Anime I’m Watching For Winter Season 2016

So if I started this blog before the anime season started, I would have posted this sooner! Here’s the list of shows I’m watching now, on my Tumblr, I might post little comments as I watch it other then the anime pictures and such so if you like that sort of thing, you should follow! This is the most anime I’ve ever watched in one season to be honest. For the most part I’ve been enjoying it!

Prince Of Stride Alternative

Musaigen No Phantom World

Sushi Police

Norn 9

Active Raid Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hakkei

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

Ojisan to Marshmallow

Dagashi Kashi

 Divine Gate

Durarara x2 Ketsu

Nijiro Days

Ooya-San wa Shishunki

Dimension W

Hai To Gensou No Grimgar

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Li Desu Kara

Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo


Kono Danshi Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu

Rilu Rilu Fairilu


Serial Experiments Lain Review


Today, I’m going to review a classic show that I for some reason didn’t watch until recently. This is a series written by Chiaki J. Konaka and has been received for the most part in a positive manner. People have said that it’s one of the best anime’s out there, right up there with Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop. Let’s find out if that’s true! As always be wary of spoilers~.


The unique thing about this show is that it follows a nonlinear format. That is either annoying or interesting depending on how you look at it. In my opinion, the show is better as a nonlinear one but still could have been easier to follow. Don’t get me wrong I still really liked following it and, for the most part, was able to, but certain parts of this show just left me confused.

The plot of this show and the pacing is actually really good! I actually winded up watching the whole thing in one night, I wasn’t able to sleep until I was finished! Granted I could have, but I definitely didn’t want to. I don’t recommend watching it all at once, though, especially late into the night. It just adds to the confusion this show already has.

This show knows for sure how to keep it’s audience engaged and curious. Other than the obvious plot right in front of you, there is interesting subtext. The show covers a wide range of topics like religion and society and provokes a lot of thought provoking things that no one should miss. It’s also somewhat hard to tell what the message of the show is, like if it’s an allegory for something else, or meant to be taken in a figurative way.

This anime to me is the Five Nights Of Freddy’s of Anime. People speculate about it even to this day, all of us trying to go all Game Theorist on it trying to figure out what it’s trying to say. It’s fun to speculate about and even I came up with a theory on what it’s saying…but that’s for a later date. The plot on this show is, for the most part, good, and it has A LOT of staying power and brings something to people now even though it’s almost 18 years old now.


The characters on this show are great. There aren’t many main characters, if you really think about it Lain is the only one. Even though I do like shows with a lot of characters to focus on, I don’t mind the fact that this show doesn’t do that, in fact, it works in its favor.

When it comes to characters, this show uses them sparingly. Each character has something to do with the plot in some way. The show itself has little to no filler at all and the same goes for it’s cast.

Even for minor characters, I can remember them all. Each character will most likely make an impression in some way. For this though I’m only talking about the main characters.

Lain is an awesome and very relatable character. I loved her very much and if I can, I’m definitely going to buy a figurine of her. I normally don’t buy a lot of figurines, unless I really loved the show/character I want a figurine of. Her personality is hard to explain but isn’t your typical dere personality type I assure you. She is far more deep and complex than that and probably one of my favorite protagonists of all kind.

Her best friend was also a good character. I loved the relationship they had in the show. Her friend Arisu (Or Alice depending on which version you watched). She is very good hearted towards Lain when other characters aren’t and is also a very relatable character. The relationship between them is more important in the second half of the story but I absolutely adored how much they cared for each other. They definitely leave a lasting impression, which is always important for a good series!

Art and Animation:

The character art in this show is done by ABe Yoshitoshi and good god do I love it. Some people find his art style creepy but I strongly disagree. I love the colors in it and it’s one of my favorite anime art styles of all time.

The animation is good as well and is a bit more fluid compared to other shows of it’s time in my opinion. It can still be a bit awkward but nothing to terrible. It’s mostly enjoyable to look at and the way it’s colored and drawn fits perfectly and is absolutely stunning.


The opening of this anime is a song called Duvet by Boa. This opening is one of my favorite anime openings of all time and I started looking into Boa’s music because of it. It’s a very good song and the ending by Tooi Sakebi is also very good. I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I normally don’t like both the opening and ending but I still have them both stuck in my head even now.

