. Kamui commands Lenaelee to go after Allen/The 14th but she refuses saying she knows that Allen is good because of all he’s gone for people and how he always puts himself first. She’s saying the obvious but Kamui doesn’t seem impressed nor satisfied in my humble opinion.

Lenaelee’s conversation gets cut off by her being ambushed. Out of everyone she handles herself the best and even when Tokusa shows up. Tokuasa tries to tell Lenalee to give up on Allen and says the Earl made them realize that both the 3rds and Allen was defiled and couldn’t save anyone before backing into the portal again. She goes back to looking for Allen after this.

Back with Tyki and Allen Apocypos appears and Tyki tells Allen that if he wants to stay an exorcist he should stay away from the order until he gets the monster inside him taken care of. Allen begins to fall into despair calling himself the worst because all he’s done is cause confusion. Road wakes up and repeats the words Mana told him when he was young. “Never stop walking” and says Neah worked for Mana before turning into a light green/turquoise dust.

Timcampy turns small again before Allen can even say he can’t take him with him and the two go. Allen opens the arc for what he says will be the last time. He says that from here on neither the order or Noah won’t interfere but before he can go Lenalee finally catches up to him. She says he’ll be scolded for using the arc without permission in tears and she yells that if he goes she’ll have to fight him. It’s a very emotional scene.

Allen hugs Lenalee to comfort her and says he’ll always be an exorcist no matter what and that he loves her and everyone else in the order. That it’s his home and always will be. He goes into the arc and Lenalee screams out his name as it crumbles and disappears. The episode ends on this depressing note.

I loved this episode! It was really awesome and I loved seeing the exorcists and thirds fight! I’m also excited to see where Allen is going and what he intends to do until he can take care of things. I’m going to be resisting the urge to peek ahead to the manga to see what happens. That’s how excited I am about this! I also called Allen having to fight the other order members/Lenalee and leville being corrupt in some fashion. Called it! CaaaAAAALLLEDDDD It. Let me know if you guys did as well!

That is, unfortunately, it for D gray man this week, though. For those of you who didn’t see my Food Wars post next week most likely on the 30th, I will be putting out my watch list for Fall and announcing a new format for writing these for when the Fall season starts! I hope you all like what I have in mind!

I bid you all adieu for now!

Shokugeki No Soma Ni No Sara Episode 12: That Type Of Guy That’s Just Never Satisfied


So here we are at episode 12! One episode away from the season ender. I say season ender and not season ender because I’m 90% sure there will be another one. This show is quite popular, and I’m almost sure this season will end on an incomplete note. Let’s get into it, shall we?

We start the episode a little differently this time. We start with Shinomiya a chef that now runs a French Restaurant and passed the academy with flying colors. He is upset that students are being sent to his restaurant for the stagiaire but has no choice to accept. He, however, won’t accept anyone else but the election finalists. He gets exactly what he asks for, opens his door and sees a cocky Souma standing there, ready for his next challenge. He seems ready to wipe the floor with Souma though.

To be honest, I really like Shinomiya get it. If you’re one of the people who has followed this for awhile, then you’ll probably get it when I say he reminds me of THAT teacher. You know what teacher I’m talking about, the one that would just not give you that A no matter how hard you tried. The one that would deduct points for even the tiniest error. He still lives up that role even now.

Soma barely has the chance to talk much, but knows that it won’t be an easy task to pass in Shinomiya’s restaurant but regardless is up to the task and accepts the challenge. Instead of starting him with cooking like he should, he makes Soma start of construction and interior work on the restaurant. Makes no sense since he’s the cook but you know, he is THAT teacher after all.

Soma mops while Shinomiya threatens them with being fired. We are then introduced to the two other people working with Shinomiya. Gao Wei and Luci Hugo. They both mention that they have to come up with a menu and should hire contractors, but Shinomiya refuses saying they should do what they can on their own for the sake of the budget. Gui brings up he can have any budget he wants since he won the Pluspol award. He says that no one will give him money for this restaurant and is basically to proud. So proud the whole staff has to work on unnecessary things for his sake! Gotta love Shinomiya huh? Ahaha…ugh.

These two girls will only be here until everything is secure at the new restaurant and Soma seems happy to meet them. Chef Shinomiya’s right-hand man Abel is also here and seems somewhat friendly. Shinomiya scolds them all saying they need to get to work so they continue. Abel seems jealous that Soma is acting so familiar with Shinomiya though since he had to work like a dog to gain the position he’s in. It bugs him to the point of tears and the girls comfort him. It’s a pretty funny scene but I feel sorry for poor Abel.

