Otome Game Fanfiction Requests Anyone?

So, I’ve been having alot of trouble getting more people to view my writing, and I had an idea! I didn’t really intend on putting fan-fiction on the blog, but I thought about it and decided it might actually help me out in the writing area. I can get some practice and if more people see my writing, then my original stuff might get a bit more attention as well!

So basically if you have any fanfiction requests for the following Otome Games:

  • Code Realize
  • Amnesia
  • Kamigami no Asobi
  •  Uta No Prince Sama

Then you should send them my way! You can send them in through WordPress or Tumblr, I don’t mind either way. I’ll write pretty much anything you want, the only thing I won’t do is sex scenes. For ships though, I’ll do almost any ship, crossover ones included (like if you want an Amnesia character with a Uta No Prince Character).

Send in as many if you want! Granted, I may not be able to get to all of them, but I will try my hardest to do as many as possible!


Code Realize ~Gaurdian of Rebirth~ Review


As promised, here is a review of the fairly new Otome game, Code Realize! If my memory serves me, it came out pretty late in 2015, or at least the English version of it did. I played it on Christmas and finished it in about 2 days. I saw all the endings and pretty much won everything, I’m nuts about completing everything, especially in date sims. How was it? Well lets go for it!


This game…has pretty much everything I love in it. It’s a date sim, an AU of the Victorian era and steampunk. The plot is interesting, and has the adventure mystery/aspect as well as the romance aspect. This game can also be pretty funny as well, and I found myself giggling out loud at a few parts. One thing for sure about this game, it knows how to make you feel things. It uses a few different methods to do so, but it knows how to make you feel things, that’s for sure.

It can make you laugh, it can make you cry and it’s one of those games. You know what I’m talking about, the kind of game that you have to sink all your time into until you finish it. The kind of game you don’t want to put down until you see everything resolved. That’s  how I finished it so quickly after all. The story’s pacing and such for the most part was good as well, but I feel like it could have been less..repetitive. For example one thing I loved about Amnesia was the fact that you get a whole month with each character.

In this game, you only get a few chapters, because the first few are more just group chapters. The thing that determind’s who your character gets with happens once early on when you choose who to train with, but you don’t really split off and spend time with them until alot later.

I just wish the game gave you more time to bond with them, because the time you spend getting to know them is really nice! You get alot of emotional moments with them yes, but I really think there should have been more, for all the characters! Other then that though, plot was good for the most part. There were things that I wish had gone differently, especially regarding Saint Germain (or rather his organization) but I understand not everything can go a certain way just because I want it too. So shoving that aside, this was good as well!


I love pretty much all the characters in this. There are a few flaws, but they are mostly just small nitpicks of mine. For example, I felt like Lupin was a bit bland. I didn’t really find very interesting and just..I don’t like him all that much? He was fun to watch to me but yet at the same time, kind of boring. It was a pretty strange emotion, truth be told. As for supporting characters I liked them all to, even Victoria grew on me a bit.

Well, OK I lied a bit. The old woman in this game…not spoiling anything about her, and I know what your thinking. “Venus, you can’t hate an old lady that passionately can you? She’s just a harmless old woman, how bad can she be?” My response to you being “I hate that old bitch, fight me.” It has nothing to do with what she’s doing at all, her movement has noble intentions.

It’s how CALLOUS she is about said things. One character (not spoiling who) breaks down and cries and screams right in front of her! If I remember correctly though, she doesn’t even attempt to try and comfort him. She doesn’t say anything like: “I’m sorry, I know this is upsetting to you but there isn’t any other way.” She doesn’t even give the poor man a pat on the shoulder or SOMETHING. She kind of just ignores him and keeps going. It’s awful and for me, painful to watch.

Despite…her. :eye twitch:. The cast of characters is still very nice to watch. I don’t really see many flaws in how their written at all. Even the main has alot of depth to her, and she can fend for herself quite well too!

Art and Gameplay: 

I forgot last time I made a game review, that I should mention actual gameplay mechanics, so I’ll remedy that small error in this review. The game mechanics and the way it’s set up is awesome. They run very smoothly and I didn’t get any glitches. The menu was well organized and another great thing about this is that once you finish the game to a certain point, you can skip to certain chapters, and save yourself from repeating another time. No complaints here.

No complaints about the art either. All of it was absolutely gorgeous, and to be honest the people who make these games always tend to do the best in this area. Their designs are awesome and the art for everything else is awesome to. The CG’s are by far the best and just…it’s amazing. I have no other words for it.


The opening is floatable by Mao and the ending is Crown of Flowers which also features Mao. I LOVED the opening more then you guys will ever know. I had it on repeat on Itunes for days. The ending is less catchy but pretty all the same. I don’t know exactly who does the soundtracks for the game but I loved them as well. They fit the tone, were pleasant to listen too and in this area? My only complaint is that there wasn’t more music to experience.


All the voices were done very well. At times, it was a bit over dramatic and Victor’s scream during his dream sequence was EXTREMELY over dramatic. I winded up laughing because it reminded me of a chicken. Other then that though, the acting was fine and believable.


What can I say? This game was great! I give it 5 out of 5 stars for the first time ever. It is definitely something I will always adore and remember as an amazing love story. Please buy it for the vita especially if you love date sims. You will not regret it, and it deserves a way bigger fan base than what it currently has. I loved pretty much everything about…although I can’t help but be a bit biased and say that I like my interpretation of Saint Germain better. That may or may not be because my version is the first one I ever saw though, heh.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this please leave feedback, likes and comments are always appreciated! If you have something you want me to review, feel free to request it! If I’ve seen it, I might be able to do it!