The actual soundtrack is by Nakaido Reichi also known as Chabo. It fits the show well and is pleasing to listen to but can also give off a mysterious disjointed sort of sound that can be confusing and hard to adjust to. It is good, though, regardless.


I watched both the dubbed and subbed version of this show and loved both voices. In both versions, they fit the characters well and Lain in the dub was voiced by Bridget Hoffman, one of my favorite female voice actors which was a huge plus for me. Her Japanese voice actor is Kaori Shimizu and she has done voices for Fruit Basket, Inuyasha, and a few other well-known series!

Kirk Thornton (or Sho Hayami depending on which version you’re watching) are also involved when it comes to voices. A lot of the cast members didn’t have a lot of roles but they do them very well! The only one that could be a bit cringe-worthy was Alice’s. Only when she was screaming or upset, though.


I’m pleased to give this show 4.9 out of 5 stars! This show to me is damn near perfect and definitely lives up to its reputation. Even if you don’t agree with the messages it sends out, it is still an amazing show in all regards and is very unique. It makes very few mistakes in its delivery and I highly recommend it even if you aren’t a fan of anime.

You can watch the full series subtitled on Funanimation’s Youtube Channel and can find the DVD/Blu-ray with the dub on it on Amazon, which is where I got it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review! Please leave feedback and if there is something you want to see reviewed don’t hesitate to ask, if I have seen it, I may wind up reviewing it.

Amnesia Review


So here’s something I wanted to review for a long time. This anime was what lead me to play the game it was based off and get more into date sim shows. Not to be mistaken for the horror game of a similar name, here is my review of Amnesia! Be wary of obvious spoilers.


This is the double-edged sword part of the show to me. On one hand for a dating sim, it’s a more unique because it has a plot that uses parallel dimensions and to me what is considered sci-fi themes which I have always been a sucker for. There is also the fact that unlike most date sims, you get to see her being romantic with all the characters, instead of being pushed into “I don’t know if I love them! I’m going to dodge serious romance scenes and just do the best scenario’s from each route for the whole series” or “lets just all be friends!” territory. Most date sim anime adaptions seem to use those from what I’ve seen so far, and I’m glad this one didn’t do that.

Because parallel universes are involved, all the pairing are technically canon. Everyone gets to see the couple they wanted from the game together. It was interesting to watch for me and unique. On the other hand, trying to cram 5 different routes into 12 episodes does not work very well, amazingly enough. The characters don’t get equal screen time. Kent only gets one episode while most of the others get 2 or 3. If you ever see the game based off of this you’ll see a lot of great scenes from the game were left out. What’s going on with parallel dimensions isn’t even explained until almost halfway through. Before you even start you choose one of the worlds to play through in the game.

Speaking of things being explained Orion is used for pretty much exposition only in the anime. In the game, he is also a comedic character but for the anime he kind of only plays a role when something needs to be explained (and should have been explained a long time ago). Some exposition is OK but this show and even the game is guilty of doing that a bit more than needed.

Despite the story being unique, it’s pacing is pretty bad. It would have worked a lot better if the show was a 24 ep series as opposed to 12. You probably could have added all the other stuff, and added new things had you really wanted. Because of how rushed it can be, it makes it seem like just a huge promotional video for the game and while that might be why they did that, there should still be more effort put into it to make it a good adaptation!


For the most part, I find the characters to be pretty nice and enjoyed watching them all. The design is very nice if not over the top, but more on that in the next section. Personality wise I found..most of them appealing.

The heroine was a bit bland. I understand she has Amnesia and that she is supposed to be more of a blank slate so she represents, however, the player is. However, she is very frail and fragile and never really fights back even when she should. Since it’s an anime she should also have some of her own traits to make the show interesting. The whole blank slate thing doesn’t translate very well from game to anime.

There is also the fact that at most 3 of 5 members of the cast have a colder approach to Heroine. I mean they all are different and have different reasons for being the way they are but that irked me a little. The supporting cast was fun to watch though but I feel like they should have appeared more since again they play a bigger role in the game.