The girls talk about how Shinomiya seems to be nicer after his trip to Japan but Shinomiya menacingly opens the door and tells them to work putting everyone back in the line in less than two seconds. Shinomiya wonders what Soma meant by saying he was lucky to train here and Soma wonders why Shinomiya is opening a new restaurant in Japan. Shinomiya says he’s lucky because he needs to come up with a specialty dish and that he wants to move forward and get better. Not that he wants it to be easy.

During the break, Shinomiya cooks for everyone so they don’t have to go out to lunch. A nice gesture on his part but one I feel has an ulterior motive to it either way. He makes something called a quiche. Everyone has it and loves it but Shinomiya tastes it and says he has a long way to go, begging the question of how big the food gasam would have been had he been at his best. He opens up the wine (even though he claimed the budget was small, freaking liar). He will only accept high-quality wine of course.

Shinomiya explains that this week Soma will get closer to his specialty dish. As long as he can keep up with the work given to him. We then cut to pre-opening day.

Soma is wearing the high-class white chef uniform which “suits him better than everyone thought” insulting remark but okay. I’m used to Soma being treated like a low life anyway, to be honest. The first customer comes in and the kitchen immediately becomes full of tension. Yet at the same time, everyone works in an eerily and quiet way instead of the chaos one would expect. Soma puts down supplies a bit loudly and Shinomiya threatens to kick him out for it. That’s how quiet he is.

The reason it is this way at Shinomiya’s restaurant is so he won’t miss even a single change in sound. I think personally it’s so he can be a hardass and fire people more easily but I digress. Soma does  his best but does struggle and Abel calls him arrogant for acting like he’s one of them even when the girls seem to think he’s being too cruel and hard on Soma. Soma apologizes and picks up the pace determined to become a core member by the end of the week.

Everyone else seems to be doing well in their own challenges, Soma’s friends anyway. Some of them seem distressed but it seems that they are passing! A few other students, however, are buckling under the pressure and starting to drop like flies as opposed to Soma and his friends.

Shinomiya tells him at the end of the day that the workload will increase and that he will get left back and fail if he doesn’t change. Shinomiya refuses to give him advice or “hold his hand” so he isn’t even really much of a good teacher either. Chefs will help the newbies learn the way of things and be less hard on the newbies in real restaurants! Why can’t he!?

Soma can’t seem to sleep and remembers what he was told by Shinomiya and the staff and the autumn elections in particular. It turns out he took the loss pretty hard so instead of sleeping he works through the night like he did for the Autumn elections. When everyone comes in the next day the cleaning and peeling are already done and everyone seems shocked and impressed with Soma’s work and how it seems that Soma didn’t even sleep!

Soma even though he seems to ask a lot of questions is doing well and working his way into the core group like he wanted. The others are treating him better and like one of the group as opposed to an outsider. We then see that Shinomiya believed in him passing all along even though he was being hard on Soma. No one objects to having him around but it Soma still wants to make a mark.

Since Soma is allowed to stay for one more time Soma wants to submit something for the menu contest happening on the last day. Shinomiya accepts the offer and Soma says to himself that he will shock Shinomiya with his specialty dish! The one they’ve been building up to these last few episodes.

That’s where we are left on for the end of the episode. I liked this episode and I have very complicated feelings on Shinomiya. He still reminds me of teachers I really hated back in middle school honestly but he’s a pretty well-rounded character all things considered and not a complete jerk. I’m also excited to see the contest results and honestly want to see if Soma can make a dish good enough that will make even Shinomiya foodgasm haha.

That’s it for now, though! Next week I will not only be posting up these ep analysis posts but I will be announcing my Fall anime lineup and a new format that I will be using for these posts that I think you guys will prefer. A new way of writing these posts basically. I’ll explain in more detail next week most likely on the 30th! Maybe a bit sooner than that.

I bid you adieu until Wednesday though!



D Gray Man Hallow Episode 11: EVERYTHING IS BAD AGAIN-


I should have gone with my original gut feeling! I KNEW the chaos would come back I just knew it. One of the new people I met said I had a storm coming, I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THEM. EVERYTHING IS AWFUL ALL OVER AGAIN. Well, guys let’s all hold hands and just jump right into this. We can make it if we brave through this together.

