Why Should I Listen To You?- Amnesia Memories Fanfiction

I decided I wanted to write another story for Amnesia. This one features and mentions OC characters that can be found in my Ikki’s family post from a little while ago! The only characters I own are my OC’s and you can tell which ones those are from looking at the my characters tag on my Tumblr page! Most of my Amnesia fanfictions take place in an AU that has my characters in the Amnesia universe along with a few minor differences like Neil being able to grant more than one wish at once, the characters have siblings that aren’t mentioned in canon etc. 

On a side note though this is also the first story I’m putting up on Frontline fiction. Why is it always a horrorish themed story or angst with me? I have to stop myself haha-


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Ukyo X Herione Story (Request)

A certain user and a friend of mine requested Ukyo X Herione from the Amnesia series! They didn’t have any particular prompt in mind, but I came up with a cute idea for them. I hope you enjoy this, that couple is one I like alot as well, so this was a pleasure to make!

Ukyo stood there frozen awkwardly on the stage. Great. He had been practicing for months, reading over the play Herione wrote again and again, but he couldn’t remember his line! At the climax of the play as well. He glanced at the audience flinching a bit at a cold stare he was getting from Shin. He couldn’t help it, he hadn’t meant to forget! It was just a long line after all!

Despite that, though, he could still feel himself getting upset. He hadn’t even wanted to be one of the main roles! He knew this would happen but Waka insisted and now here he was about to mess this whole play up! He glanced back at Herione expecting to see her upset. He took in a deep breath preparing to let out an endless river of apologies to her.

He had expected that at least but that wasn’t he saw. He just saw her standing there, purple dress and a golden tiara on her head smiling back at him. Without warning, she took a few steps forward making Ukyo let out a small gasp of surprise. What was she doing? This wasn’t in the script was it? Had he forgotten too? God, he was so hopeless! Before he had the opportunity to much Herione placed a gloved finger to his lips making him go silent.

“You need not say anything, my prince,” She said this with an air of confidence, one that would make Ukyo would swear she really was royalty. “I’ve known for a long time that you’ve had feelings for me. All that you’ve been doing for me…I know that my father doesn’t approve but I don’t care. You’re the one I want to run the kingdom with, I want to stand by your side forever because…I love you as well.”

The audience let out a gasp of surprise. Most of the time, the princess wouldn’t be so forward in these types of plays! They quickly forgot about the awkward pause and stared at the stage in anticipation, wondering what might happen next. Ukyo blushed as she said this and quickly tears began to well up in his eyes. Herione gave him a sweet smile and a small wink. This was more than just a play.

It was a confession to him.

Letting in a shaky breath, Ukyo delivered his last line, doing the best he could without sobbing. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know I don’t have a lot to offer you, but I promise I’ll do my best to make you happy for the rest of your days.” With that, Ukyo leaned forward and kissed her, dipping her in his arms as he did so. The audience erupted into an applause and the curtain closed. Now out of sight, Ukyo felt comfortable speaking.

“I…I-” he sniffled. “D-did you really mean that just as a line in the play or was that for me?” he asked softly. Herione nodded. “It was for you as well Ukyo. I’m sorry I took so long to return your feelings. I wish I remembered everything faster but…I want you to know now that I really do love you as well.”

Fresh tears fell from Ukyo’s eyes as she said this. He never thought she would ever hear her say that. He traveled from universe to universe, only to see her die or be with someone else. He wanted her to be happy but it hurt him more than anything! He had loved her, spent years trying to save her and now he had. Not only that, but she returned his feelings as well.

All he could do was cry in response. He tried to open his mouth and speak more words of gratitude but all that came out was a small squeak. Herione having an idea of what was running through his mind pulled a handkerchief from her costumes pocket and dabbed at Ukyo’s eyes. “Everything will be okay now. Nothing will separate us ever again.”

Ukyo nodded and hugged her close. He would never let anything hurt her ever again. Finally, they would be able to live a normal life.

He wouldn’t have it any other way.



Otome Game Fanfiction Requests Anyone?

So, I’ve been having alot of trouble getting more people to view my writing, and I had an idea! I didn’t really intend on putting fan-fiction on the blog, but I thought about it and decided it might actually help me out in the writing area. I can get some practice and if more people see my writing, then my original stuff might get a bit more attention as well!

So basically if you have any fanfiction requests for the following Otome Games:

  • Code Realize
  • Amnesia
  • Kamigami no Asobi
  •  Uta No Prince Sama

Then you should send them my way! You can send them in through WordPress or Tumblr, I don’t mind either way. I’ll write pretty much anything you want, the only thing I won’t do is sex scenes. For ships though, I’ll do almost any ship, crossover ones included (like if you want an Amnesia character with a Uta No Prince Character).