None of the characters irked me…except one. I’m not going to name names because I try to spoil as little as possible but god damn if you don’t like possessive, crazy people just skip episodes 8,9 and about half of 10. I’m sure you’re probably thinking “Oh how bad can it be?” PRETTY BAD. Not like AWFUL per say but BAD. The stare at the screen with your mouth open and then yelling “DIE ALREADY” after the shock wears off kind of bad. Don’t say I didn’t try and warn you. He was absolute scum and I wanted the anime to kill him School Days style.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, though, I had to write a whole paragraph just for this adorable little cinnamon bun. He’s the character I used for the thumbnail and damn it he’s the best one in there. He appears last and I won’t spoil anything about him but he loves the protagonist more than anything and does a lot for her sake. He deserves to have her the most in my opinion and he’s very nice to watch whether it’s the anime or game.

Art and Animation:

OK, this is definitely the show’s high point. The designs for the characters are based around cards (hearts, spades, joker etc) and it’s a very intriguing design choice to me. The clothes on the characters can be a bit over the top but are undeniably nice to look at. All the characters are designed very nicely and are very pretty to look at, a plus for any date sim adaptation. The art for this is absolutely my favorite part.

When it comes to animation, though…meh. It’s not bad or atrocious to look at or anything but it isn’t the best thing ever either. It’s not something you have to bear through and cringe at (though there are some awkward faces that they freeze on for what feels like an unbearably long time in my opinion) but it won’t be the thing you pay the most attention to either.


I like the opening theme and I find the ending theme pretty nice as well. It isn’t as catchy as the opening and has a different sound to it that you have to grow accustomed to, but it’s a good song. The background music is nice too, it doesn’t stand out exactly but it’s nice to hear and is very relaxed and soothing for the most part. The songs, for the most part, fit the scenes but they can be a bit repetitive and don’t always fit in my opinion.


I liked all the voices of the characters. All of them fit nicely and weren’t annoying to listen to. The only thing some people might find a tad annoying is Mine, but for me, it was OK and fit her character well. The only complaint about voices I have is that Ukyo’s voice might actually be too feminine. I know he looks androgynous and everything but I think his voice should be slightly deeper. Not even that much deeper just a very tiny bit. That’s just a personal opinion of mine.

Side note, though, a dub of this exists. It’s the worst dub I have ever seen in my entire life. I’m not counting it towards the review but I have to mention it. It’s extremely bad, delivery voices all of it. Please watch the subs if you do watch this, you’ll be so much better off I promise you.


It pains me to say this, but I have to give this show 3.9 out of 5 stars. I love this series, especially the game but the anime feels like a watered down condensed version of the game. It doesn’t do it justice at all and I understand completely why the fandom isn’t exactly thrilled with it. I don’t exactly not recommend it per say but there are definitely bad elements that can not be ignored about this adaptation.

There are good ones too but whether you watch it or not, I seriously recommend the game which I will write about in another review. If you like date sims you will like the game and heck, maybe even the anime too! If you want to see it you can watch it on Crunchyroll and Hulu since I’ve seen it on both those sites. The game is on steam and is called Amnesia Memories.

Thank you for reading! If you can be sure to leave feedback (likes, comments etc) and if you have something you want me to review, I might review that as well!

The Most Overused Romance Trope?

I’ve actually seen this trope twice in the past few days, but way more before this and it’s annoying me a tad. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

A man is a douchebag. He is the biggest asshole ever. He meets a girl and she’s the sweetest most innocent little thing in the history of the world. They start dating for some reason but he treats her terribly. The girl loves him anyway. Bonus points if you also see one or both of the following

He’s a douche but it’s just dismissed because he had a TRAGIC PAST :dramatically throws head back:
The girl teaches him how everything is LOVELY and AWESOME and he CHANGES and they all fall in love and kissy kiss end of series blah blah bla.

Yes. It’s fun sometimes when executed well but it’s irritating to me now because I’ve seen it so many times. Over and over and over with that same type of romance. There are so many other dynamics that can be used, so many different ways you can execute them and yet it always seems to be this one over and over again.

Even the one I reviewed a day or so ago has shades of this! The only reason I’m excusing it is because Tomoe isn’t human. He doesn’t like anyone very much, not just the girl and he does have plenty of development if you compare him back when he was a wild fox to him at the end of the first season.

What do you guys think? What kind of romance dynamic annoys you the most in anime or otherwise?