This creepy glasses dude is without a doubt the enemy. As he attacks Allen and makes him scream his head off Link finally jumps into action when he should have like 5 minutes ago, and tries to attack this guy who he calls Cardinal. We will be calling him that as well for the time being to make it easier. He tries to use binding feathers but the Cardinal gets behind him easily and does something similar to Link. Allen now has what seems to be a feathery limb thing growing out of him, now Link has said feathery things growing out of his eyes.

Allen stares in horror and the Cardinal uses what seems to be hypnosis telling him he doesn’t want Lvellie to know what’s going on yet, and that Link won’t remember his voice when he wakes up. Link goes limp after the command is given and Allen then leaps into action. The new feathery appendage stabs through the guy’s forehead which was honestly pretty cool. Damn. If that’s how powerful Allen is when he isn’t trying, I’m scared to know what he could do with that not arm when he is trying. Allen is horrified because he thinks he killed a person.

This doesn’t really do much to the cardinal. He seemed to expect it and he just advances on Allen despite that thing being in his forehead. He says no one is more unbalanced or has a greater connection with innocence then Allen as he creepily grabs onto his cheeks. It’s definitely and uncomfortable pretty cringy scene if you ask me. He says Allen doesn’t need to be afraid and that he just wants to become one with Allen so that he can still exist. If you are a sane person whoever you know this guy is most likely not trustworthy in the slightest.

It is then revealed that Cardinal was the one that shot and killed Cross. Cross says his name was Allen and he should have noticed his mistake sooner smirking as he says that, not having the slightest fear of death. I have no idea what that means and am confused and definitely scared for Allen and his well being for sure.

This Cardinal dude can change his whole body into a feathery thing it seems. We get a flashback of when Allen discovered Cross died and we realise that Timcampy actually missed Cross all this time and that’s why he came back to there whenever no one was looking at him. This broke my heart honestly. Timcampy is one of the best anime companions ever, I don’t want him to suffer the poor thing.

Allen at first thought it was Leveille but now realises that it wasn’t the case but can’t fight back much as the Cardinal guy slowly takes over hurting Allen more and more. Before too much can happen though Allen gets rescued by someone you wouldn’t expect in the slightest. Tyki and Road.

We get an epic fight between Tyki and Cardinal ending with Cardinal getting slammed into the floor. It was an awesome fight I loved it and hope to see plenty more episodes in the last two episodes of D Gray Man Hallow. He says to Cardinal it was worth sending him back to the order and after 7,000’s years we finally found you. After that, this scary as heck thing comes up. It has  a big mouth no nose and is just all around horrifying.

Road pops out of Tyki’s head and immediately runs to Allen who is having a breakdown (again) as the feathery stuff slowly goes away. We see another flashback to where Cross died. He asks Cardinal if he is the heart or….we doesn’t hear the rest. He gets shot and I let out a scream of frustration. WHAT Is ThE answeR TO this Mystery! I MUST KNOW. Cardinal just walks away saying “Thank you for your service.”

It seems like Allen is actually seeing this in his mind (yes I just noticed that don’t judge me) and even Road hugging him doesn’t seem to help much. He stares at her breathing heavily then stops and just closes his eyes not saying anything and says it’s a good thing they didn’t bring Sheril.

Cutting back to the Noah’s place, though, Sheril is not pleased that his daughter Road went without his knowledge and has a typical overprotective Dad thing going. Millennium Earl couldn’t care less, though, he just nods when asked if he did or not which was funny as hell.

Tyki looks at the Cardinal as he twists his head back into place still being fine despite the damage. God does the guy creep me out! Allen senses innocence and asks if he’s an accommodator. Tyki denies it saying that the Cardinal is not a human or accommodator. He is an independent type of innocence that only exists to protect the heart the Millennium Earl calls him “The Hidden One, Apocryphos”

God, I really dislike The Hidden One. Not as a character per say but his appearance I just…something about it freaks me out immensely. It is apparently a huge deal because this is a clue to the heart that the Noah were looking for 7,000 years. The hidden one says to them he is pretty much equal to the grim reaper.