Send in as many if you want! Granted, I may not be able to get to all of them, but I will try my hardest to do as many as possible!

Amnesia Memories Review


So awhile back I reviewed the show that was based off this. After I saw the anime I winded up getting the game and playing the whole thing through. I played all the routes and did pretty much everything the game had to offer. Is this series really bad like the anime represents it? Lets take a look~


Unlike the anime, the story is much more detailed. Since it’s a game, you get to play through alot of different stories. You get 5 characters but a pretty large amount of routes as well. Even though the bad ends mostly end with something bad happening and you never figuring things out, they still give insight into the characters and how they work which is interesting. The story also has elements of parallel universe travel, which will definitely appeal to the more sci fi crowd. This game actually falls in a few different genres other than Romance which is what’s really cool about it.

I also like how this game is a bit more realistic in certain aspects. It takes a bit to build a bond with the characters and for them to open up to you, much like how dating would work in real life. Sometimes the dialogue of this game can be very simplistic and sometimes the characters seem to act really OOC for the sake of creating drama, but we’ll get back to that later.

For the most part though, the game story is very good and the more fluffy scenes are fun and cute to watch. The pacing is infinitely better then it was in the anime and I love pretty much everything about it. I have no complaints other then the sometimes unneeded drama and over simplified dialogue.


The characters in this game are good! Unlike the anime they have alot more depth and I winded up loving all them…except one who I won’t spoil the identity of. They all have intriguing backstories and though at times their personalities might need a bit more variety, they are still interesting to get to know and it feels very personal, which is amazing for a date sim.

Even the side characters in this game are fun. Granted one is a bit annoying at times but for the most part, they’re really fun and good to watch. With the characters though, sometimes they are written doing very OOC things, mostly for the sake of drama and the bad endings. I don’t think it’s necessary and it’s a bit annoying. Another annoying thing is the male characters saying “You shouldn’t do that or else I won’t be able to control myself” It’s very irritating at least to me. I also wish you had the option to be the more dominant one in the relationship. The game kind of forces you into a soft and frilly helpless archetype. Those are my only complaints in that area.


The art in this game is good! The outfits are good and everything about it is amazing. My only complaint is that I think the characters are a bit too lanky, even for date sim standards. Other then though, the character designs are good, the background art is good and the CG’s you get are also beautifully done! It’s the games high point for sure!


The music in this game is..meh. I like the opening theme alot and the ending is pretty, but the background music is kind of boring. Someone of it is nice but it is for the most part extremely repetitive and kind of plain. It’s not the high point, but it’s bearable to listen to and I guess it doesn’t need to be super flamboyant, since it’s only background music after all.


All the voice work was really good! No complaints there either but I wish they were more emotional. I really liked Koki Miyata as Ukyo. His voice fit the character especially well! Everything about this is good or pretty good, nothing really bad to say about it!


Overall, I’ll give this game a 4.6 out of 5 stars. Most things about this game are either really good or amazing and in my opinion there’s not much to complain about. There’s alot of unique ideas in this date sim and it’s kind of hard to bash it for that. The characters are interesting and well designed and the story writing and art was good for the most part. I’m sorry my review was a little short, but since I already did the anime,  and said alot about it, this was bound to be a bit shorter so I didn’t wind up repeating myself alot. If you want the game, you can buy it on steam, and I think you should! If you like date sims, you won’t regret it and it will definitely be an adventure for you!

I hope you enjoyed the review! Be sure to leave feedback and if you have anything you want me to review, feel free to request it! If I’ve seen it, I might make a post about it! I’m also sorry if the quality was a bit low on this review and seemed more rushed. I’ve been busy lately, but I still really wanted to write this for you guys!



Amnesia Review


So here’s something I wanted to review for a long time. This anime was what lead me to play the game it was based off and get more into date sim shows. Not to be mistaken for the horror game of a similar name, here is my review of Amnesia! Be wary of obvious spoilers.


This is the double-edged sword part of the show to me. On one hand for a dating sim, it’s a more unique because it has a plot that uses parallel dimensions and to me what is considered sci-fi themes which I have always been a sucker for. There is also the fact that unlike most date sims, you get to see her being romantic with all the characters, instead of being pushed into “I don’t know if I love them! I’m going to dodge serious romance scenes and just do the best scenario’s from each route for the whole series” or “lets just all be friends!” territory. Most date sim anime adaptions seem to use those from what I’ve seen so far, and I’m glad this one didn’t do that.

Because parallel universes are involved, all the pairing are technically canon. Everyone gets to see the couple they wanted from the game together. It was interesting to watch for me and unique. On the other hand, trying to cram 5 different routes into 12 episodes does not work very well, amazingly enough. The characters don’t get equal screen time. Kent only gets one episode while most of the others get 2 or 3. If you ever see the game based off of this you’ll see a lot of great scenes from the game were left out. What’s going on with parallel dimensions isn’t even explained until almost halfway through. Before you even start you choose one of the worlds to play through in the game.