Kamisama Hajimemashita Season 1 Review


I was originally going to review another show, but since I finished this recently, I decided I wanted to do this one instead as my first review. I’m going to use the 5 star system when I decide the overall grade, I was originally going to go for 1 to 10 stars, but I feel like that’s a little to broad and 5 is a better way to go! Obviously if you haven’t seen this series there will be spoilers in this review, maybe small but spoilers regardless. Without further ado, lets go right into it!


I was pleasantly surprised when it came to the plot. When I first saw the pictures for it I assumed it was an anime based off a date sim. It’s actually more of a comedy romance and for the genre, it definitely delivers. There are a few serious moments that keep the show from being overly fluffy which I also appreciated since it feels a lot easier to relate to that way.

I like the fact that there was world building in the show outside of the romance. Like how gods work and the abilities they have and things like that. Seeing the characters go on missions and to other temples and such was fun. It was fun not only for the world building aspect but for the character development and bonding angle as well!

On the other hand though I feel like at times it moved a bit to fast through certain parts. There was one character that’s shown in the opening that doesn’t play much of a role until the end, which was kind of irritating to me since all the characters shown in the opening should play a way more significant role then he did. He only really plays a big part in two arcs.

Overall though the plot is nice and moves at a good pace.


The characters in this show are great and enjoyable to watch! I actually didn’t really have a dislike towards any of them, the show does a good job of showing their motives and humanizing them as opposed to simply making them bad guys Tomoe and and Nanami need to defeat. The other members of the cast have good and bad aspects to them and are well balanced and fun characters to watch that you can sympathize with, which is important for any show. It’s also a personal preference of mine that the shows I watch have a bigger cast so no complains in this department. In fact it’s probably the show’s best aspect!

My favorite character is hard to say honestly! They were all so adorable, even Nanami’s friends which were minor characters. Believe it or not I like Tomoe a lot. Normally Mizuki would have been my favorite but Tomoe’s development was pretty awesome in my opinion! Normally, I dislike the relationship dynamic where the guy is an asshole. In this show though Tomoe grows and becomes more of a grumpy little fox spirit who has trouble with humans.

He eventually starts to treat her very well and it’s great to see them develop feelings for each other,since their relationship started out as being more of an obligation. Even though it was a short scene, I also liked Ami and Kurama even though they didn’t have many scenes together. From the little interaction they had, I felt they had a pretty cute relationship dynamic as well. I hope that maybe I’ll get to see more of them in the next season, it seemed like they were setting up something there!

Art and Animation: 

The art on this show is very good. The only complaint I really have about it that I think the eyes are kind of over sized on Nanami and a few other characters. Most anime’s do have pretty huge eyes but I think this show over do it. Other then that though the art style is nice. The softer less in your face colors work very well for this show. The animation on this show is nice as well especially when it comes to facial expressions. Many funny facial expressions are on this show, and the over exaggerated expressions and moments were the funniest parts in the show.


I loved the Opening and Ending of this show! They were both really cute, and the background music was nice as well. All the music fit their respective scenes very well and was enjoyable to listen to.


All the voices were fun to listen to as well. They were recorded in good quality and very few lines are delivered in a cringe worthy way. I think when Tomoe is screaming it’s a little over the top but for the most part nothing else about the voices is grating or bad.


I’m going to give this show a 4.8 out of 5 stars! For the most part it was good and an enjoyable watch, but still had it’s cliched,overly sappy moments. The only negative things about are a certain aspects of the plot and one particular aspect of the line delivery for one particular character.

Despite it’s flaws though, I don’t regret watching it and intend to watch the second season! I recommend that you all check it out to, especially if you like romance comedies with more supernatural elements to it. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Feel free to request an anime for review, If I saw it already, I post one up if I have time!


Decisions, Decisions..

First posts are always the hardest to write. It’s the same as starting to write something new and the page is blank, so you’re not sure where to start, especially when it comes to the perfect title.

It’s Monday though, and that always saps me of my inspiration to do things. I hate when that happens especially since I have a lot of projects I want to work on! Maybe I’ll just do edits on one of my stories. That way, I’ll at least get something done while I wait for the Monday slump to ease up a little bit.

I’m also still debating on what I’ll review first here. I’ll probably be sort of sassy and do something that starts with A. One show I like a lot and would enjoy talking about is in A, so that would work out pretty well. We’ll just have to see what happens once the inspiration hits!