Meanwhile back at the order, the science division is looking for answers They are looking through books all trying to find a way to stop Allen from awakening. The dedication they put in is very sweet to watch. Krory and Miranda talk a bit. He says he’s worried about Allen and recounts what happened to him before and how he may have never joined the order if not for him. I watched the old show and I remember this arc. It was really good! Miranda also remembers how she wouldn’t be there if not for Allen. That was another awesome arc!

Krory decides he wants to help Lenalee and Lavi convince Kamui to let him go. Miranda is nervous but Krory pushes her to it. Great to see them as a team! It’s really nice to see how much they care for Allen. We see both new and old companions trying to convince Kamui and Hitler stache to let him go. It doesn’t seem to be working but it is despite that a very touching scene,

Meanwhile, we see someone else we didn’t expect to see again. The thirds are back but this time, they are playing for the Earl and look 10x more ominous. I do love the female third exorcist’s new design though I must say. That hair suits her better.

Meanwhile, we get more awesome fighting between the hidden one and Tyki. I love these scenes, Tyki is a fun character, one of my favourite Noah. This show honestly knows exactly how to please me haha. Allen jumps into the fight trying to help as well and manages to pin the hidden one into a wall. He asks him about Cross and the hidden one claims that Cross was trying to sacrifice him for the 14th.

I’m not sure if that’s really true or if he was just lying to manipulate Allen but be honest, would you be surprised if he did? Cross never treated Allen very well at all. Yeah, he could be lying but its a believable one to me.

The feathery thing starts glowing back and he tries to fuse with Allen again. He claims that he’s trying to save Allen from the 14th but again, I don’t believe him. This hidden guy has an agenda of his own I’m sure. Allen says he is Cross’s apprentice and the idea of becoming one with him makes him want to puke. Claps for Allen again. Excellent work!

He tries to attack Allen in rage but Road takes the blow and looks like she got pretty badly damaged since she passes out from it. Before the hidden one can do anything Link wakes up again and uses the last of his strength to free Timcampy and keep the Hidden One restrained but causes an explosion. This alerts everyone to their presence.

Tim gets them all out and safe but in his mouth like a dog which was funny. The Hidden One is angry because they escaped outside and I assume actually kills Link. I’m not sure, though, it looked like how they censor anime death scenes. At least to me. We’ll see later on I assume.

Everyone seems OK but Road is passed out still. Everyone is warned about the attack happening at the hands of the thirds the Millennium got his hands on. Everyone at the order is pretty freaked out. An emergency meeting decides that all exorcists will go into effect immediately and the pope has announced an order.

Kamui much to Lenalee’s utter heartbreak that Allen Walker is no longer an exorcist and considered the enemy and is now Noah. Lenalee in response disobeys orders and goes to find Allen herself because she still believes in him. She thinks it’s a trap the Noah put it out and begs him not to go but Allen seems to be going with them no matter what.

This…was awesome. I love how great D Gray Man was with keeping the plot interesting. There is always something going on to keep you hooked which is the mark of a great show! I am excited to see what happens and have some theories!

I really hope and think that we will get to see Allen having to face off against his friends, Lenalee in particular. I think maybe Hitler stache or maybe even Kamui will force her to do it and that would be epic.

Hey look I posted at a more reasonable hour for once guys! I’ll try and be punctual more often haha. I have some other writing projects that I will be working on but I will of course see you all again on Monday!

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Shokugeki No Souma No Sara Episode 11: Not As Intense As I Expected


So here we are at episode 11! I actually just noticed something guys. Nothing to do with the episode but I just wanted to say, sorry for getting the titles of both Food Wars and D Gray Man wrong in my articles! I just noticed that the gray in D Grey Man is spelt with an A, not an E. I also just now noticed the title of Food Wars is Shokugeki No Soma Ni No Sara. Not just Ni Sara. Though I could have sworn that’s what it said…maybe I’m having a Mandela moment haha.

Anyway, let’s get into the episode and the first stagiaire being shown to us!

We start with Ryo, Soma and everyone else doing what they were before and reiterate what we were told before about a stagiaire but in more detail. It’s a French word that means resident, despite what google translate may say about the matter. According to that, the word means trainee but anyways.

They will basically send the students to all different places in the food industry to give them practical experience. Ryo thinks he can do it easy, but there’s a catch. If they do anything that negatively impacts the academy they’ll most likely be expelled. Soma’s happy however because he already has experience with this sort of thing.Just not causing trouble, however, will not be enough. They also have to make a “visible mark” in order to pass the course, which seems to me like a call back to what the director mentioned about a dish only one chef could make? The chef’s special. I’m not completely sure, though. Soma isn’t sure exactly what that means.