Speaking of things being explained Orion is used for pretty much exposition only in the anime. In the game, he is also a comedic character but for the anime he kind of only plays a role when something needs to be explained (and should have been explained a long time ago). Some exposition is OK but this show and even the game is guilty of doing that a bit more than needed.

Despite the story being unique, it’s pacing is pretty bad. It would have worked a lot better if the show was a 24 ep series as opposed to 12. You probably could have added all the other stuff, and added new things had you really wanted. Because of how rushed it can be, it makes it seem like just a huge promotional video for the game and while that might be why they did that, there should still be more effort put into it to make it a good adaptation!


For the most part, I find the characters to be pretty nice and enjoyed watching them all. The design is very nice if not over the top, but more on that in the next section. Personality wise I found..most of them appealing.

The heroine was a bit bland. I understand she has Amnesia and that she is supposed to be more of a blank slate so she represents, however, the player is. However, she is very frail and fragile and never really fights back even when she should. Since it’s an anime she should also have some of her own traits to make the show interesting. The whole blank slate thing doesn’t translate very well from game to anime.

There is also the fact that at most 3 of 5 members of the cast have a colder approach to Heroine. I mean they all are different and have different reasons for being the way they are but that irked me a little. The supporting cast was fun to watch though but I feel like they should have appeared more since again they play a bigger role in the game.

None of the characters irked me…except one. I’m not going to name names because I try to spoil as little as possible but god damn if you don’t like possessive, crazy people just skip episodes 8,9 and about half of 10. I’m sure you’re probably thinking “Oh how bad can it be?” PRETTY BAD. Not like AWFUL per say but BAD. The stare at the screen with your mouth open and then yelling “DIE ALREADY” after the shock wears off kind of bad. Don’t say I didn’t try and warn you. He was absolute scum and I wanted the anime to kill him School Days style.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, though, I had to write a whole paragraph just for this adorable little cinnamon bun. He’s the character I used for the thumbnail and damn it he’s the best one in there. He appears last and I won’t spoil anything about him but he loves the protagonist more than anything and does a lot for her sake. He deserves to have her the most in my opinion and he’s very nice to watch whether it’s the anime or game.

Art and Animation:

OK, this is definitely the show’s high point. The designs for the characters are based around cards (hearts, spades, joker etc) and it’s a very intriguing design choice to me. The clothes on the characters can be a bit over the top but are undeniably nice to look at. All the characters are designed very nicely and are very pretty to look at, a plus for any date sim adaptation. The art for this is absolutely my favorite part.

When it comes to animation, though…meh. It’s not bad or atrocious to look at or anything but it isn’t the best thing ever either. It’s not something you have to bear through and cringe at (though there are some awkward faces that they freeze on for what feels like an unbearably long time in my opinion) but it won’t be the thing you pay the most attention to either.


I like the opening theme and I find the ending theme pretty nice as well. It isn’t as catchy as the opening and has a different sound to it that you have to grow accustomed to, but it’s a good song. The background music is nice too, it doesn’t stand out exactly but it’s nice to hear and is very relaxed and soothing for the most part. The songs, for the most part, fit the scenes but they can be a bit repetitive and don’t always fit in my opinion.


I liked all the voices of the characters. All of them fit nicely and weren’t annoying to listen to. The only thing some people might find a tad annoying is Mine, but for me, it was OK and fit her character well. The only complaint about voices I have is that Ukyo’s voice might actually be too feminine. I know he looks androgynous and everything but I think his voice should be slightly deeper. Not even that much deeper just a very tiny bit. That’s just a personal opinion of mine.

Side note, though, a dub of this exists. It’s the worst dub I have ever seen in my entire life. I’m not counting it towards the review but I have to mention it. It’s extremely bad, delivery voices all of it. Please watch the subs if you do watch this, you’ll be so much better off I promise you.


It pains me to say this, but I have to give this show 3.9 out of 5 stars. I love this series, especially the game but the anime feels like a watered down condensed version of the game. It doesn’t do it justice at all and I understand completely why the fandom isn’t exactly thrilled with it. I don’t exactly not recommend it per say but there are definitely bad elements that can not be ignored about this adaptation.

There are good ones too but whether you watch it or not, I seriously recommend the game which I will write about in another review. If you like date sims you will like the game and heck, maybe even the anime too! If you want to see it you can watch it on Crunchyroll and Hulu since I’ve seen it on both those sites. The game is on steam and is called Amnesia Memories.

Thank you for reading! If you can be sure to leave feedback (likes, comments etc) and if you have something you want me to review, I might review that as well!