We cut to Soma arriving at where he’s supposed to be and low and behold he finds Hisako there! She was assigned as his partner for the stagiaire. Soma’s pretty surprised to see her and Hisako has an Erina esque freak out. The “I can’t believe I’m paired up with a commoner” freak out.

Despite that though they actually seem somewhat more civil. After that flustered reaction, Hisako doesn’t freak out as much. Though she does tell him not to call her a secretary and that she has no intention of working with him. The two arrive at a place called Western Restaurant Mitamura.

The two seem a bit confused but before they can really do much customers bust out of the restaurant angry at having to wait. The owner apologizes profusely and is clearly really stressed. His name is Mamoru and he is thrilled to see them there. He was an adorable character for only being there a little while.

Hisako gets down to business and Mamoru asks for their autographs like a cute dork. Hisako angry with herself says she’s not a chef to be proud of. She is clearly still very upset over her defeat at the hands of Akira.

The two as they get ready to talk a little bit. Soma acts like his air-headed doofy self but we know he is. He listens to Hisako’s troubles closely which are shown later in the episode. Hisako feels that she isn’t good enough to go back to Erina and would just demean her. They prepare things are quiet thus far but Hisako still has her higher than thou complex. She thinks she’ll still be amazing and tells Soma just because he had restaurant experience doesn’t mean he’ll be good here. Soma doesn’t care though and just smirks knowing that she’s the one who has no idea what she’s doing.

The first rush comes in and everyone’s overwhelmed, even Hisako didn’t expect it. Turns out this wasn’t always an issue for the restaurant. Up until then, most customers were local but now there is a bullet train nearby leading to many impatient people coming in and demanding food immediately. Everyone is overwhelmed but then we see Soma.

He doesn’t crack under pressure at all and handles it just like his diner at home. This makes Hisako even more self-conscious and she tells herself she’ll never be able to confront Erina and continues the day’s work.

At the end of the day, they are thanked on the staff and Hisako is falling for Soma’s rougher around the edges commoner charm. Meanwhile, Erina and Megumi are paired up somewhere else. Kasayama is treating them both badly but Erina stands her ground. I respect Erina much more in this part because this is where her assertiveness is useful and justified. Megumi, however, is overwhelmed. Much like me, she doesn’t like confrontation haha.

Back at Soma and Hisako, the two hear about the restaurant and how it hasn’t changed since it started and how all the old menu items are still there to this day.

We then abruptly cut back to Erina and Megumi. Erina has taken control of the kitchen and is running it better than he ever could, much to his annoyance. She even comes up with a way to improve a dish there and apparently 12 other issues. She strikes horror into the guy. The poor owner, even though he’s an asshole no one deserves Erina. Megumi seems to admire her strength and wants to do something as well.

Soma and Hisako walk home and we see Hisako thinking about how they can make a change to the restaurant and improve it. She and Soma discuss it and she holds an abrupt emergency meeting with staff. At first, they consider reducing the menu size but Mamoru protests for the sake of tradition.

They eventually come up with a different solution…

Megumi tries to be helpful but is intimidated by the boss. Erina comes however and encourages her to speak her mind and makes her feel safer doing so. Erina is amazed he got an idea on how to improve the restaurant just by washing dishes. Together the two come up with a way to improve the restaurant and thus pass with flying colors.

Meanwhile, Soma and Hisako convince the owner to switch to reservations only and things work out well now. With encouragement Mamoru is encouraged enough to do so. A friend of his comes into the place and the atmosphere is nice at the place again and the restaurant is restored to its original glory! They pass as well and the next place to train will be given to them tomorrow. Turns out the school was watching the whole time! Megumi and Erina have also bonded but Erina is thinking about Hisako still and missing her dearly.

Soma finally confronts Hisako about the Erina thing. He hands her a bag of shoujo mangas saying she should go back but stand by her as an equal not behind her. She accepts and runs off and we can assume shes going to see Erina again. Soma realizes he doesnt have to be just like his Dad and hes going to take his time from now on and become a great chef in his own right.

The episode ends on that note. This was a nice very cute episode and everyone was actually very enjoyable to watch! Even Erina! I can’t wait to see what happens next time!

I bid you adieu until D Gray Man!